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A common question Ellerslie dentist still hears. Is if dental amalgam is safe. While dental amalgam is still in use. For fillings in Canada, and the United States. It has been banned in a few countries.

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Such as Denmark, and Britain. And people, are worried about the long-term effects. Of having fillings that contain mercury. In their mouth for many years. And while this is a reasonable concern.

Ellerslie dentist says many studies have been done. And all show that amalgam fillings. Are absolutely safe for use. In peoples mouths, even on a long-term basis. One of the most common concerns.

Is that the mercury within them. Will leach out over time. Into a person’s body. And since mercury is known. For being toxic, this is the primary concern. There is a very good reason why.

Several countries have banned amalgam. Is because of the waste material that is created. When people are making this metallic alloy. However, it is not banned in Canada or the United States.

And while mercury is poisonous. And alloy, which is what it is called. When metals are mixed together. Contain much different properties. Then each individual metal on its own.

The metals become stronger. More durable. And longer lasting. And in a solid form, mercury does not leach out. How this alloy is created. Is by taking mercury, which is a liquid.

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And mixing with the powder, of other metals. Usually, a combination of some of the following. Copper, tin, silver and zinc. But also platinum, palladium and iron. The metals are mixed together and form a solid.

And when it hardens, is less likely. To leach out any mercury. And if it does, the trace amounts that leach out. Our so minuscule. That it is still within the acceptable range. Many people may be concerned.

That no amount of mercury is a safe amount. However, Ellerslie dentist does like to point out. That there is mercury in tuna. And many people continue to eat that. And there is more mercury in tuna.

Then would leach out from an amalgam filling. In fact, it is not just that several studies in the past. Have deemed amalgam fillings to be safe. But because new technology is always being developed.

Amalgam continues to be tested. To ensure that it is still as safe as dentists, and the FDA still believe. And throughout all of the studies. No study has shown, that trace amounts, or mercury leaks happen.

Therefore, people should not be concerned. However, if they are getting brand-new fillings in. They may want to ask their dentist. If there is an alternative to the dental filling amalgam.

They can talk about the possibilities. Of putting white fillings in their mouth. Putting in a dental crown, or instead, putting a dental implant. Based on what the patient wishes.

While amalgam fillings. Are no longer the most common filling to use. There are millions of fillings, still existing in many peoples mouths. And that does not pose any kind of risk.

Ellerslie Dentist | Is Dental Amalgam Safe For Patients

Dental amalgam has been used for hundred and fifty years according to Ellerslie dentist. It is durable, strong and inexpensive. Despite the fact that it has mercury. No mercury in the filling poses a risk to people.

Amalgam is an alloy. Created with mercury. And it is that mercury that has many people concerned. That it is unsafe, for use in peoples mouths. However, many studies have been done. And continue to be done.

That prove that amalgam is completely safe for use. The reason why many people are concerned. Is because of the mercury aspect. However, mercury in its original form. Is liquid.

And the mercury, in amalgam is solid. It has completely different properties. And none of the mercury in an amalgam filling. Poses a threat to people. If people are still concerned.

Most dentists like to provide examples. Showing that while several things may not be beneficial to people. There are acceptable limits. That people accept on a daily basis. Dental amalgam is the same.

For example, people accept that there is a risk. To radiation exposure by getting an x-ray. However, they continue getting x-rays. Because they know to things. First of all, the radiation exposure is extremely low.

But also, because the benefits of getting the x-ray. Such as catching a broken bone. Or finding a mass. Is much higher, then the risks of getting exposed to that minute amount of radiation.

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Another example says Ellerslie dentist. Is the fact that flying in an airplane. From Edmonton to Vancouver. Will expose passengers to more radiation. Then they will get in a single dental x-ray.

But people accept a miniscule amount of radiation. When they fly, or get x-rayed. So therefore, while we know radiation is very bad. People make exceptions all the time. For an acceptable limit.

Another great example is chlorine. While it is a poisonous chemical. And people would not drink it. Putting it into a pool. Suddenly makes the pool more inhabitable. The killing bacteria.

Another example that some people bring to their Ellerslie dentist. That they think is proof that amalgam is dangerous. Is that if they accidentally bite down on foil. With their dental filling. It causes pain.

However, this is not proof of the fillings danger. But rather, a demonstration of what is called galvanic action. Metals that are made of different material. Have a sort of chemical reaction when put close to each other.

And when it is in a wet, and slightly salty environment. Such as the inside of a person’s mouth. This galvanic action, creates a battery. That is what people are experiencing. When they have a jolt from biting down on aluminum.

It does not prove that amalgam is unsafe. But, Ellerslie dentist simply recommends. That people avoid chewing on tinfoil. Just to be safe. For other dental questions. Patients, can contact the tooth doctor. They have three convenient locations. To service Edmonton, and surrounding area.