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Amalgam has been used for the last one hundred and fifty years says Ellerslie dentist. However, its use in Canada and the United States. Is on the decline. And has been for the past few years.

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In fact, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Have already banned its use. Because the wasted that it creates, is not biodegradable. And while it has been a great solution. For many years in dentistry.

Dentists are moving away from this. Towards a more cosmetically appealing option. One of the reasons why people dislike amalgam. Is because it is used. With the liquid metal called Mercury.

Mercury on its own, is toxic. Mostly because it is able to be ingested. And then absorbed into the body’s tissues. Causing problems, such as neurological issues. The problem with Mercury is often.

That it can be consumed, by animals. Who are than by people. And the Mercury, does not dissipate in the animal. And is passed to the person. The most common example of this happening.

Is the fish, tuna. Tuna is the most widely consumed fish on the planet. And is well known, for containing trace amounts of mercury. Despite this, the FDA has approved tuna to be eaten throughout the world.

Therefore, people should not be concerned. That dental amalgam. Is still being used in North America. And that it is creating problems. In fact, many studies have been done that prove.

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That there is no risk from Mercury in amalgam. Leaching into a patient’s body, no matter how long. They have had the fillings for. In fact, studies are continually being done. Including with new technology.

In order for people to learn, if there are new risks. That we did not know of before. And no matter what studies are done says Ellerslie dentist. The fact remains, that amalgam has never been proven to be dangerous.

Just like the chemical, BPA and plastic. Ten years ago, people would not have even known. What BPA means. Let alone, understand how dangerous it is. And people for years drank out of water bottles.

That had this dangerous chemical in it. But as soon as it was discovered. And found to be dangerous, everyone throughout their plastic. And bought BPA free material. The same thing will happen with amalgam.

If it is discovered. To be dangerous. But until it is dangerous, Ellerslie dentist says people should not worry. That it is causing problems. And while they might decide not to get more fillings with amalgam in it.

There is also no danger, to cause people to replace their amalgam fillings. In fact, Ellerslie dentist warns against doing this. By interfering with fillings. That are not causing a problem in their teeth.

They could create problems. That will end up causing pain. That needs to be fixed with the root canal. Or, extracting the tooth. And putting in a dental implant instead.

If people have any questions about amalgam. Especially in their existing fillings. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor, and talk to the experts directly.

Ellerslie Dentist | Is Amalgam Still Used These Days

Many people have had the silver fillings to fill a cavity says Ellerslie dentist. And in fact, that silver material is called amalgam. And has been used for over a hundred and fifty years. As a cavity fill her.

And while many people are talking negatively. About this metal alloy. Because it contains Mercury. Patients should understand, that several studies have been done. And have determined.

That there is absolutely no risk. Of having amalgam fillings, in their teeth. The reason why the use of amalgam is on the decrease. Is because dentists have discovered a new material.

That was actually designed by NASA. Who was looking for a material. To help them repair their space shuttle. And while unsuitable for their purpose. It found a purpose, with dentists.

One of the reasons why this is so popular. Is because the material is white. That means, it matches the patient’s tooth colour. So that people can get their cavities filled. Without any visual trace of it.

For cosmetic reasons, most people prefer the white filler. Instead of the very obvious, silver amalgam. And although it is not necessarily the strongest, or most durable material. People love looking the way they want.

And they do not mind, having to come back to their Ellerslie dentist. To fix their filling. As long as it allows them to smile confidently. And while amalgam is on the decrease in Canada.

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Not only has the Canadian dental Association. But also the Alberta dental Association deemed amalgam safe. People do not need to worry. If they have dental fillings already, that are made of amalgam.

In fact, any dentists are still using amalgam today. For particularly difficult to fill cavities. And while this is fewer. They are still considered very safe. And people should not worry about it.

Sometimes, many people assume. That it is dangerous, because it hurts. If they accidentally bite down on another metal. Such as tinfoil, or a spoon or fork that they accidentally put down on.

The reason why it causes a twinge of pain. And estrangement Hallock taste. In a person’s mouth if they have accidentally done this. Is because the two metals coming together. Is called galvanic action.

It creates an electrochemical difference. From one metal to the other. And while this happens all the time. That two metals are brought together. In the wet and slightly salty environment of the mouth.

The two metals, plus the salty saliva. Actually come together, to form a rudimentary battery. This is why there is a metallic taste. And the jolt of pain that people experience.

Is actually caused by a bit of electricity. That hits the tooth with the filling in it. Causing the slight pain sensation. And while it is interesting, and unpleasant. It is not dangerous.

If patients have any questions about dental amalgam. All they have to do is contact their Ellerslie dentist for an appointment. And ask the questions. While getting their teeth cleaned, and a full checkup.