Ellerslie Dentist | Invisalign Can Help Adults

While people visit their Ellerslie dentist once every six months. They often here, at each visit. That they should consider straightening their teeth. Many people assume that is for cosmetic reasons.

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And they do not care how their crooked smile looks. However, the reason why Ellerslie dentist actually does make this recommendation. Is because it is going to help them keep better oral hygiene longer.

The reason why, is because teeth that are not aligned. As well as crooked, can develop pockets. Where food particles can gather. These areas are virtually impossible for a toothbrush to reach into.

Therefore, no matter how good a person’s oral hygiene is. They are not going to clear this area of food particles. And just like not brushing, food particles that are not brushed away. Will cause tooth decay, tartar buildup.

And tartar buildup can lead to a wide variety of other dental problems. Such as gingivitis, and gum disease. Therefore, many people may not realize. That the reason why their dentist is recommending tooth straightening.

Is it so they do not continue to have cavities in the same spots in their mouth year after year. By straightening their teeth, they can eliminate these pockets, and areas. Where food particles can gather.

So that their oral hygiene routine, brushing after every time they eat. Flossing every day. And using mouthwash. Can actually remove food particles from their teeth. And help keep their teeth healthy, and strong for the rest of their life.

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However, many adults think that it is too late for them. To benefit from straightening their teeth. Or, are not interested in wearing metal braces, this late in their life. The benefit is, Ellerslie dentist says Invisalign can help them.

Invisalign is the perfect solution. For patients of all ages. From children, teenagers. Adults and even seniors. Who are looking to straighten their teeth for a wide variety of different reasons.

It is never too late, or impossible to straighten teeth. And Invisalign is perfect for people. Who do not want the look of traditional braces. Either because they are self-conscious. Or because they simply do not like the look.

While many people widely believed. That Invisalign was only beneficial. To straighten teeth that were only mildly crooked. Their dentist says it is now known. That Invisalign can work in almost all circumstances.

The second reason why they should consider straightening their teeth. Is because they might not be having as healthy a diet as they should be. If they had straightened teeth.

They may not even be aware of it. But they are likely experiencing pain. When they bite into crunchy vegetables and fruit. Such as taking a bite out of an apple. Or crunching down on a carrot.

This is why it is important for people to straighten their teeth. So that they can have healthy teeth. But also develop healthy eating habits. That will keep their entire body healthy for the rest of their life.

Getting started with Invisalign is simple. All people have to do, is make an appointment to the tooth doctor, in Ellerslie. They will get what is called a 3D smile scan. To start the process.

Ellerslie Dentist | Did You Know Invisalign Can Also Help Adults

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. To find out how to straighten their teeth without braces. There likely going to hear about Invisalign.

Invisalign is growing in popularity for many different reasons. The first of which, is because it is totally invisible. Instead of having metal brackets glued on the teeth. What this process is.

Is a thin plastic mould. Created by a computer. Of the patient’s teeth. The computer makes a slight modification. Of where the teeth should start moving to. And when the patient puts this into their mouth.

Then the teeth will start moving, in order to fill that position. They should where each liner, approximately three weeks. Before sending a picture of their smile. To their Ellerslie dentist for approval.

There dentist will either say yes they can move on to the next set of aligners. To continue moving their teeth in the right direction. Or, their dentist will tell them. To where the liner for another week before switching.

The benefit of this, is not only is it invisible. But people virtually can eliminate dental visits during the process. Which is perfect for people who are extremely busy with their children. Or busy in their career.

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Because they are moving their teeth in smaller increments, but more often. Then traditional braces. People find that Invisalign is much more in comfortable then traditional braces. Which can cause significant pain.

In their head, in their teeth and in their jaw. In fact, Ellerslie dentist says. Most patients report absolutely no discomfort with Invisalign at any point during the process.

Once beneficial about this lack of pain. Is pain typically indicates something is wrong. And while people who have worn traditional braces. Says that it is understandable, that moving the teeth in their head. Will cause some level of discomfort.

They have actually discovered that this is not true. Braces, typically move the teeth. Faster than they should be. Which actually causes some root erosion. As the body tries to help the teeth.

Move through the jaw as fast as the braces are trying to make them. While this results in tooth being able to be moved faster. The eroded route. Means that people risk having looser teeth later in their life.

They can develop loose teeth, as they age. And their gums start to erode naturally. Or, if they ever develop gingivitis. There gums will also erode. Causing their tooth to be loose. And perhaps require being pulled.

Invisalign is so beneficial for so many reasons. That any time people are looking at ways to cosmetically. Straighten their teeth. All they have to do, is contact the tooth doctor. Located in Ellerslie. In order to start the process. Beginning with a 3D scan of their smile.