Ellerslie Dentist | Is Having Sensitive Teeth Normal

When people have sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. They often believe that this is very normal. And therefore, they do not seek help. But simply deal with the pain.

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Not only is this incredibly uncomfortable. Causing people a significant amount of pain unnecessarily. But also, people might end up avoiding their favourite foods. Which can be quite nutritious.

As well, people might end up with problems. Such as chewing only on one side of their mouth. Because that is the side that does not have any sensitive teeth. And while many people might not think this is a huge problem.

When people do that, they can cause muscle strain. And the side of the mouth that they chew on. Which can lead to tension headaches, TMJ problems. And even cracked and chipped teeth. From overworking their jaw muscles.

These are just some of the reasons. Why people should seek help, when they have sensitive teeth. However, the much larger, and more important reasons. Why people should seek help.

When they have sensitive teeth. Is because it usually is an indicator, of a larger dental problem. That needs to get fixed. Such as a cavity, gingivitis or gum disease. Or even things like cracked teeth.

And grinding their teeth at night, causing a variety of problems. Including sensitivity. In fact, people should look at tooth sensitivity. As a symptom of a larger dental problem that needs to get fixed.

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Instead of the problem itself. That they are quite content to deal with and put up with themselves. One of the first things that their dentist will do. When they make an appointment, due to sensitivity. Is a regular checkup.

One of the first things that they will notice, is whether a patient has gingivitis, or gum disease. The reason why, is because this is one of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity.

The reason why, is because what causes gingivitis to form. Is a buildup of tartar, that either is not getting brushed away. Or builds up below the gum line. Where the brush cannot reach.

When people do not go to their Ellerslie dentist often enough. For professional cleanings. That tartar buildup hardens. And irritates the gums. The gums then will become sore and inflamed.

And this is when it becomes gingivitis. The gums will pull away from the teeth. In order to stop being irritated. And if a good oral hygiene routine is not established. Or a professional cleaning is not done.

This will turn into gum disease, which will become exacerbated with time. And will also cause sensitive teeth. Because of how the gums have pulled away from the teeth. The reason why teeth will be more sensitive.

Is because when the roots of the teeth are exposed. The roots are made out of a more porous material called Denton. And this more porous material, will cause more sensitivity.

When exposed to hot and cold. As well as acidic food. At this point, people should get to their Ellerslie dentist. For a checkup. That can help them overcome their gum disease. And overcome their tooth sensitivity as well.

Ellerslie Dentist | Is Having Sensitive Teeth Normal

When people are ready to overcome their tooth sensitivity says Ellerslie dentist. They should make an appointment rather quickly. Because chances are, there tooth sensitivity. As is actually a symptom of a larger dental problem.

A larger dental problem that is often to blame. Is a cavity. Because anything that causes a small hole or fracture in the enamel of the tooth. Is likely going to make that tooth more sensitive.

And while many people will hold off going to the dentist. When they have sensitive teeth. They may not realize. That is because they potentially could have a cavity. Thinking that cavities will cause them to have a dull toothache instead.

But this is not the case at all. Because cavities will only cause a toothache. When they are large enough to reach the root of the tooth. Which means the cavity will have been therefore an extremely long time. And will be much more difficult to treat.

Often resulting in people not only needing a larger filling. But potentially needing a root canal. Which is a lengthier, more expensive and painful procedure. This is white so important to get to the Ellerslie dentist.

When the problem is new, and therefore small. And while small cavities will not cause a toothache yet. Small cavities can cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, when people wait to go see their dentist.

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Because they think the tooth sensitivity is going to fix itself. All they are doing, is causing a small cavity to get larger. And more unmanageable to fix in the long run.

This is why it is very important for people to contact their Ellerslie dentist. As soon as they experience some uncharacteristic tooth sensitivity. Because it can help them get a quick filling on a cavity.

Instead of waiting until it is difficult to treat. Another thing that people can have wrong. When they have a sudden onset of tooth sensitivity. Is that they can have a cracked tooth. Caused by a number of things.

Such as an accident, sporting mishap. Were even grinding their teeth at night. When people grind their teeth at night, not only can it cause cracked teeth. But it can cause chipped teeth.

And even putting undue stress on the certain teeth. That can aggravate those teeth. All of these things can cause tooth sensitivity. That is very simple to treat. But when it goes undiagnosed.

What is going to cause the problem, grinding the teeth. It will allow the patient to continue to grind their teeth over and over. Until they make more problems. And cause more tooth sensitivity.

When people are ready to deal with their sensitive teeth. The best call they can make, is to their Ellerslie dentist. Where they are going to be able to fix the problem that is causing their sensitive teeth. And suffer less because of it.