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People should not be trepidation is, when going to their Ellerslie dentist. Especially when they hear. That they should get their teeth straightened. Many people might assume, that the reason why. They should get their teeth straightened is for cosmetic reasons. But this is not true at all.

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The reason why their Ellerslie dentist would make this recommendation. Is so that they can have healthier teeth, overall. What causes crooked teeth to have problems, is the fact that it is harder.

For people to brush, as well as floss. In order to get all of the food particles removed from all of the areas. Of their teeth, and between them. Therefore, as a result. Even for people who have extremely thorough oral care routines.

Such as brushing their teeth, after every single time they eat. Flossing, as well as using mouthwash. There are still going to develop dental problems. Where the food particles that are trapped.

Cause tooth decay. To decay causes cavities. As well as the trapped food particles. Can also cause tartar buildup to form. And tartar buildup, causes gingivitis as well as gum disease.

Therefore, if people decide to go against there dentists recommendation. Of getting their teeth straightened. They are going to have a lifetime of cavities. Typically in the same areas of their mouth. Where they have problems of food getting trapped.

Eventually, with enough time. People will have the problem. Of their tooth not being able to have anymore feelings. Because it is too unstable. Or, there tooth will eventually crumble. From having too many fillings.

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While people think that it is going to be very easy. For their dentist to replace their tooth. With the dental implant. If they have crooked teeth, that is typically not the case.

Therefore, in order to have better overall health. And avoid dental disease, such as gingivitis. And avoid having many different cavities. People should heed there dentists recommendation.

And straighten their teeth. Ideally, the sooner the better. But the best time to start is actually now. And if people are very nervous about getting traditional, metal braces. Here is the best news. Their Ellerslie dentist can also use Invisalign.

Which is a system, where they will be able to use these plastic trays, called liners. That will gently move the patient’s teeth. Into alignment. They will get a new set of aligners, every three weeks.

And by wearing each tray, one after the other. They can gently. Move their teeth into alignment. All without ever needing to wear braces once. Another reason why they should consider straightening their teeth.

Is because many people may not realize it. But they may be of waiting healthy food. Because there crooked teeth hurt when they bite into a crunchy carrot, or juicy apple.

Therefore, when they straighten their teeth. Using the Invisalign system from the tooth doctor. They are going to not only have healthier teeth. But have healthier, overall diet for their entire life.

Ellerslie Dentist | Getting Straight And Healthy Teeth

Many people want straighter teeth cosmetically says Ellerslie dentist. Which is why they want to straighten their teeth. But do not want braces. They may have lowered self-esteem.

Because of their dissatisfaction with their teeth. Or, they are concerned about what people will think. If they put braces on. Especially if they have a very public career. Whether talking to a lot of customers.

Even when that is not the case. Many people simply do not want the look, the feel or the pain of braces. The benefit is, when people are seeing the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. The use an Invisalign system.

That not only is an alternative to braces. It is actually a better option in many ways. To the traditional, out of date metal braces. The first reason why people prefer Invisalign to typical braces.

Is, as the name Invisalign suggests. It is virtually invisible. Therefore, people do not have to feel self-conscious about wearing braces. But they can also work towards fixing there crooked smile.

Another benefit of all Invisalign. Is the fact that people will need to wear Invisalign for less time. Then they would have to wear. Traditional, metal style braces. The reason why it takes less time.

Is because Invisalign, makes smaller changes. But makes them more often. Such as every three weeks. While braces, try to move the teeth a great big amount, less often.

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Ultimately, braces are more painful. Because they are moving the teeth faster, and with more pressure. But it takes longer. Ultimately, this process is very hard on the teeth. As they are trying to move through solid bone.

When this happens, the body will try to help the teeth move through the bone faster. By eroding the roots of the teeth. While this helps them teeth move faster. It actually impacts the health.

Of the overall teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Because the teeth will become loose, later on in that patient’s life. This process is sped up, if they have gum erosion, caused either by advancing age or by gingivitis.

Therefore, while braces seemed to be the gold standard. For straightening teeth. Dentists now know, that it actually can be detrimental. This is why many people prefer Invisalign.

But also, any people love it because they do not have to leave their home. Or give up time with their family, or their job. In order to make once a month dentist visits. Like they would. If they were using traditional braces.

They will come into the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. For their initial smile scan. And then, aligners will be mailed to them. Every few weeks. They will send a photo of their smile to the dentist.

Who will recommend when it is best for them to switch from one set of aligners to the next. When people are ready to fix their crooked smile. And feel happy, and more confident. Contacting their Ellerslie dentist will be the best thing they ever did.