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With thing that Ellerslie dentist will bring up to patients. Is that if they have crooked teeth, their overall oral health. As well as their body health may be suffering. Or at least, not be as positive as it could be.

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While many people want to straighten their teeth. For cosmetic reasons. To help them look, and feel their best. There is also other reasons. Why Ellerslie dentist recommends people straightening their teeth.

If people have crooked teeth, from either very mild to severe. They are going to end up with problems, such as food particles getting caught. In parts of their teeth that are hard to reach. With a toothbrush, or dental floss.

Even if people are trying their best. And taking very good care of their teeth. They may end up with food particles trapped. In areas that they are unable to brush and floss away. Which causes tooth decay, tartar buildup and eventually cavities and gum disease.

Therefore, this is why Ellerslie dentist recommends people straightening their teeth. So that they can avoid their teeth falling into this disrepair. Eventually, if their teeth are not taken care of.

They will have to have their teeth removed, that are in the problematic areas. Because there is only so many cavities a tooth can get. Before it is unstable. Therefore, people will avoid having there tooth pulled. If they are able to straighten their teeth. Ideally as a child.

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But even adults can get their teeth straightened a variety of ways. The second reason why dentists usually recommend. Adults and children straightening their teeth. Beyond cosmetic reasons. Is so that they can have a healthier diet. Many people with crooked teeth might discover.

That eating certain foods, such as taking a big bite into a juicy apple. Is actually painful for their teeth. Painful for their gums. Or painful for their job. Therefore, they avoid healthy foods such as apples. But also a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables. Such is crunchy carrots, and broccoli and cauliflower.

By straightening teeth. Children and adults alike can form healthy eating habits. So that they can be healthy not just orally. But throughout the rest of their entire body. When people are looking into tooth is straightening systems. They may think that braces are the only option.

Or that Invisalign is an option only available for adults. However, those are wrong assumptions. Invisalign is a perfect alternative to braces. And is often more gentle, and more beneficial. What people love about Invisalign, is that it is invisible. So no one has to know that they are straightening their teeth.

And it is perfect for children, adults as well as seniors. When people are ready to do something about the health of their body and their teeth. They can talk to the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. About getting a complementary 3D smile scan. And get started, on the road to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Ellerslie Dentist | Healthy Teeth Ensures A Healthy Body

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist, they often want to talk about straightening their teeth. But do not want to traditional metal braces. They do not like the look of them. And they want to get their teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons.

And they do not want to have their confidence shattered, by having to put this metal system on their teeth. Another reason why people want to avoid traditional metal braces. Is simply because it takes longer to straighten teeth. Then using the new Invisalign system that is available.

Invisalign on average takes eleven months. For people to get the results that they desire. While braces on the other hand. Our minimum of two years, but more typically three. In order to get the results that people desire.

And while braces take longer. It is a less beneficial system. Because each time they braces our tightened. It puts more pressure on the teeth then they should be going through. Which causes the teeth to move faster then the job like to allow.

The end result, says Ellerslie dentist. Is the teeth roots start eroding. To help them move more efficiently through the jaw.

Which can lead to problems later on in life. Adults who have had braces either as adults or children. Notice that their teeth start getting looser earlier on in their life. And if they have problems with receding gum lines.

Which is a natural part of aging. Their teeth can become looser, then their peers, that did not have braces. This actually impacts their teeth negatively. So while braces can help people get the straight smile that they want.

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It is slowly starting to become less common then Invisalign. There are many reasons why people love Invisalign. Not only is it more gentle. But often, having braces requires extracting teeth. Something that is never the case with Invisalign.

It is also, just like the name Invisalign suggests. Completely invisible. Because the plastic liners are see-through. Therefore, it can be a person’s secret. That they are getting their teeth straightened.

Or, because they are removable. They can take their Invisalign aligners out. For special occasions, such as their wedding. Or family portraits. When people visit their Ellerslie dentist to find out about an alternative to traditional metal braces.

They will often find out about Invisalign. While many people assume that Invisalign is perfect only for small adjustments to the teeth. Or that it is only good for adults. This is simply not true.

Over the years, dentists have found that Invisalign. Can correct almost every single tooth concern. And straighten teeth in almost all circumstances. As well as, studies have found.

That Invisalign is perfect for people who are children. Adults, and even seniors who are looking for a healthier smile. When people are ready to get Invisalign. Or find out more information.

There first step would be to contact the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. They will get a free 3D smile scan. And find out how long it will take for them to have the smile of their dreams. And two weeks later, they will be mailed a set of liners to get started.