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Many people may not understand the role of dental sealants says Ellerslie dentist. Helping them, and their children be cavity free for a lifetime. Which is why they recommend this, or children of all ages.

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When dental sealants are, or a very thin layer of plastic. That are applied onto the surface of a patient’s molars. What this does, is acts as a barrier. Protecting the teeth, from the bacteria.

That is responsible for causing tooth decay, and cavities. The reason why people’s molars are more susceptible to cavities. Is because the shape, and the texture of these teeth designed for chewing and grinding.

There are high, sharp peaks. And pits, that not only make it very easy for the teeth to chew through food such as meat and vegetables. But what makes them a very good at chewing. Makes them very hard to get clean as well.

This is why molars are more susceptible to cavities. Because even with the great toothbrush. Even adults have a hard time. Brushing every area of their molars. Leaving them at higher risk to developing cavities.

When children are learning how to brush their teeth. Not only are they learning. And may not do a perfect job. Of getting all areas of their teeth. Especially as they are also developing their fine motor skills.

Therefore, Ellerslie dentist keeps this in mind. When they recommend dental sealants. That can act as a barrier. So that even if the brushing leaves behind some bacteria. They will not be on the tooth itself directly.

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So that it is less likely to cause cavities and tooth decay. However, in order to apply the dental sealants for the first time. The dentist must also apply it before they have their first cavity.

Which is why Ellerslie dentist when doing this. On children from a very early age. Some parents may want to know from their dentist. Why is important. To protect their child’s baby teeth.

Because they will be losing them eventually anyway. However, the reason why. Is because children are going to need those teeth. While they are there.

And if those teeth become for love cavities. The dentist is going to have to fill them. Pull them, or do a root canal. All of which will be more invasive, more expensive. And more traumatic to the child.

Then if they had simply gotten dental sealants in the first place. And once they start getting cavities. That typically continues, it will make getting dental sealants later in life. Not possible.

Therefore, parents who want to help protect their child’s teeth. For their entire life. You should talk to their dentist about getting dental sealants done. If they are looking for a dentist to help them out with that.

They can simply reach out by phone, or email to the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton. That way, they can get a great exam, cleaning. And the sealants they need to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Ellerslie Dentist | How To Be Cavity Free Into Adulthood

Even though many parents want to hear from their Ellerslie dentist. That their children are cavity free. They may not realize what they can do, to help accomplish that. Which is getting dental sealants.

Dental sealants are a literal barrier. Of plastic, that is applied directly onto the patient’s molars. As protectant against the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

However, many parents. Are very nervous about getting their child invasive procedures. That may be traumatic. As well as stressful for them to endure. Therefore, they can breathe a sigh of relief.

That getting dental sealants is very quick, and noninvasive procedure. In fact the entire process takes about five minutes in total. Does not have any side effects. And children, do not feel anything during the process.

In fact, it starts at the end of the dental examination or cleaning. Where the dentist will put cotton around the teeth that they are going to treat. In order to help keep them dry during the process.

And will then, apply a very mild acid. With a cotton swab, in a process called etching. In order to get rid of any impurities, and bacteria. That could impact the sealants ability to attach to the teeth.

As well, if any bacteria is left behind. It could continue to eat away at the tooth. After the sealant is put on. Therefore, the etching process is important. But not harmful to the child or the tissues in any way.

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The next step, is to rinse the teeth and allow them to dry again. When the teeth are dry, the dentist can then apply the dental sealants. Which at this point, is a clear plastic liquid.

Once they have coded the teeth in as much sealant as they feel is necessary. The final step, is simply to cure it. By shining a UV light on the liquid. Until it hardens onto the teeth.

The procedure is then done, and the patient can go along with their life. Speaking, going back to school. And eating normally, only ensuring to take care to brush after every time they eat.

The next thing that Ellerslie dentist will ensure patients know. That it is important to brush their teeth, just like regular. Because while the sealant acts as a barrier. It does not protect the entire tooth.

And they can still get cavities on other parts of other teeth. The sealants also do not take the place. Of regular dentist appointments. So that the dentist can inspect, and clean the teeth.

As well as look at the dental sealants, to ensure that they are holding up adequately. If they are cracked, or chipped. Then they might need to be reapplied, or patched.

If attacked their child’s teeth. And help them stay cavity free until adulthood. The simplest way is to get them dental sealants. And then ensure that they are brushing properly. And visiting their Ellerslie dentist regularly.