Ellerslie Dentist | Having Healthy Teeth Is Important

Even when people are brushing after every time they eat and flossing they still should be seeing in Ellerslie dentist. However, many adults think that if they are engaging in good oral hygiene habits. They do not need to see a dentist regularly. Which is why few adults go to the dentist as often as they should.

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The reason why it is important to continue going to their dentist. Even when brushing often, as well as using dental floss and mouthwash. Is because dentists will help minimize other problems that are starting.

And they also can clean people’s teeth. By getting rid of tartar buildup, that brushing alone cannot get rid of. Since tartar buildup causes tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis.

Every time people get their teeth professionally cleaned by their Ellerslie dentist. They are helping eliminate dental diseases that could cause problems. And keep their smile as healthy as possible.

However, cleaning is not the only thing that their dentist will do. It is also important that people are going to get dental x-rays when they visit. Because it can help eliminate or minimize other problems.

Since cavities show up on a dental x-ray. When people get a dental x-ray with their checkup. The dentist is able to see what cavities are starting. Even before they can see it with their own eyes.

And that will help their dentist fill those cavities while they are small. Before they cause larger problems, that may be very difficult to fix. Such as eating so much of their tooth, that they need a root canal.

As well, getting a dental x-ray will help the dentist seep problems like overcrowding. Or if people are starting to develop problems with their wisdom teeth. Such as pushing into other teeth.

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That can help them make the decision to have them extracted at the right time. By going to their Ellerslie dentist regularly. People can get the x-rays they need to keep their smile as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately, many people are very nervous about getting dental x-rays. Because of the radiation involved in x-ray technology. And so they think that by avoiding these dental x-rays, they are staying healthier.

However this is not something that people should be worried about. Because Canadian dentists are now using digital dental x-rays. Which are even lower in radiation than traditional x-rays.

But also, people will get an iron bib. That can protect them from most of the x-rays. And people need to understand that they will be exposed to more radiation. On a commercial airline flight from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Then they would getting hundred dental x-rays in a row. Therefore, people do not need to be worried about the radiation. And can get dental x-rays in full confidence. Knowing it is going to help them have the healthiest teeth possible.

By visiting their dentist regularly, twice a year. They will be able to help their teeth be as healthy and clean as possible. For a lifelong healthy smile.

Ellerslie Dentist | Having Healthy Teeth Is Important For Good Health

Going to the Ellerslie dentist is important for healthy teeth. And most adults know that they need to go at least once a year. But when it comes to the health of their children’s teeth. Parents and up having a lot of questions.

One of the first things that people want to know. Is when should their child’s first dental visit be? Because many people make a lot of different assumptions about this.

For example, some people make the assumption. That their child should visit the dentist. As soon as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. However, most dentists say this is too early.

Not only are infants that young. Not able to open their mouth on command. They are also not able to keep it open as long as they need. And it is not helpful for a dentist to see them this young.

Especially because while some children do not develop teeth for several months of their life. Some children are actually born with teeth, and that is definitely too young to see the dentist.

They will on the other hand inform parents what they can do. To keep their child’s teeth as healthy as possible. Ideally, parents will give their child a bottle with water to help clean their mouth out after feeding.

Just to have some water to rinse away the milk or juice that they have been drinking. So that can minimize instances of dental decay in their mouth. As well, parents can also wipe their child’s mouth out.

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With a damp and soft cloth. To get rid of as much of the bacteria in their mouth that cause tooth decay. As well as using that cloth to wipe any of their teeth directly.

Ellerslie dentist also recommends buying a soft bristled silicone toothbrush. And without using toothpaste. Start to brush the child’s teeth as soon as they have them. To get them into this habit early.

By the time the child is about one year’s of age, as long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. This is the time that parents can bring their child back into their dentist for a full checkup.

From there, they should be bringing their child back to the dentist at least once every six months. For checkups, as well as cleanings. The right to keep their child’s teeth and mouth as healthy as possible.

As well as be able to do dental x-rays. That can help the Ellerslie dentist know. When their adult teeth are going to start showing up. Or if there adult teeth show signs of crowding, that may require braces.

By seeing the child’s dentist this often from a young age. Not only are they helping their children develop great dental habits that can keep their teeth healthy. But they also will help ensure that they can minimize any problems that are starting to happen in the mouth of their children.