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Many people are unable to afford visiting the dentist, according to Ellerslie dentist. This is because they either do not have insurance. Or, they do not know. How much their insurance company covers.

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So that unknown. Makes them nervous about visiting. The dentist in the first place. In fact, health Canada says that Canadians. Would rather be in pain. Then get dentist work done.

And receive an extremely large bill. That they cannot pay for at the end of it. Many patients are aware. Of the Alberta dental fee guide. But they are not exactly sure. How it works, because they have often.

Visited a dentist, who charged a different amount. Then what was outlined in this annual guide. The first thing that Ellerslie dentist points out. About the Alberta dental fee guide is that it is just a guide.

It is by no means mandatory. That dentists set their pricing. According to this report. In fact, many dentists. Have a very wide variety. Of different costs and expenses. Such as rent or mortgage.

Utility bills, staffing and even materials. Based on a wide variety. Of services that they provide. Therefore, while many dentists. Want to adhere to the Alberta fee guide.

If they cannot cover their expenses. Then they will charge what is necessary. To make ends meet. Many people are unsure. Why bother having the dental fee guide. That for many patients, this is how they budget.

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For every dental visit. Whether they have insurance. That only covers a percentage. Or they have no insurance at all. The guide is a way. For people to be able to anticipate. However, if people are nervous.

About getting to the end of their visit. And being asked to pay several hundred dollars. More than they were expecting, they may. Avoid going to the dentist. Then receive a large bill.

However, the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. Has a solution. Because they want to ensure. That all patients can get any dental work. That they need. But especially, if they are in pain. So they offer free consultations.

Where people can come in, and have the dentist. Look inside their mouth. And make a list of all of the services. That they would recommend the patient get. They can put together an estimate based on this.

So that people can either see. Approximately what their dental bill would be. And they can even submit it. To their insurance company if they have one. For preapproval so that they will know.

If they have to pay upfront. And then be reimbursed by the insurance company. And they will also know, if the insurance company. Will pay directly the dentist. This consultation is a great way.

For people who are worried about the price. Two first of all, know what types of work. Needs to be done on their mouth and teeth. Then also plan and budget appropriately. However, some people still might not.

Be able to afford at one time. Which is why Ellerslie dentist also offers. Payment plans for patients they know. So that they can pay off the bill. Month by month. In case they cannot ever come up with the lump-sum payment.

Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding How Dentists Set Their Prices

Many Canadians do not have dental insurance according to Ellerslie dentist. While 68% have either private or public insurance. That means almost a third of all citizens. Do not have any coverage at all.

One of the most common questions. That Ellerslie dentist gets. From people wondering about their invoice. Is how come Canada does not have. Universal healthcare for dental work.

The sad reality is says Ellerslie dentist. That Once upon a time, Canada did have free dental visits. As well as free eye exams and glasses. However, the debt that the country had after the war.

Was insurmountable, and the government decided. To cut some services, in order to help pay down. The national debt. When faced with the difficult decisions. Of cutting education, healthcare or transportation.

Just to name a few things, the government voted. To cut dental, and optical benefits instead. In order to help ensure. That Canadian citizens. It had the most healthy teeth possible. The government started adding fluoride to the water at that time.

Fluoride is an extremely important mineral. Designed to strengthen the teeth. As well as strengthen the enamel. Which is the teeth protective coating. Once the enamel is gone, teeth cannot get it back.

However, Ellerslie dentist says. No amount of fluoride. Is actually a replacement for dental work. Even if people brush diligently. Three times a day, floss once. And use mouthwash.

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They still are unable. To get rid of all of the tartar buildup. Such as between the teeth, and underneath the gum line. And even after enough time. Tartar buildup on the surface of their teeth. Can buildup and cause problems.

This leads to gingivitis, and then periodontal disease. The only way that it can be eliminated. Is by getting a dental cleaning, called a scaling done. Therefore, patients still depend.

Ongoing to the dentist. In order to have the best, and healthiest teeth. As well, fluoride cannot prevent problems. Such as overcrowding, impacted teeth. Infections, and people who are grinding their teeth.

People are going to need bridges and dentures. Especially as they age. Or, they may want to get dental implants instead. Therefore, great oral hygiene. And fluoride is not going to replace the need for a dentist.

At the tooth doctor, at Ellerslie they believe. That they can help patients plan for all dental services. So that no one. Whether they have insurance or not. Has to be in pain because of a dental issue.

Or, has to put up. With not getting the dental work done. Because they feel they cannot afford it. They offer free consultations. As well as payment plans. For patients with and without insurance.

If anyone would like to set up. And initial free consultation. With the tooth doctor, all they have to do is call. Or email the office, and arrange their appointment.