Ellerslie Dentist | How Dental Sealants Work

The recommendation that Ellerslie dentist suggests parents. When they bring their child in for a checkup. Is getting dental sealants done, when they have all of their teeth.

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While many parents may not have even heard about dental sealants. Or have heard about them, but are not sure what they are. That is the very first question that they ask their dentist.

Ultimately, it is a very thin layer of plastic. That are applied to the patients teeth. And the function of them, is to become a protective barrier. Between the patient’s teeth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Particularly, Ellerslie dentist will apply the dental sealant onto the surface of the patient’s molars. In addition to being at the very back of their mouth. Molars have what dentists call pits and features.

Which refers to the uneven features of the tooth. Which makes it perfect for grinding up food as people chew. But it makes it very difficult for people to clean their teeth properly. Even with a great toothbrush.

And the reason why Ellerslie dentist recommends this in children. Is because not only is it difficult. For anyone to brush their molars. Children, who are just learning how to brush their teeth.

Should not be at risk for getting cavities. As they learn how to brush their teeth. And develop good oral hygiene routines for themselves. Therefore, to help protect children’s teeth as they learn.

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The recommendation is to get the dental sealants on their teeth. While they are young. And prevent these cavities from happening. They also recommend that the procedure is repeated when the child becomes an adolescent.

Simply because teenagers are less likely to have strict oral care routine’s yet. And protecting their teeth, into adulthood. Can not only minimize or eliminate problems. But it can help them be cavity free longer.

One question that many parents have for their dentist. Is wondering if there child, as young as six or seven Years of age. Actually needs dental sealants on their teeth. They often wonder this.

Simply because they know that their child’s baby teeth. Will eventually fall out. And are not sure why they need to protect. Their baby teeth, that are only temporary. But it is still important to protect these teeth.

Because if they have tooth decay, or cavities. The dentist will still need to drill the tooth, and fill it. Or even perform a root canal, pull the tooth if it is severely damaged enough.

This will cause problems in their mouth. By not having the teeth they need. To have proper nutrition. And they can end up traumatized, or in pain. From the filling or the root canal.

Therefore, children as young as six should get this procedure done. To protect their baby teeth. And help their adult teeth grow in properly and without incident.

If parents are convinced, and would like to get this important procedure for their child. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor in Ellerslie.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Dental Sealants Work To Protect Teeth

Dental sealants are important for children and adults says Ellerslie dentist. However, only a small fraction of children or teenagers ever get this procedure done. That can protect their teeth.

According to the National health and nutrition examination survey. 30% of children between the ages of six and eleven have had dental sealants. While just a slightly larger percentage of adolescents.

Between the ages of twelve and nineteen have had dental sealants, at 38%. However, not only is it very easy to apply. It can protect children’s teeth against bacteria that causes tooth decay as well as cavities.

Many parents should learn about how fast and easy it is to apply dental sealants. And that they can added on to the end of almost any dental visit that they have. To quickly protect their children’s teeth.

The first step in Ellerslie dentist applying dental sealants. Starts with drying off the teeth that are going to be treated. They will do this, by applying roles of cotton and gauze. Surrounding the teeth to be treated.

Since they will be touched by the surrounding cheeks and tongue. This will dry off the teeth quickly. The next step is called etching, where the dentist will apply. Very mild acid to the tooth.

That is designed to remove any bacteria. Or anything that should not be on the teeth. That will be trapped in the dental sealant, once it is applied. After the etching, Ellerslie dentist will rinse the teeth.

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And then dry them off again. Then they will be ready to have the dental sealant applied. It is a very thin plastic layer. That is applied as liquid. Either by a toothbrush, or cotton swab.

Once the dentist has applied the liquid. The next step is curing it. Which is the process of making it hard. This is done through the use of a UV light. And after a few moments, the curing is done. And the dental sealant is complete.

As it provides a protective barrier. Many parents should keep in mind. That the cost of getting a dental sealant done. Is literally a fraction of the price. Of getting a cavity filled. In fact, it costs only 25%.

Of the cost of getting one single cavity filled. Therefore, if they get this done on their child when they are 6 to 11 years old. And then repeat it when they are a teenager.

They will still have spend less money. Providing protective maintenance for their children’s teeth. Then they would have, if they had to fill even a single cavity in their mouth.

So not only does this help protect their children’s teeth. But it also helps parents save money in the long run. When parents are ready to book their child, or even themselves for this procedure.

All they have to do is reach out to the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie. And make an appointment for themselves, their children. To protect their teeth.