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While every parents wants their child to never develop cavities it says Ellerslie dentist. Few parents know about dental sealants. That can help them accomplish that goal.

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According to the National health and nutrition examination survey. 30% of young children, between the ages of six and eleven. Have dental sealants, despite how beneficial they are.

And 38% of adolescents, who are between the ages of twelve and nineteen. Have dental sealants. The more children and adolescents that get dental sealants. The more children and teenagers who can avoid cavities.

However, many parents do not even know what dental sealants are according to Ellerslie dentist. And it is quite simply, a literal barrier. Between the tooth itself, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

However, in order for this to work. The dental sealants must be applied. For the child develops cavities in the first place. Which can sometimes be difficult. Because even under parental supervision.

Children have a hard time adequately brushing their teeth. This is not the full of the child, nor the fault of the parent. But rather, the way the teeth are shaped. Molars and particular are susceptible to cavities.

Because what makes them very good at chewing food. There rough texture, and there sharp peaks. And low pits. Make them hard to brush. The high jagged points. Makes it hard for the brush to reach the lower areas of the tooth.

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And the fact that the molars are located at the back of the mouth. Means that the toothbrush is less successful in getting to the very back, at all the angles needed. To eliminate all of the bacteria.

Therefore, even when a parent is teaching their child well. And are supervising their brushing time. Children are still susceptible to cavities. Particularly in their molars. Which is why it is beneficial.

For them to get dental sealants sooner rather than later. However, some parents. Want to know why it is so important. To put dental sealants on their young children. When they are eventually going to lose those teeth in the long run.

The answer to that question is very simple. The children will need their teeth. Until their adult teeth grow in. And losing them early, from poor hygiene. Or from cavities, can be very devastating.

It will impact their ability to eat and chew food. But also, if the dentist decides to fill the cavity or do a root canal. Not only will that be a very invasive and painful procedure. But it will be expensive as well.

Dental sealants are not nearly as invasive. And it cost literally a quarter of what a cavity fill in would cost the parent. Therefore, not only can they protect their child’s teeth very easily.

They can also protect themselves against unnecessarily high dental bills. So that both the parent, and the child can continue to look forward to their dental visits. When parents are ready.

To get their child the dental sealants they need. The first step would be calling or emailing Ellerslie dentist, the tooth doctor in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Guarding Against Cavities Can Help Immensely

While almost all parents will want their child to avoid getting cavities says Ellerslie dentist. Many may not know about dental sealants. That can help them accomplish that goal.

In fact, very few parents know about dental sealants. And how they can protect their child from tooth decay. It is a literal barrier. Applied to the tooth, to help avoid bacteria from causing tooth decay.

However, many parents are very hesitant. Even once they hear about dental sealants. Because they do not want to subject their child to an invasive dental procedure. The good news is that this is not invasive at all.

In fact, it can be added to the end. Of just about dental appointment very easily. And it will add no more than five minutes to the entire appointment. The process is very easy. And the child will not feel it at all.

The first step, is surrounding the teeth that are going to be treated. Which typically includes all of the molars. With roles of cotton and gauze. The reason why, is so that they can stay dry throughout the procedure.

Once the teeth are dried. The next step would be called etching. Where Ellerslie dentist will take a cotton swab, with a very mild acid. To clean off the surface of the tooth.

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The acid is designed to eliminate bacteria. As well as other impurities, such as dried saliva. That may impact the sealants ability. To hear properly to the surface of the tooth. Once the asset has been applied.

The dentist will then rinse the tooth, and wait for it to dry. Once the tooth is dried. Ellerslie dentist will then be able to apply the dental sealants. Which at this point, is going to be a clear liquid.

Applying it carefully, with a brush, or a cotton swab. They will ensure that every surface of each molar. Will be covered with the correct amount of sealants. The next step, is simply to allow the liquid to cure.

Into a very hard substance, that is adhered to the teeth. That is accomplished through shining a UV light on the sealant. To get its to harden properly. This takes but a couple of moments.

The entire process, will take approximately five minutes. And has virtually no side effects. So within a very short amount of time. Parents can ensure that their child has the dental sealants. That can protect them against cavities.

As well, while the recommendation. Is to get the sealants done. From an early age. Once the child loses all of their baby teeth. And all of their adult teeth have come in. The dentist will then recommend another coating.

To protect the adult teeth. This coating, will likely last for about ten years. And as long as they have not developed more cavities. They can continue getting the dental sealants for the rest of their life.