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Many Canadians often do not know what their dental bill will be says Ellerslie dentist. Before they get out of the dental chair. There are many reasons that contribute to this problem.

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And while many people enjoy universal healthcare. Going to their doctor. Without having to pay a fee. As well as it being seen in the hospital. Without having to pay a fee.

Many people often wonder. Why there is not universal healthcare. For their dental visits as well. Unfortunately, this used to be the case. But it was cut several years ago.

It was actually eliminated in nineteen fifty-two. By the Wilson government, in order to combat. Canada’s rising national debt. It was an extremely unpopular opinion. And most Canadians did not agree.

However, with so much national debt. The government had to make some cuts. So instead of cutting things like healthcare, transportation, infrastructure and education. They decided to cut only a portion.

Of the universal healthcare services. While they left things like hospitals. And doctors visits. They eliminated dental visits. And I exams. As well as free glasses for Canadians.

With the idea that as soon as the national that was paid off. It would reinstate these parts. Of the national healthcare program. As many Canadians can guess. That reinstatement of the program did not happen.

Therefore, it means that many Canadians. Went from receiving free dental care. To not being able to afford. To go to a dentist. In order to help Canadians. Get strong teeth.

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The government also decided at the time. To add fluoride to the drinking water. As fluoride is an important mineral. In strengthening teeth and enamel says Ellerslie dentist.

Unfortunately, despite the governments best intentions. Asking citizens. To be extra diligent at brushing their teeth. And adding fluoride to the water. Simply is not an alternative to good dental care from a dentist.

Ellerslie dentist says even if people. Are brushing three times a day. Flossing, as well as using mouthwash. They are still going to get tartar buildup. Which leads to cavities. And when the tartar buildup.

Is below the gum line. People need to have their dentist. Clean that off with special instruments. Or else they will develop gingivitis. And then eventually, gingivitis will turn into periodontal disease.

As well, some people are simply pre-disposed. Genetically, to poor teeth. Which means no matter how diligent they are. With their oral care routine. They are still going to get cavities.

No matter what the Wilson government wanted. Canadians were still going to need. To visit their dentist twice a year. However, this became very difficult. For the Canadians who could not afford it.

This is why the tooth doctor comes up with programs. To help people pay for their dental bills. Such as free estimates. And payment plans. If someone wants to go to The Tooth Doctor.

Who cares about the well-being of their patients. And wants to work with them to find affordable bills. All they need to do is make an appointment with the tooth doctor.

Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding How Much Will Your Dental Bill Be

It is extremely important for people to work with their Ellerslie dentist. Before they reach the end of their appointment. And are unable to pay. A higher-than-expected dental bill.

This is on unfortunate reality. For many Canadians says Ellerslie dentist. Because it is very difficult. To anticipate what their dental bill is going to be. This is because of many different reasons.

For example, many people do not know. What their dentist charges. There is no standardized pricing. From one dentist to the next. Whether it is across the city. Across the province, or across the country.

And while the Alberta government has put out what they call the Alberta dental fee guide. Which is an annual publication. That lists all the various dental services. And approximately how much they should bill for.

However, Ellerslie dentist says this is only a suggestion. And dentists are not obligated. To charge this amount. Because they have to be able. To cover their own expenses. And different dentists.

They have a wide variety of different expenses. Such as a company that is operating. In a downtown of a large city. Versus a dentist operating. In the suburbs, or a rural area.

They might have different rent and mortgage amounts. Or, a different price. To get materials to their location. However, the tooth doctor adheres closely. To the fee guide as much as possible.

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They do this, because they want their patients. To be able to anticipate what their bill is going to be. At the end of their appointment. But also, so that they can cross reference it. Their insurance coverage.

And get a better idea. Of how much insurance coverage. Will be for the services that they are going to get. The more a person is able to find out. What the dentist charges. And what their insurance company covers.

They will have a much better idea. Of what the bill will be at the end of the day. And while 68% of Canadians. Have dental insurance. Either through private or public company.

A third of all Canadians do not have any coverage at all. And this is something that the tooth doctor wants Canadians to know. They can actually pay for their own insurance. Through companies like Blue Cross for example.

They also want Canadians to know. That not only did they adhere. As closely as possible to the fee guide. They also will offer payment plans. So that patients do not have to pay the entire bill if they cannot afford it.

While it is often stressful. Going to the dentist, because the bills may be high. With a bit of preplanning. And working with their dentist. Patients can breathe a little easier.

Because they will know exactly what they need to pay. And that they will be able to afford it. Anyone who wants to go to the tooth doctor. Can call, or email any of their three convenient locations.