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Many people are confused by their insurance coverage, and Ellerslie dentist agrees. Despite the fact that they deal with insurance companies. On a daily basis they understand. Why so many people. Who have dental coverage are confused.

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There are dozens of different companies. Both public, and private. That have different packages. And different ways of paying. For dental services. It is not as easy as a person saying.

That they have dental coverage. Which means they know what will be covered. And they can anticipate. Approximately how much their dental bill is going to be. It is very confusing.

And one of the first questions. That Ellerslie dentist gets from their patients. Is people wondering, why there is not universal healthcare. For dental coverage. Like there is for going to see a family doctor.

The unfortunate truth about this. Is that there used to be universal health coverage. For dental visits. As well as optometrists exams. And glasses for people who need them.

Unfortunately, it was eliminated by the federal government. In nineteen fifty-two, in order to combat. The rising national debt. After Canada sent soldiers. To two world wars.

This was an incredibly unpopular decision. However, when faced with cutting services. Such as healthcare, transportation, education, and infrastructure.

They decided to illuminate only a portion. Of the universal healthcare plan. So that people could still go to their family doctor. And be seen at the hospital. Without having to pay a bill.

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There thought process was that they would inspire Canadians. To take excellent care of their teeth. By brushing three times a day. And flossing as well, however Ellerslie dentist says.

That even brushing three times a day. Flossing, and using mouthwash. Is not enough to eliminate dental problems. For example, even the best toothbrush. Cannot get rid of all harder buildup.

Tartar is this sticky white substance. That is on a patient’s mouth and teeth. It contributes to tooth decay. And can cause cavities to form. People should come to their dentist at least twice a year.

To scrape off the tartar buildup. That gets left behind over time. That toothbrushes cannot eliminated. But also, the tartar buildup happens. Below the gum line. And it is impossible for a person to brush away.

Therefore, a dentist is needed. To scrape this tartar buildup out from underneath. A patient’s gum line. If this is not done, what will happen is gingivitis will form. Gingivitis is red, swollen and irritated gums.

From being close to the sticky, toxic tartar buildup. If left untreated. The gums will start to erode. As it is trying to get away from the tartar buildup. This is now called periodontal disease.

And periodontal disease is irreversible. It causes people’s teeth roots to be exposed. Which can be painful. Make them more susceptible to cavities. Therefore, brushing well. Is simply not enough.

To eliminate the need for dentists. However, if people are concerned with paying. Or if they would like to find out. If they can afford the dentist. They should visit the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Albertans Wonder How Dental Insurance Works

There are any insurance companies that people can use says Ellerslie dentist. In order to get some of their dental bills covered. While many Canadians have dental insurance. According to health Canada.

62% of Canadians. Have private dental insurance. While 6% of Canadians. Have public dental insurance. While that means almost 70% of the entire population. Has coverage, and can get help.

Paying their dental bills. That means almost a third of all Canadians. Have no insurance at all. Some Canadians are completely unaware. That they can access their own dental benefits.

If they do not have employer health benefits. By going through companies such as Blue Cross as an example. Blue Cross has many different packages. That people can pay for.

The most inexpensive packages. Offering the least. But most basic coverage. For the most needed services. Such as cleanings, and fluoride treatments. For people who are low income earners.

Or for people who are having a hard time. Making ends meet, such as single parents. They will benefit significantly. From finding some benefits. That they can afford, so that they can at least get cleanings done.

However, just because people have insurance. Does not mean it is any easier. To pay for their dental visits. Ellerslie dentist says even though there is dozens of insurance companies out there.

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They do not all operate the same way. With many people. Having to pay for their own services. And then submit their invoices. To the insurance company. In order to be reimbursed at a later date.

If they have multiple people in the family. Or they are getting many things done. Such as a cleaning, and a few cavities being filled. The bill can end up being. Several thousand dollars.

And that is impossible for many people to pay upfront. If they have the money in the bank. Ellerslie dentist says they would not be able to pay. Because that is money destined to pay for their rent and groceries.

And if they have to wait several weeks. Or in some cases, several months. To get reimbursed. That means that they are going to not be able to pay rent. And not be able to pay for their groceries.

For those few months, while they are waiting for reimbursement. This is why people. Have a hard time paying their dental bills. And often would rather. Not go to the dentist at all.

Even if they have a toothache says Ellerslie dentist. Many people. Avoid the dentist. Out of fear of not being able. To afford the bill at the end of the visit. When people visit the tooth doctor however.

Not only do they give estimates. Before any work begins. But they will advocate. On behalf of the insurance company for the patient. So they would be more likely. To know exactly what they have to pay.

Before they sit down in the dental chair. They also can offer payment plans. For patients who are unable. To pay the bill in one lump-sum. And if anyone wants more information. They can call the tooth doctor directly.