Ellerslie Dentist | Is Fluoride Important For Oral Health

There are many things that people have to remember, to keep their mouth healthy says Ellerslie dentist. They need to brush, twice a day. Floss, and use mouthwash.

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But also, visit their dentist twice a year. And remember what foods are healthy, and what foods are bad for their teeth. However, many people may not understand the importance of fluoride treatments.

Fluoride actually prevents tooth decay. Because it will form a protective barrier on top of the tooth. Supporting healthy and strong enamel. When there is a healthy amount of fluoride on a person’s teeth.

Then it is harder for the bacteria that eats away at the enamel. To cause damage to the enamel. So that people are less susceptible to tooth decay, as well as cavities from this bacteria and plaque buildup.

As well, a healthy amount of fluoride on the surface of the teeth. Can help protect against acidic food. Even food that people consider to be healthy. Like citrus fruits, oranges, and grapefruit.

As well as tomatoes, and food with the high vinegar content. Can actually erode the enamel on the teeth. Which will make the teeth more susceptible to bacteria, tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, fluoride is a very important part of overall oral health. Protecting the teeth from cavities and tooth decay. However, as fluoride does its job, it is also worn away off of the teeth.

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Which is why people must remain vigilant in brushing their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste. And visiting Ellerslie dentist for fluoride treatments as well. Many people may wonder how important this is.

When they know that there is fluoride in the water supply. And while consuming fluoride can help protect the teeth. People will not be able to get enough fluoride, to fully protect against all of the dangers.

Which is why using a fluoride toothpaste. As well as getting fluoride treatments from their Ellerslie dentist is necessary. In fact, it is not that they need to get this fluoride treatment occasionally.

They should be going every six months. People should be taking their children, from the age of six months old. As long as they have at least one tooth in their mouth. And then going, every six months.

In order to get a fluoride treatments. Will be what is necessary, to help prevent tooth decay and cavities. Many adults, may think that now that they have received many different fluoride treatments.

And are brushing their teeth with fluoride that they do not need to continue to keep going to the dentist. This is why some education is important. To let them understand, that this important protective coating.

Can be worn off, and erode with time. And vigilance, and regular visits to their dentist. Will be necessary, to maintain their oral hygiene and health. For a lifetime. If people have any questions about this, they can feel free to contact the tooth doctor for an appointment. And get all of their questions answered along with a cleaning and fluoride treatment.

Ellerslie Dentist | Fluoride Is Very Important For Oral Health

Even though many people say that they know that fluoride plays a role in oral health says Ellerslie dentist. They are not quite sure how this works. Or often think that as long as they are brushing their teeth. Their teeth will be protected with fluoride.

However, it is not quite that simple. Fluoride is naturally occurring mineral. That occurs implants and foods. Unfortunately, people do not get enough in their diet. To create enough of a barrier on their teeth.

To protect their teeth from all of the environmental hazards. Such as acid where. And protecting against the plaque, and bacteria that cause tooth decay, and cavities.

However, the reason why in the nineteen forties, municipalities discovered. That fluoride did play a role in overall tooth health. Which is why they added it to the water. Because it can help protect children’s teeth.

Especially in families, where they were too poor to go to the dentist. And while it plays a part in overall oral hygiene. Alone, it is not enough. Especially as more people are drinking bottled water.

Therefore, there are many different approaches. That people can utilize, to protect their teeth from acid that they consume. And the bacteria and plaque that cause tooth decay, and cavities.

Toothpaste started fortified with fluoride. In order to help people protect their teeth. And while it is important. It requires people brushing their teeth often enough and long enough.

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Which is often difficult. People need to brush their tooth twice a day, and for two minutes. And not miss any areas of their teeth. Therefore, in order to finish protecting the teeth.

Dentists will apply highly concentrated fluoride. To their patients teeth the end of their treatment. To give people enough coverage, to protect all of their teeth. As well as they can.

And because fluoride can be worn off, as people, and brush their teeth. It is important that people continue to come to their Ellerslie dentist every six months for additional fluoride treatments.

However, if they have ever had gum disease or gingivitis. It can be even more important. To get regular treatments of fluoride. Because it will have caused their gums to reseed either a lot or a little.

And this is going to cause the roots of their teeth to be exposed. Since tooth roots have less enamel then rest of the teeth. Fluoride now becomes extremely important way to protect their roots.

To help the roots be protected from tooth decay. As well as protect them against the environmental damages caused by consuming food with asses. Such as citrus fruits, tomatoes and vinegar.

If people end up having devices in their mouth. Such as crowns, bridges or braces. Can also be hard for them to brush around those devices. And get every single spot of every single tooth.

Therefore, having their Ellerslie dentist apply a fluoride treatments. Can give them peace of mind that all of their teeth are completely protected against tooth decay and cavities.