Ellerslie Dentist | How Dentists Apply Sealants

One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist will recommend. Once they see a child for the first time. Is that the parent gets dental sealants for their teeth. However, many parents have questions about that procedure.

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One of the first things that they want to know. Is what a dental sealant is. Ultimately, it is a very thin layer of plastic. That is applied to the surface of the patient’s molars. Which are the teeth in the back.

The next question that parents often have. Is why it is important. For their child to get dental sealants on their teeth. The answer is very simple. Not only are the back teeth the hardest to reach, even with a toothbrush.

But because of the an even and rough surface of the teeth. That the dentist calls pits and features. Referring to the high peaks, and the low valleys of the teeth. Makes it even harder to brush.

Not only is this difficult for adults to reach. But even more difficult for children. Who are still just learning how to brush their own teeth for the first time. They could end up missing spots.

And missing those parts of their teeth. It could end up causing them to develop tooth decay, and cavities. In order to prevent this from happening. Ellerslie dentist recommends getting dental sealants.

The next question that parents often have. Is why it is important. For their children to get them on their baby teeth. They often think that baby teeth are unimportant, as they will eventually fall out.

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However, these teeth. Are very important to the child. Who will need them to bite and chew their food. And having tooth decay may mean. That they would need to get cavities filled. Which can be expensive.

As well as traumatic or painful for the child. But also, they may need to get a root canal. If the cavity is bad enough. Or, have it pulled. And that would cause problems, for the adult teeth that have yet to surface.

Therefore, for the health of the child. To avoid traumatizing them. And help their adult teeth grow when properly. Ellerslie dentist recommends getting dental sealants to protect their teeth.

In fact, they recommend that children between the ages of 6 to 11. Get their first dental sealants. But then, as they grow into adolescence. Once they lose their baby teeth. And get all of their adult teeth.

They recommend getting another dental sealant procedure done. So that they can protect their adult teeth. A benefit of this procedure, is that one application can protect teeth for a decade.

However, there can develop cracks or chips in the sealant. Which is why it is very important to continue to go to the dentist. So they can inspect not just the teeth. But see if the sealants needs to be reapplied or patched.

When parents are ready to get this important procedure done for their children. All they have to do, is reach out to the tooth doctor, located on the south side of Edmonton, in the neighborhood of Ellerslie.

Ellerslie Dentist | How Dentists Apply Sealants

Many parents have heard from their Ellerslie dentist. The importance of dental sealants for their children. However, they are unaware that this can help them save money as well.

Dental sealants, are a thin layer of plastic. That are applied to the surface of patients teeth. It is fast and easy to apply. Unlike getting a cavity filled. That requires freezing the child’s mouth.

Getting a drill, and drilling out the areas of the tooth. That have tooth decay. And once they have all areas of the tooth drilled out. So that no more tooth decay is present. Then the dentist must fill in that whole.

But something called a filling. Filling can be made out of different materials. This is a long procedure. That requires freezing, needles and drills. Whereas applying a dental sealant is less invasive and faster.

In fact, the dental sealant can be added on. To the end of any dental checkup. And takes less than five minutes. How the dentist will get this done. Is by first of all, drying off the teeth to be coded.

They will do this with packing cotton and gauze around the teeth to be treated. Which will dry out the tooth quickly. As it is no longer surrounded by cheeks and tongue, keeping it wet.

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Once the teeth are dry. The next step is for Ellerslie dentist to apply a mild acid. With a cotton swab, in a process called etching. Once the etching is done, they will rinse the teeth. And dry them off again.

The etching is an important part of the process. As it will get rid of any contaminants, or bacteria on the tooth. That can impact the sealant adhering to the tooth. And it will prevent foreign bodies from being embedded in the sealant.

After the teeth are dry once more. Ellerslie dentist will then apply the liquid plastic. With a brush, or a cotton swab. And once every tooth is thoroughly coated in a thin layer. The plastic needs to harden.

Which will happen, by shining a UV light on the plastic. In just a few moments, the plastic hardens. And the procedure is done. It takes less than five minutes from start to finish.

Less than five minutes, and a fraction of the cost. Of getting a cavity filled. Can protect the child’s teeth. From childhood, adolescence. And then into adulthood. In fact, any adult who does not have cavities on their molars.

Can still get dental sealants as long as they would like. Each sealant treatment. Will last a minimum of ten years. Unless it becomes chipped or cracked. From activities like a rough sport. Or eating foods.

That have bones in it for example. This is why it still important to see their dentist on a regular basis. But keeping cavity free is easier with dental sealants.