Ellerslie Dentist | Helping Patients Overcome Tooth Sensitivity

People may be suffering and necessarily says Ellerslie dentist. When they have tooth sensitivity. Particularly when they do not realize. That this is something that there dentist can help them with.

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The reason why dentists can help people overcome their tooth sensitivity. Is because typically, more often than not. To sensitivity is actually linked to different dental problem.

That when they treat the dental problem, they can eliminate sensitivity. With no other treatments necessary. However, getting people to understand that they need to visit the Ellerslie dentist in the first place can be a chore.

People often believe that it is part and parcel of growing older. However, it is not a normal part of aging. And many seniors can live quite happily. Without tooth sensitivity in their teeth.

As well, people may start avoiding the trigger foods. Such as avoiding drinking cold water. Hot tea. Or things like ice cream. But also avoiding healthy food as well, such as cold yogurt. Or hot soup.

As well, many people also change how they are chewing. Because they might have to sensitivity on either left or the right side of their mouth. Therefore, either consciously or subconsciously.

They change how they chew their food. Which can result in problems itself. Such as chipping their teeth more often. As well as developing muscle strain in their jaw. Due to overusing that side of their mouth.

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As well as tension headaches, TMJ and it had begin inability to chew through harder food. And cause them to avoid crunchy vegetables, or meat like steak. This is why it is very important.

That people who are experiencing tooth sensitivity. Get checked out by their Ellerslie dentist. To find out what is causing the tooth sensitivity, and eliminate it.

One of the more uncommon reasons. Why people and up with sensitive teeth. Is because they have a bite problem. When they bite down, there is more pressure on one or two teeth. More than any others.

Which can cause those teeth to become hypersensitive to their surroundings. This can lead people to feel pain when they drink hot liquid, or drink cold liquid. Therefore, if their dentist.

Does not find any other reasons. Why they might have tooth sensitivity. They might do a bite test. To see if they have pressure on any teeth, that could be causing them to have sensitivity.

If they do, the fix is very easy. Their dentist will take a tiny drill, and shave off a bit of the enamel. So that when people bite their teeth down. It is not causing extra pressure on just a couple of their teeth.

However, if people do have a bite problem. They also are likely to be grinding their teeth at night. So making a dental appliance can be extremely beneficial. To help people eliminate grinding.

Will helping them avoid sensitive teeth in at the same time. When people realize that sensitive teeth is an indicator of a larger dental problem. It can help people get to their dentist faster.

Ellerslie Dentist | Helping Patients Overcome Tooth Sensitivity

When people are struggling with painful teeth, when they eat or drink hot or cold things says Ellerslie dentist. This is a good indication that people should get to a dentist quickly.

The reason why, is because sensitive teeth. Is typically an indication of a larger dental problem. Such as a cavity, gingivitis or gum disease. Or other things that need to be addressed.

People might think that there tooth sensitivity will go away on its own. Or that they can very easily treat it. With desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne. Without realizing that they are simply masking a larger problem.

The reason why people do not get to their dentist quickly enough. Is because they think if they had a cavity. They would also have a toothache. This is actually not likely to be the case. Cavities when small.

Are not going to cause a toothache. And only start to create a painful problem. When the cavity gets closer to the root of the tooth. However, even very small cavities. Can cause tooth sensitivity.

Which is why it is very important. That patients realize that timing is very important. From when they start experiencing tooth sensitivity. To getting to a dentist.

They will be able to fill the cavity quickly, and hopefully that is all they need. In order to eliminate their sensitive teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes the sensitivity still persists.

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And that is when their Ellerslie dentist. May suggest that they try desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, so that they can eliminate the pain. Now that they have found the cause of it.

Another problem that causes people to have tooth sensitivity. Is that they have gum recession. Whether it is due to age, improper brushing technique. Or as a byproduct of gingivitis or gum disease.

People may have their roots exposed to their teeth. And the roots of teeth, or made of a more porous material. Then the rest of people’s teeth. Therefore, exposed roots from reseated gums.

Can cause people to have sensitive teeth. When they eat or drink hot or cold food or drinks. And while the Ellerslie dentist is not going to be able to put back the reseated gum line.

What they can do, is treat the exposed roots. So that they do not feel pain as much. A great example of this, is when they use a bonding solution. Which is a very thin, fatty layer.

This is applied to their teeth. And it coats it, so that the porous surface is covered. And less likely to feel pain, when exposed to hot or cold in the mouth. While this is not a permanent solution.

It will need to be reapplied every few months. However, it can be enough to eliminate pain for many people. Without forcing them to use a desensitizing toothpaste.

Which may or may not even work for them. When people are ready to eliminate their tooth sensitivity. Making an appointment with their dentist is a first important step.