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Amalgam is a common material in dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. And was invented, more than a hundred and fifty years ago. It is an alloy, that was created to be strong and durable.

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This is extremely important, when filling cavities in teeth. Because not only does the substance need to withstand. Chewing food, and biting crunchy objects. Like fruits and vegetables.

But because this alloy. Is going to be in use, several times a day. For the rest of a person’s life. Therefore it is extremely important that it is as strong and durable as possible.

Amalgam is created, by combining several different metals together. And while many alloys. Depend on being melted down, and combined into one. Such as stainless steel. That was created to be strong.

As well as rust resistant. Amalgam is created a completely unique way. First of all, the metals that are going to be used. Our ground down into a fine powder. Metal such as copper, tin, zinc and iron are used.

As well as more precious metals, such as silver, platinum and palladium. The dentist will usually choose a few of these metals. And once they have been ground into a powder. They are then combined.

With the liquid metal, mercury. Many people are concerned about amalgam. Simply because of the mercury content. And while Ellerslie dentist says it is true. That mercury, in its liquid format is toxic.

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In a solid form, it is not dangerous at all. Because it is unable to be absorbed by the body. Or, leak mercury into a body through the mouth. Therefore, it is very safe once it is created as amalgam.

Once the dentist mixes all of these materials together. It is pliable for a short time. Which is then, the Ellerslie dentist will use tools. To put it into the tooth. And make sure, that there is no gap.

Between the tooth itself, and of the amalgam. The goal will be to ensure that it is completely airtight. So that more tooth decay is impossible to happen. Before the dentist will fill the cavity.

And even before they create the amalgam. They will freeze the patient’s mouth. And drill out all of the decaying bits of tooth. It is important that all of these are removed. Because if the patient has any decay left.

The bacteria in the decayed part of their tooth. Will be able to continue destroying the rest of the tooth. Even, underneath the filling. However, while their dentist will apply amalgam.

If patients are concerned about it, they can voice that concern. And then the dentist will be able to use a different material. Several years ago, NASA developed a material. Trying to find something.

That they could use, to repair their spaceship. When they created this substance. That dentists now use. While it was not effective for their purpose. They did recognize, that it could have benefits as a dental material.

People can request that their dentist use this white filling instead. In addition to not having mercury as a content. It is also more cosmetically pleasing. Because it matches the colour of their teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Amalgam Is Made For Fillings

Many people are concerned about amalgam says Ellerslie dentist. Because they know it contains mercury. However, it has been deemed absolutely safe. By not only the FDA.

Which is the food and drug administration. But also by the Canadian dental Association. And the Alberta dental Association. Which is why all dentists feels completely confident. In using it in their practice.

While mercury, in its liquid form. Can absolutely be ingested. Or absorbed by the body, into the many tissues. However, as an alloy. Called amalgam, studies have shown time and time again.

That no trace amounts leak. From the amalgam, into the body. And as new technology becomes available. More research is done. To find out if are at risk because of the amalgam.

And no research has ever found. That mercury leaks from amalgam into the body. Research is also being done. To find out if amalgam degrades over time. Because while amalgam is designed.

To only last 10 to 15 years. Most people who have amalgam fillings. Say that they have had their feelings. For far longer than that. With absolutely no problems. And with no evidence of the amalgam decaying.

People will have absolutely no reason. To remove their amalgam fillings. And replace them with something else. In fact, that is something that Ellerslie dentist advises against.

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Simply because if there is nothing wrong. With a person’s existing fillings. They are just concerned about the mercury content in the amalgam. What could happen, is they traumatize the tooth so much.

That it starts having a problem. Once the filling is placed. More than once, the tooth doctor has placed an amalgam filling. With a white filling, only to find. That the patient starts having pain in that tooth.

And eventually, needs to get a root canal. Because the tooth is now bothered. Ultimately, if the patient has no problems. With the filling. The tooth doctor would significantly recommend not replacing it.

As well, many patients may claim. That there is a problem, because they have experienced pain. When they have been down on a piece of tinfoil. And while this can be an incredibly unpleasant sensation says Ellerslie dentist.

It is not an indication. That it is a problem. But instead, a reaction called galvanic action. That happens, when two different metals are placed together. While a jolt does not normally happen.

In a went, and salty environment like the mouth. The galvanic action actually causes a battery to be formed. Which is why people will have a bizarre metallic taste in their mouth.

And the jolt of pain that they experience. Is actually a jolt of electricity. From the battery that they have created. And while it is unpleasant to experience. It is not an indication of danger. As long as people avoid biting on tinfoil in the future.