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Whether people are coming in once or twice to Ellerslie dentist. For a checkup and a cleaning, they may have lots of questions. At no point should anyone feel awkward or self-conscious. About asking dental questions.
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If they do not ask the question. When they are at their dentist office. However they going to ever expect. To get the answer. Among some of the most common questions asked.

People want to know how they can make their teeth whiter. They may have tried some of the many over-the-counter products. That are sold on the market, such as various whitening toothpastes.

As well as white strips, that include the whitening solution. On a flexible strip. That is worn over the teeth. While these products do work. Because they are being used without a dentists supervision.

They are only allowed. To put a very small amount. Of bleaching solution into the products. They will only whiten a person’s teeth. By one shade, which generally. Is not enough to make that much of a noticeable difference.

As well, when people use whitening toothpaste for example. The product is designed. To whiten that one shade, throughout the entire duration of the tube. Which is often why people typically will not have.

A noticeable difference, when using it. As well, people are likely still consuming. The foods and drinks that cause their teeth. To be discoloured in the first place according to Ellerslie dentist.

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Which means if their drinking coffee or tea. As well is if they are consuming red wine, or eating berries. They are more likely going to have their teeth. Have no noticeable difference during the whitening process.

Because as the product works, very slowly to increase the whiteness of their teeth. They are still engaging in behaviour. That causes their teeth to become discoloured. Which means they can use this product.

If they want their teeth to stay around the same colour. If people want a noticeable difference, they should make an appointment with their Ellerslie dentist. Because they will be able to whiten their teeth.

To a guaranteed five shades whiter. One of the most popular types of whitening, is the take-home bleaching kits. The take on bleaching kits are so popular, because they work extremely well.

While people being able to bleach their teeth. And get a brighter smile, and the comfort and convenience of their own home. The dentist will make a customized bleaching tray.

By taking a person’s impressions of their top and bottom teeth.

Then, the dentist will discuss with the patient. How much whiter they would like their teeth. So that people can pick the bleach solution that works best for them.

They can then whiten their teeth at home. However, bleach is not a great option. For people with sensitive teeth. And then they can talk to their dentist. About other types of whitening services.

Including bonding, or getting veneers it done. When people are ready to talk to the tooth doctor, they can visit one of the three convenient locations.

Ellerslie Dentist | Great Questions To Ask Your Dentist Today

When people are ready to get a dental checkup, Ellerslie dentist is going to be more than happy to oblige. Especially because they want to be able to answer. Anyone’s questions that they may have Ellerslie dentist.

One of the most common questions that people will be asking. Is how can they prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. With a good oral hygiene routine at home.

There are many things that people can do in order to have the best. Dental hygienist home, however a dentist does want people to keep in mind. That no matter how effective their dental routine at home is.

They will never be entirely able. To prevent tooth decay or gingivitis on their own. Plaque and tartar buildup is incredibly sticky. And when this is the case, it will accumulates, no matter how effectively people are brushing at home.

When they are brushing at home, they also will never be able to get the tartar buildup. That accumulates below the gum line, because even with the best brush, this is impossible to get at home.

Therefore when people are ready to get rid of the tartar buildup on their teeth, they should be going to Ellerslie dentist. They can make an appointment, however it is recommended that people visit the dentist.

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every six months, simply because that is how long it takes. The sticky tartar and plaque buildup. Then there going to have to go to the dental hygienist. Such as the people at Ellerslie dentist in order to remove the tartar buildup professionally.

A word of advice to all patients. Is that they should not try to brush their teeth extra hard. Or many more times than normal. In order to get rid of the tartar buildup. Simply because it is going to cause damage to their teeth and gums.

In fact, Ellerslie dentist recommends that people should not be brushing their teeth. More than two times a day. Because of what is called erosion of the enamel. This is possible, either through over brushing.

Or brushing their teeth too soon after eating. If they brush their teeth too hard. Or if they use a stiff bristled brush. They can also cause erosion of the enamel. Which not only damages their teeth.

As well as their gums, it makes their teeth. More susceptible to tooth decay and sensitivity. Rather than trying to take matters into their own hands. By preventing going to the dentist. By brushing more.

People will end up at their Ellerslie dentist more often. Therefore, they should talk to their dentist. About the best oral hygiene routine. And follow the good advice, of the dentist which is brushing twice a day.

Using a soft bristled brush. And using mouthwash, followed by floss. When people have any more questions that they want answered. The tooth doctor is more than happy to answer all questions.

People can set up either an appointment. Or consultation, where there going to be able to find the answer to these questions.