Ellerslie Dentist | Going To the Dentist for Sensitive Teeth

When people are tired of dealing with sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. This is a great time to contact their dentist for an appointment. There are many reasons why they could have sensitive teeth.

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And when people try to deal with the problem themselves. They are ignoring the larger problem. That is most likely to be exacerbated as they treat the sensitivity and not the problem.

For example, one of the most common reasons. Why people end up with tooth sensitivity. Is because they have gingivitis, or gum disease. How people get gingivitis is by not brushing their teeth properly.

And this causes tartar buildup. But also, it can be caused by people not going to the dentist for many years. Because brushing alone, will not get rid of the tartar buildup below the gum line.

Therefore, going to the dentist is vital. For cleaning up the tartar, that causes gingivitis. Over time, if people do not go to the dentist. Their gums will start to get very irritated. By the tartar buildup.

And they will start to pull away from the teeth, as they get inflamed, and swollen. At this point, it is considered gingivitis. And because the gums are pulling away from the teeth. Tooth sensitivity can start at this point.

The swollen teeth, can expose enough of the route. That when people eat or drink cold, hot or acidic foods. It can cause a lot of irritation, and pain in the person who is eating that food.

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This is why it is extremely important to get to their Ellerslie dentist quickly. Because if they get to the dentist now. They can reverse the damage to their gums caused by gingivitis.

So that not only are they not experiencing tooth sensitivity any longer. But also, they can have their gums healed from the gingivitis. And not cause any lasting damage to their mouth.

Unfortunately, if people think that they can handle the tooth sensitivity. And the delay going to their Ellerslie dentist at this point. What will happen, is the gingivitis will progress.

Until the point where it is now considered gum disease. And the gums will have receded a significant amount. Unfortunately at this point, the gum receding is permanent.

So while they can eliminate the gum disease. And treat the tooth sensitivity. Recovering the gums, is not possible. This is why regular visits to the dentist is so important. But also why people should get into the habit.

Of calling their dentist, when something changes inside their mouth. When people have had gum disease, and they have tooth sensitivity. They might try using a desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne.

Or perhaps, they can undergo a process called bonding. Where their dentist applies a very thin layer of a fatty material. That will the teeth. So that they no longer have sensitive teeth.

This coating is not permanent. However, only needs to be applied every few months. And for people who have experienced significant pain due to sensitive teeth. This can be an amazing solution.

Ellerslie Dentist | Going To the Dentist for Sensitive Teeth

Many people may not realize how important it is to go to their Ellerslie dentist. If they have sensitive teeth. They may have experienced sensitive teeth for many years. Or it might be a new development.

But either way, is very important for people to get their mouth checked out by a professional. When they have sensitive teeth, because it could be an indication of larger dental problems going on.

For example, when the most common reasons why people might have a sensitive mouth. Is because they have a tooth the cavity in its. For some people, they think a cavity is always going to be accompanied.

By a toothache, but this is not always the case. And in fact, not usually the case either. Very small cavities will start out painlessly. However, the moment any enamel is compromised on a tooth.

That can cause tooth sensitivity. Which indicates that there is a cavity, that needs to be filled. However, if people think that there is nothing wrong with sensitive teeth. Or they do not realize that indicates a larger problem.

There cavity can get worse and worse. And they may not even realize that there is a greater problem. What may have been a very quick and easy fix. Is now something that is going to take a lot of time to drill.

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Or it might even require a root canal at this point. Depending on how long a patient waits to contact their Ellerslie dentist. This is why it is very important. That people realize that sensitive teeth.

Is a cause to get their mouth checked out by a professional. As well, they might not have a cavity. But sensitive teeth can also be an indicator of cracked or chipped teeth as well.

Whether they cracked their teeth in a sporting accident, a vehicle accident. Or simply by grinding their teeth at night. There going to be able to fix this problem. Before bacteria can get in and cause more problems and pain.

But also, if people are grinding their teeth at night. Their Ellerslie dentist will be able to create an appliance. That they can put in their mouth that night. That will stop their grinding.

So that not only can they avoid having cracked or chipped teeth. But they also will be able to stop putting pressure on their teeth. Where the aggravation can cause sensitivity as well.

Once they get to the bottom of why they have sensitive teeth in the first place. Fixing that problem is a great first step. And then if they need to do due more to cause the teeth to become even less sensitive.

That will be an option. However, the sooner people get checked out by their Ellerslie dentist. The sooner they are going to find out what is wrong, be able to fix it. And then know that they are not causing more damage to their teeth.