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Even though many Canadians have insurance says Ellerslie dentist. That does not mean people still have an easy time. Paying for the dentist. According to health Canada, 68% of Canadians have insurance.

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Other that is private insurance, or public insurance. That covers dental costs. However, that insurance. Does not mean they get 100% of their dental bills covered. There are often deductibles.

As well as many of the insurance companies. The offer dental coverage. Only covers a certain percentage. Such as 80%, or 50%. Which means it is up to the individuals to pay for the rest.

In addition to that, Ellerslie dentist says that means. An alarming 32%. Of Canadian citizens do not have any kind of dental insurance at all. Which means they have to pay the entire bill. Every time they visit the dentist.

That might be an easier pill to swallow. If Canadians knew what to expect. For a bill after they received services. However, there are many factors. That makes anticipating a bill difficult.

For one thing, dentists do not have to charge. The same thing from one clinic to the next. They have to be able to pay their own expenses. And cover all of their costs. Such as rent or mortgage.

Staffing that they have, their utility bills. As well as their materials. This means that some dentists have to charge more. Just because they have more costs. Such as a dentist who is in a downtown location.

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Versus a dentist who has a small clinic. In a suburban area. While the Alberta government created the Alberta dental fee guide. This is only a guide, showing a pricelist. For all dental services.

Dentists in Alberta are not obligated. To adhere to this schedule. Which means people across Canada. Do not know what to expect for a bill. Until they leave at the end of the appointment. This can be frustrating for planning purposes.

However, the tooth doctor wants their patients. To be able to anticipate bills better. Which is why they offer free consultations. These consultations will allow a patient to get their mouth inspected.

So that the tooth doctor can put together. A complete list of services. That they believe the patient needs. They will also have a price associated with each one. So that they know how much the entire service will cost.

If they have insurance. Ellerslie dentist will even send this list. To the insurance companies for preapproval. And if they do not have insurance. The tooth doctor will even work out a payment plan.

Having healthy teeth should not be a luxury according to the tooth doctor. And they are more than happy to help patients. However, the important thing to note. Is that patient’s needs to come to them.

In order to work this payment out. When people are ready to make an appointment with the tooth doctor. They can call, send an email or book online. And come in for a free consultation to start.

Ellerslie Dentist | How To More Easily Afford The Dentist

It should not be difficult to afford the dentist, however Ellerslie dentist says. That is actually a reality for many Canadians. Despite the fact that 68% of Canadians. Have either private or public dental insurance.

An overwhelming 32% of Canadians. Have absolutely no insurance. Which means they are left without help. To pay their dental bills. A common question that Canadians have for their dentist.

Is wondering why there is no universal healthcare for dental costs. The sad reality is says Ellerslie dentist. That there used to be universal healthcare. Not just for dental services.

But for free eye exams, and free glasses for Canadians as well. It was free up until the year nineteen fifty-two. In order to help eliminate. Canada’s rising national debt. The Wilson government decided to cut services.

Faced with the terrible choice, of cutting things like healthcare, education or infrastructure. They made the difficult choice. To cut some of the universal healthcare. They swore that once the debt was gone.

They would reinstate dental services. As well as paid eye exams and glasses. Unfortunately that has not happened. Each has left any Canadians. Without a way to pay for their dental services.

The government was hoping. That people would be able to take better care. Of their oral hygiene, knowing that they would not have. Free dental visits anymore. In order to help that.

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They added fluoride to the water supply as well. In hopes that the additional fluoride. Would help strengthen Canadians teeth. Fluoride is an important mineral. In strengthening teeth and enamel.

However, Ellerslie dentist admits. That no matter how good. Persons oral hygiene routine is. It never takes the place. Of regular dental visits. For example, people need to get scaling is done regularly.

No matter what kind of toothbrush they have. And if they are brushing. Three times a day, they will not be able to. Get rid of tartar buildup on their teeth. Which will eventually harden. Into calculus, which is cement like.

As well, they need a dentist. To get the tartar buildup below the gum line. Because this is exactly what causes gingivitis. And if gingivitis is not taken care of. It will cause periodontal disease as well.

They can get gum erosion. Loosening of their teeth, and exposure of their teeth roots. Which is extremely painful. Therefore, expecting the public. To take better care of their teeth.

Does not mean that they will not need the dentist from time to time. However, the tooth doctor wants to ensure. That every single Canadian. Can get the dental care that they want and need.

They offer payment plans. Free consultations. And as long as the patient’s bring up to the dentist. That they are concerned about paying. The tooth doctor will work with each person. To meet their needs.

If anyone is interested. In having a consultation with the tooth doctor. All they have to do is call the office. They also can email, or send a request through their website.