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Ellerslie dentist says that many people know. How important it is to get their teeth straighter. However, they are reluctant. Thinking that they would have to put traditional metal braces on their teeth.

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Fortunately, more people than ever before. Are using an alternative to braces. That are more gentle, less painful. And just as effective. At straightening teeth, so that people can have a more confident smile.

And while it is cosmetic in nature. That people might want a brighter, straighter smile. It is also important. For a patient’s oral health and hygiene. As well as their overall health in their body.

When people have crooked teeth, they might have more difficult time. Brushing and flossing their teeth. This can lead to food particles being trapped. And no matter how hard they try brushing their teeth.

What kind of toothbrush they use. Brushing that particle out, and flossing does not always remove food particles from hard-to-reach areas. The end results, obviously is tooth decay and eventually cavities.

The problem is, that no matter how many times their dentist will fill that cavity. If the teeth are still crooked. Food will still get trapped in the same spots. Leading to more and more dental problems. That get worse with each time.

Eventually, someone who has this problem. Will typically either need a root canal and crown. Or more likely, to have their tooth pulled. Because it is not able to be saved any longer.

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In most patients, Ellerslie dentist will be able to put a dental implant. In order to place the tooth that is missing. However, in people who have crooked teeth. They may not be able to place that implant properly.

Especially if the crooked teeth are going to lean up against that dental implant. And impact its ability to stand straight, and not be shifted once it is placed in the jaw. Therefore, they can lose teeth, and have to go the rest of their life.

With a missing tooth. In a way, that could have been completely prevented. If they had addressed their crooked teeth from the beginning. This is why dentists often suggest fixing teeth in children.

So that they can avoid having these dental problems from the beginning. Another reason why dentists suggest straightening teeth. Is because it can lead to a person’s overall health as well.

The reason why, is because if people have significantly crooked teeth. Eating crunchy, healthy foods. Such as crunchy carrots, crunchy apples. And even fruits and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and nuts for example.

Can put pressure on the teeth in uncomfortable ways. Or because jaw pain. This can result in people simply avoiding some of the healthiest foods that they can be eating. Because it hurts to eat.

When Ellerslie dentist is able to fix the teeth, they can start to eat better foods. And it is ideal to do this while the patient is young. So that they can have better overall health for their entire life.

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While many people would love to straighten their teeth, Ellerslie dentist says. Many people object to having traditional, metal braces on their teeth. For many reasons. They do not like the look, they are painful. And they take a long time.

While many people know about Invisalign. They often think that this is good only for minor fixes. And therefore, it would not be a suitable option for them. However, this is not true. Many people can benefit from Invisalign.

It can fix almost all dental concerns. And straighten some of the most difficult cases with ease. The first reason why this is so beneficial, is because this process is completely invisible.

Therefore, children are not going to be teased by their peers. Adults do not have to disclose to their coworkers that they are straightening their teeth. Which can help them increase their confidence while they are going through the process.

Another benefit, is unlike metal braces. That usually require a monthly visit to the dentist. Invisalign can be done remotely. Mailing the liners to each patient. Wearing them, for three weeks.

And then sending a picture of their teeth back to their dentist. When their teeth have straightened the appropriate amount. Their Ellerslie dentist will mail them the next set of aligners to wear.

The third reason why many people prefer Invisalign to traditional braces. Is the fact that it takes usually less time. Then traditional metal braces. Most patients on average can be done within eleven months of Invisalign.

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While traditional braces wearers, are usually wearing them for 2 to 3 years. While Invisalign may take anywhere between five months to two years. They are usually wearing Invisalign’s for less time than they would braces.

And ultimately, Ellerslie dentist says Invisalign is a much more gentle than traditional braces. Because it moves the teeth a specific increment. That is been calculated by a computer. That has created the liner.

Unlike traditional braces, that require tightening the wire by hand. The orthodontist truly does not know how much they are moving the teeth. And moving the teeth to quickly comes with risks.

Risks such as dissolving the tooth root. So that the tooth is at risk in the future. Of becoming loops. Especially as the patient’s gums recede with age. To avoid this, people can get the Invisalign system.

And have their teeth moved gently. Instead of having the risk of negatively impacting their teeth. By having their teeth tightened to much by an orthodontist.

And finally, many people love the versatility. Being able to take out there Invisalign liner. When then they need to. Such as a special event like a wedding. Or family photos.

If people want to get started with their Invisalign system. All they have to do is contact their Ellerslie dentist, the tooth doctor. And arrange a complementary 3D smile scan to start. They can receive their first liners within two weeks of this scan.