Ellerslie Dentist | How Are Dental Sealants Applied

Dental sealants are protective says Ellerslie dentist. That costs a fraction of what fillings do. And are applied in just a few minutes. To protect people’s teeth.

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Many people have heard about dental sealants. But are not sure about what they are. Ultimately, very simply put. They are a very thin layer of plastic. Put onto the surface of patients molars.

In order to provide a protective barrier. Protecting the teeth against the bacteria. They cause tooth decay and cavities. It is very important that people get this applied onto their teeth.

Before they develop any cavities. Because then, they will need to get a filling. And then, there is not much point. In getting the dental sealant done. Many parents ask their Ellerslie dentist.

If they can simply get the dental sealant. Instead of filling. To protect their child’s teeth from further tooth decay. And the answer to this question is unfortunately no.

The reason why, is because in order to prevent. The tooth decay from continuing to eat away at the tooth. The dentist must actually go in with the drill. And eliminate the parts of the tooth.

That has decay on it. Otherwise, the bacteria that is causing the tooth decay. Will continue to eat into the tooth. Until there is nothing left. Therefore, applying the dental sealant is not going to stop that.

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Ideally, Ellerslie dentist says a child should have the dental sealant applied while they are still young. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the child should get the procedure done.

Before they have any cavities. Therefore, the sooner they get the dental sealants. The more likely they will avoid developing a cavity first. But also, the next reason why they should get this procedure early in their life.

Is because they are still learning how to brush their teeth. And it is likely, that they will eventually develop a cavity on their molars. Due to being unable to get there teeth completely clean.

In fact, many adults. And up missing important parts of their teeth as they brush. So it is very reasonable to say that children are likely going to have problems doing this as well.

Once they have the dental sealant. It will last approximately ten years. Or, until they start losing their baby teeth. During this time however, the dental sealants might start developing cracks or chips.

Which is why it is important. That they still come back to the dentist for checkups. They will be able to see if the dental sealant needs a touchup. In order to continue to protect the teeth against cavities.

As well, these chips and cracks are why it is important. For the children to continue to engage in routine oral hygiene. So that they protect teeth, even if they have a chip or crack in their sealant.

If parents are ready to protect their child or and, or teenagers teeth with dental sealants. All they have to do is reach out to the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. And make an appointment.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Dental Sealants Are Applied

Many people are aware that dental sealants are beneficial says Ellerslie dentist. But they are not sure how they are applied. It is a very easy procedure. That can happen at any appointment.

The first thing that will happen, is that the dentist must dry off the patient’s teeth. They will do this by putting a row of cotton and gauze surrounding the teeth. That are going to get treated with the dental sealants.

Once their teeth are dried. The next step, is applying a mild acid. In a process called etching. This is going to get rid of all of the contaminants. That might make the sealant not adhere to the tooth.

As well as get rid of any potential bacteria. That should not be trapped onto the tooth with the sealant. After applying this mild acid. They will rinse the tooth, and ensure that it is dried once more.

After the tooth is dried. Ellerslie dentist will then paint on a very thin layer of the dental sealant. Which is a plastic material. Once it is applied to the surface of the molars. The next step is curing it.

Curing it, refers to hardening the plastic. And it is done, with a UV light. By shining it on the dental sealant material for a couple of minutes. Is long enough to harden the sealant, finishing the process.

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It takes less than five minutes from start to finish. And costs just 25% of what getting one cavity would be. Therefore, if parents get this procedure done on their children. And prevent cavities from happening.

They will be ahead financially, which is why many parents opt to get this procedure done. On their children between the ages of six and eleven. And then reapply it on their teenagers, between the ages of twelve and nineteen.

A common question that Ellerslie dentist often gets from concerned parents. Is wondering if there is any BPA’s in dental sealants. And while the short answer to this question is yes, the amount is so small.

That there is no harmful effects to people from the BPA’s. Just like there is more radiation in a cell phone. Or on a flight from Edmonton to Vancouver. And from a single dental x-ray.

And while dental sealants are most commonly put on children. Adults can also get this procedure done. If they do not have any cavities on their teeth already. They can protect their teeth.

For decades, as each application. Can last up to ten years. However, it is important. That they still see their dentist on a routine basis. To get a checkup, x-rays. And to ensure that the dental sealant is holding up.

If the dental sealant becomes chipped, cracked or worn out. The teeth can become at risk for tooth decay. Which is why it is important to still be seeing the dentist regularly.