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Fluoride is a very important mineral says Ellerslie dentist. That plays a huge part in the health of people’s teeth. This is why fluoride has been added to most municipalities water supply.

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As well as why toothpaste often contains this ingredient. As well as why dentists will apply fluoride to their patient’s teeth. At the very end of their cleaning. However, many people may not know a lot.

About this important mineral. The body uses fluoride that is consumed. Through a process called remineralization. Taking the fluorides, and strengthening the surface of the tooth with it.

Fluoride occurs naturally in plants and food. However, it is almost impossible for people to get enough fluoride. In a regular diet, in order to adequately strengthen their teeth.

This is the reason why governments have put fluoride in the water supply. However, the amount is such a small quantity. That there is no way people could drink enough, and have two much in their body.

Many people may question this says Ellerslie dentist. Simply because there toothpaste warns against swallowing toothpaste. Because of the fluoride content. And the simple answer to this question.

Is quantity. The water contains an extremely low quantity. And it protects people by exposing the surface of their teeth. To water that has fluoride in it. And then allowing the body.

To repurpose the fluoride in the water. To strengthen their teeth. But that is not enough, to protect the teeth. Which is why toothpaste has fluoride in it. However, it has an extremely high quantity of fluoride.

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Because rather than being consumed, people are simply brushing their teeth with it. Hoping that in this process. The body can grab enough of the mineral. To stick onto the surface of their teeth.

As well, as people brush their teeth, and consume food that is high in acid. Such as citrus fruit, tomatoes and vinegar. The fluoride that they are continually adding to their teeth. Is constantly getting worn away.

It is often a losing battle, which is why Ellerslie dentist will put an treatment of fluoride on their patient’s teeth. At the end of their regular checkup and cleaning. This highly concentrated pace.

Needs to stay on the teeth, and have people avoid eating food for an hour afterwards. To allow the teeth to observe as much of the mineral as possible.

But because they are constantly wearing away at this protective layer. This process needs to be repeated. Every six months, in order to keep the teeth protected.

How it protects, is provides that protective barrier. That guards the acid where from reaching the enamel of the teeth. That can become soft, and wear away, leaving the teeth vulnerable.

As well, the fluoride can protect the teeth from the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. By making it more difficult for the bacteria to actually reach the surface of the tooth.

This is why regular fluoride treatments from the dentist. Are as important as brushing with it, and drinking water fortified with it. If people have any other questions about fluoride and their teeth. They can simply contact the tooth doctor for an appointment.

Ellerslie Dentist | Getting Fluoride Applied To Teeth By Your Dentist

Many people have memories about getting fluoride applied to their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Perhaps it was at their dentist’s office as a child. Or, having a dental hygienist come into their classroom. And giving all of the students of fluoride treatment.

While dental office, are the most common places. For people to now get fluoride treatments. People can still get fluoride treatments from public health centres. In many schools still provide the service, especially for elementary students.

However, nothing is a replacement. For regular dental visits. Where people will get that important fluoride treatment at the end. Fluoride is so important to the protection of teeth.

That back in the nineteen forties, municipalities decided to start adding it to the water supply. In order to help protect people’s teeth as they drink water, and cooked with it as well.

However, this, combined with brushing their teeth. With the fluoride rich toothpaste. Is it still not enough. As people are continually wearing away at their fluoride. Through consuming acidic food.

And because they are eating food with sugar. That causes the bacteria that creates cavities. Therefore, it is very important that people can get fluoride in many different places.

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Which is why their Ellerslie dentist will always finish their visit with a treatment of fluoride. In fact, while it is important to get children treated every six months. There are many reasons why it is important for adults.

To get this important mineral applied to their teeth every six months as well. For example, if an adult has braces on their teeth, bridges, or even crowns. These things can make it difficult to reach certain areas of their teeth with a toothbrush.

Therefore, dentist applying fluoride, can help ensure that all areas of their teeth are protected. Especially if they have trouble reaching. If an adult has ever had gingivitis or gum disease.

Chances are quite good, that there gums will have receded. Exposing a bit of their tooth root. The root of the tooth has less enamel than the rest of the tooth. Means that people who have had gum disease or gingivitis.

Will be more susceptible to cavities, as well as tooth decay and acid where. Which is why fluorides treatment for anyone who has ever had gingivitis is extremely important.

And finally, many people develop dry mouth. Either is a symptom of advancing age. Or as a side effect of their medication. The lack of saliva in their mouth. Makes people more susceptible to cavities and acid where.

Which is why these adults should also get regular applications of fluoride. If people would like to ask more questions about fluoride. Or simply make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor. In order to make an appointment, and get all of the answers to their questions.