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Many people may be aware that fluoride is added to the drinking water says Ellerslie dentist. Although, they are not hundred percent convinced that it is safe. If drinking fluoride is safe. Why must they spit out toothpaste?

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This is a very common concern that Ellerslie dentist hears from their patients. And the simple answer is, the fluoride that is put into the water supply. Is such a low dose of fluoride. That it protects the teeth in two ways.

By exposing the teeth to the fluoride in the water itself. As well as when it is consumed. The body will take the mineral, and add it to the teeth. In a process called remineralization.

The amount of fluoride in the water is so safe in fact. That there is no way a person could drink enough water. And end up with too much fluoride in their system. Which is called dental fluorosis.

Therefore, it is a completely safe amount to drink, and especially cook with. And by doing so. People are protecting their teeth. And guarding against tooth decay, cavities. And protecting against acid where.

Therefore, the reason why people must spit out the toothpaste. Is because the amount of fluoride in toothpaste is extremely high. It acts topically, to add fluoride to the surface of the teeth.

To protect against acid where, as well as bacteria and cavities. Which is why it should not be swallowed. In fact, most people use far too much toothpaste to begin with. Adults only need an amount the size of a piece of corn.

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While children need last. Half that amount, or the amount of a grain of rice. As well, Ellerslie dentist says that parents need to supervise their children. During toothbrushing time.

To ensure that they are not using too much toothpaste. And to ensure that they are not accidentally swallowing the toothpaste at the same time. In fact, parents should wait until their children.

Our old enough to understand how to spit their toothpaste out. And swish water around their mouth. In order to get all of the traces of toothpaste out of their mouth. So that they do not accidentally consume it.

Until then, they can buy children’s toothpaste. That does not have any fluoride in it. To prevent their children from developing dental fluorosis. However, dental fluorosis is not dangerous to the child.

However, too much fluoride on the teeth. Does not protect them. Which is why people should avoid developing dental fluorosis. Luckily, it is very easy for a dentist to tell. If there patients have this.

It will cause their teeth to be slightly discoloured. Often leaving bright white patches. Where the fluoride has accumulated. Luckily, there is a very easy fix to dental fluorosis.

All dentists have to do, is carefully apply a layer of weak acid to the teeth. Removing the fluoride. And restoring the colour to the patient’s teeth. If people are concerned about fluoride, or dental fluorosis. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor for an appointment.

Ellerslie Dentist | People Wonder If Fluoride Is Safe To Consume

Many people may know some information about fluoride says Ellerslie dentist. But they do not have a complete picture. Which leads them to be worried about whether it is safe. And wonder how it truly helps protect their teeth.

Dentists know how important fluoride is. And is a naturally occurring mineral. That is completely safe to consume. Because it is found in many plants and foods.

However, it is very hard for people to get the right amount of fluoride. That is beneficial in protecting their teeth. This is why, starting in the nineteen forties, governments and municipalities decided.

To fortify the water with a safe enough to consume level of this mineral. That way, their citizens that were too poor to visit the dentist. Could still afford to protect their teeth in some way. Simply by drinking the water.

However, it is still not enough even now. To protect people’s teeth. And while fluoride can be very beneficial. People still need to be practising good oral hygiene. As well as visiting their dentist for fluoride treatments.

Both the toothpaste that has fluoride in it. And the concentrated fluoride. That their dentist will put on their teeth. Is highly concentrated. And will be used by the body. By getting the fluoride in the paste onto the teeth.

Where it will start protecting the enamel from acid that occurs in food. And guards against bacteria. That cannot get through this barrier. Where it can wear holes and cavities in the actual tooth.

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This is why it is vital for parents to start bringing their children. To Ellerslie dentist not just for checkups and cleanings. But for this all important fluoride treatment. Many parents may wonder how old their children should be.

To start visiting the dentist. And start getting fluoride treatments. Ellerslie dentist recommends that as long as their child is six months of age, and has at least one tooth. They should start coming to the office.

For their checkups and fluoride treatments. After that, they should be coming back every six months. Because as the fluoride protects their teeth from acid where. And it gets brushed every single day.

The fluoride will wear off. Which is why continual treatments is necessary. To keep the teeth protected. If a parent is able to get their child to the dentist every six months. Between six months of age and sixteen years.

They will have a great head start at having clean and healthy teeth in adulthood. However, adults should not stop getting fluoride treatments. Because it becomes even more important.

To keep their teeth healthy, as they deal with adults oral hygiene issues. Things like side effects of dry mouth to medication. Gum disease, and bridges and crowns. Can make it difficult to stay protected.

Which is why adults need to continue visiting the dentist. Every six months, for this treatment. That will help keep their teeth healthy for years to come.