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Even though many people want healthy teeth, they do not necessarily want to see their Ellerslie dentist as often as they should. However, this is the only way that they can minimize problems. And end up with the healthiest smile possible.

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Even when people are brushing their teeth twice a day, as well as flossing and using mouthwash. They could be doing more to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis On their own before ever going to the dentist.

But even when people do engage in healthiest oral hygiene habits. They still need to see their Ellerslie dentist regularly. To eliminate problems before they get bad. And to help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

While many people have heard that they should be brushing their teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes. And they know how important it is to floss and use mouthwash. This is simply just a minimum of what people should be doing.

The best practices actually will be. For people to brush their teeth after every time they eat. To eliminate the bacteria on their teeth that cause tooth decay and cavities. However brushing alone is not enough.

Because the bacteria that is left on their cheeks, tongue and the roof of their mouth. Can very easily transfer onto their teeth. Where it will be able to cause tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, mouthwash is the solution. That can get rid of ninety-nine point 9% of bacteria in the soft parts of their mouth. To eliminate the potential of developing cavities and tooth decay.

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The best mouthwash that is recommended by Ellerslie dentist. Is a brand of mouthwash that does not have any alcohol in it. And use that after every time they brush, and to brush after every time they eat.

As well, it is important that they are flossing as often as they should. Which again, should be a minimum of once a day. But ideally, after every time they eat. To get rid of the food that has gotten caught.

That can cause tooth decay and cavities if it is left. And if people are not a big fan of flossing, getting products such as floss picks. Can help people overcome their dislike of flossing. To keep their mouth healthy.

However, once they are doing this extremely effective oral hygiene routine. They also should be visiting their dentist twice a year as well. Once for a checkup, to catch any problems before they become bad.

And twice a year for cleanings. Because only professional dental tools. Will be able to get rid of the tartar buildup. That can cause cavities, tooth decay and even cause gingivitis.

Especially the tartar buildup that is below the gum line. If this is not scraped off with dental tools. People will end up with red, inflamed and bleeding gums. That could be painful, as well as cause tooth sensitivity.

The best oral hygiene habits include brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. But also visiting their dentist twice a year.

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It is one of the most important things, to see their Ellerslie dentist regularly. Because even if people are brushing regularly, they still need to see a professional. To help keep their teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

As well, they are going to be able to ask their dentist important questions. That can help them have the healthiest smile possible. And when the most common questions that their dentist has.

Is what can they do to minimize tooth sensitivity? Often, people will have tried a desensitizing toothpaste. And found that that has not worked to minimize the sensitivity.

And whether it is eating or drinking something cold. Or eating or drinking something hot. People end up not being able to enjoy their favourite foods when their teeth are too sensitive. Which is why they often ask their dentist.

One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist looks for. When people ask about sensitivity. Is if the patient has gingivitis. Because gingivitis alone can cause people to have sensitive teeth.

Therefore, if a person has gingivitis then there dentist will do a cleaning. To eliminate the tartar buildup that can cause gingivitis. And asked them to engage in a regular oral hygiene routine. And monitor the sensitivity of their teeth.

People may find that after only a few weeks, there sensitivity is reduced. Because they no longer have gingivitis. However, if they do continue to have sensitivity.

There are many things that their dentist can do to help eliminate sensitivity that causes problems. Starting with using a desensitizing toothpaste that is extremely good quality.

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They recommend using Sensodyne toothpaste. Because this brand is known for being extremely good at desensitizing teeth. While also eliminating tartar buildup and cavities.

If after using this for a few weeks. People still report having very sensitive teeth. Their Ellerslie dentist can look for the causes of sensitive teeth. Including exposed roots, grinding their teeth at night.

Or having receding gums and thin enamel on their teeth. By addressing these issues, they can often cause people to lose the sensitivity that is bothering them.

However, when all of these things do not work. All is not lost. People can still get help with their sensitive teeth. Including having their dentist put on bonding to their teeth.

Which is very thin layer, that helps cover up the teeth. So that the hot or cold food and liquid cannot cause the teeth to feel pain. And while bonding works, it is not a permanent solution and will require applications every few months.

As well, dentists can also put on a desensitizing material in office. They put it on and leave it on for two minutes, then pull it off. When then people can avoid brushing for twenty-four hours. And this can also reduce sensitivity for a few months.

Eliminating sensitivity, is one of the reasons why people should be seeing their dentist regularly. And how they can have healthiest teeth, and smile possible.