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One thing that people’s Ellerslie dentist can help them with. Is protect their children’s teeth, so that they can reach adult hood. Without developing any cavities in their mouth.

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However, many parents may think this is unnecessary. Because they are teaching their children. How to brush their teeth extremely well. Or, are watching them brush their teeth on a nightly basis.

However, this is not necessarily enough says Ellerslie dentist. Simply because it is notoriously difficult. To brush the molars. Which are located in the very back of a person’s mouth. And are very rough in texture.

These two characteristics. Make it very difficult for most people. To do a thorough job of brushing their teeth. In order to get rid of all of the bacteria on their molars. Even a great toothbrush.

Has a hard time getting all the way to the back of the mouth. But once there, it can be very difficult. For the toothbrush to get into all. Of the nooks and crannies in a molar. To get rid of the bacteria.

For example, a molar has many sharp jagged peaks. And low spots. That dentists refer to as pits and features. Unless the toothbrush gets into those areas. At the right angle, for the correct number of times.

People may not be able. To get rid of even the smallest amount of bacteria. And if adults are having a hard time doing this says Ellerslie dentist. Children who are just learning. And still mastering their fine motor skills.

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Our at an unfortunate disadvantage. And leave their mouth susceptible. To developing cavities, and tooth decay. Therefore, dental sealants can help children protect their teeth.

As they learn how to brush their teeth properly. And develop proper oral hygiene routines. However, many parents also want to know. Why dental sealants are even important.

In their young children’s mouth, when they are eventually. Going to lose their baby teeth. However, the dentist will argue that it is very important. Particularly to the child. That they have all of the teeth in their mouth.

Children need them to help them eat, and two. As well, getting the cavities filled. A root canal. Or even getting their teeth pulled. If there cavities are too bad to fix. Can be stressful and traumatic.

As well, Ellerslie dental bill say that the fillings, root canal. In addition to the extractions. Or also going to be significantly more invasive. As well as significantly more expensive than getting dental sealants in the first place.

Therefore, they can protect their child. Against cavities in their teeth. So that they do not ever have to get a filling, root canal or extraction. Also, if they have to remove their teeth before their adult teeth grow in.

The child runs the risk. Of having their adult teeth grow in incorrectly. Which could require them getting. More dental procedures in the future.

When parents are ready to get to their children the dental sealants that they need. All they have to do is phone the tooth doctor. Who are located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Children Can Grow Up With No Cavities

If parents would like their Ellerslie dentist to help. Their children grow up with absolutely no cavities. The best thing that parents can do. Is ask their dentist to apply dental sealants.

The reason why dental sealants are so great. At helping prevent cavities. Is because it provides a literal barrier. Between the tooth surface, and the bacteria. That causes tooth decay and cavities.

In fact, it is a very low cost. Noninvasive procedure, that can be done. Even in children who are very young. Parents would be relieved to know. That in less than five minutes. Their child can be protected.

How the process goes. Is first they must surround the tooth. With cotton balls. So that the teeth can become dry from the saliva. That they are normally wet with. Once the teeth are dry.

The next step is called etching. Which is the process of applying a very mild acid. With a cotton swab to the teeth. This cleans any existing bacteria. As well as any impurities from their teeth

That might impede how well the sealant. Will be able to adhere to the surface of their molar. Once the etching is done. The next step is for the Ellerslie dentist to rinse the teeth. And let them dry once more.

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Once the teeth are dry. Dentists are free to apply the dental sealant. Which is a clear liquid at this point. They will apply it, using a brush or a cotton swab. To all of the areas of the molar. Ensuring that they reach all surfaces.

Once the sealant is applied. There is just one last step. Is to cure the plastic. Which is what is called, when the liquid dries into a hard solid. This is done with the help of a UV light shone into the patient’s mouth.

The curing takes only a few moments. And the entire procedure is done. In less than five minutes. One of the best benefits. Is that not only does it protect the patient’s teeth. From tooth decay and cavities.

But as a preventative treatment, much more economical. Then getting cavities filled. In fact, it is around a quarter of the cost. And only needs to be done twice. Once in the child when they are young.

Between the ages of six and eleven. And then again, when the child reaches adolescence. As soon as they have lost all of their baby teeth. And have all of their permanent teeth in their mouth.

The reason why it is important to the child is young. Is because the dental sealants cannot be applied over cavities. So the dentist must act fast, to ensure that the child does not develop a cavity. Before their first sealant treatment.

When parents are ready to help their child. Stay cavity free for their lifetime. They can simply call Ellerslie dentist, the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton. And help their child get the protection their teeth need.