Ellerslie Dentist | How Amalgam Is Used

Many people have never heard the term amalgam before says Ellerslie dentist. And it refers to a specific type of alloy. That uses Mercury as the base. And various powdered metals. Combined, into either a soft paste.

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Or, a harder type of solid. Unsurprisingly, the word amalgam. Comes from amalgamation, which means put together from many sources. Which is exactly what this type of alloy is. There are several different types of metals.

That could be ground-up into a powder. And then mixed with mercury to create this solution. Metals like copper, tin, zinc or iron. Are commonly found in amalgam. But so is more precious metals.

Such as silver, platinum or palladium. These metals are then blended together. To the desired consistency. Less powder for a more spreadable amalgam. Or more powder, for harder solution.

The reason why Ellerslie dentist knows so much about amalgam. Is four hundred and fifty years. That is exactly what was used. To fill people’s cavities in their mouths. A cavity can be very detrimental.

Because once person has some tooth decay. The bacteria that causes the tooth decay. Will continue to eat away at the enamel. Until it eats the entire thing. And a person is left with no tooth.

What is worse, is that the bacteria. Can go from one tooth to the other. Especially if they are close. Because the bacteria can get on the tongue. And then spread around to the other areas of the mouth.

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Therefore, it is very important for any dentist. To find that tooth decay. And actually drill it out of the patient’s tooth. This can be painful says Ellerslie dentist. Because, teeth have routes that can feel pain.

Therefore, the dentist must freeze the patient’s mouth. Using either a topical numbing spray. Or, using a needle. That will numb the area. So that the patient does not feel pain when the dentist drills.

They will chip away all of the tooth, that has decay on it. Until now part of the tooth has decay. However, if they left the tooth like this. Many problems would happen. Such as the tooth be more susceptible.

Tomorrow tooth decay in the future. Because the protective enamel will be gone. It will also be extremely difficult. To brush a tooth, that had holes in it. Causing more bacteria. To settle in.

Where it will be able to cause more problems, and more cavities in the future. As well as making the tooth more brittle. Because, it has holes in it. This is why it is very important for dentists.

To fill the hole that they drilled. With a substance that is hard. So that the tooth can continue being strong. It is important that the tooth is strong. Because people chew, and bite with their teeth every day.

Therefore, they must fill it with a super strong substance. Which is why amalgam has been used. While it is slowly being phased out for many reasons. Amalgam is completely safe. Which is why it is still being used in certain situations today.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Amalgam Is Utilized

Many people wonder about amalgam says Ellerslie dentist. Particularly, wondering how safe it is. There have always been people wondering this. Particularly, since people understand. That amalgam is made.

With the toxic liquid metal called Mercury. While Mercury is well-known for its toxic properties. In amalgam, it is made into a different form. And has less toxic properties.

However, this does not stop the general public from worrying. That they are being exposed. To mercury poisoning, if they get amalgam fillings. Or, if they have them already.

What tends to fuel this fear. Is the fact that several countries. Over the past few years have banned amalgam. From their country. Denmark, Sweden and Norway all have banned this substance.

However, it may not be banned. For the reason people might assume. While amalgam, contains Mercury. The reason why these countries have discontinued its use in their country.

Is because the waste that it creates. Is not biodegradable. And these countries are trying to eliminate. Waste that they cannot get rid of. From being used in their country.

Therefore, it is not banned because it is a dangerous substance. It is banned because they want to eliminate their carbon footprint. However, this does not stop people from being fearful.

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And while in North America, such as Canada. As well as the United States, dentists have been using amalgam less often. Most likely because another material. That is a white colour.

Is being used more commonly says Ellerslie dentist. The reason why, is because despite the fact that it is not as strong or inexpensive. As amalgam, but people like about it. Is the colour, and it matches their teeth.

Many people want to hide the fact that they have had a cavity. Therefore, they prefer at cavity fill her. That is able to be hidden. And while it is on the rise for use among Canadian dentists.

Ellerslie dentist says that they still use amalgam. From time to time, especially when applying the white filling. Would be problematic. An example of this, is dentists need to have a completely dry tooth.

In order to avoid adhesion problems. However, some molars. In the far back corners of the mouth. May be difficult. To get dry, or stay dry. And they have a better solution. With applying amalgam.

And while amalgam can be used with no problem. Ellerslie dentist will also share the information. With the patient, so that they can make the right decision. If they do not want to use amalgam. There are options.

Such as doing a root canal. And putting a crown on the tooth. As well as extracting the tooth. And putting a dental implant in its place. And for some people, especially with how big the cavity might be.

Those might be preferred options, but as long as they get all of the information. They will be of the make that informed decision. Themselves, without worry.