Ellerslie Dentist | Does Dental Insurance Cover Everything

While the majority of Canadians have dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. There is still a third of all of Canadians. Completely without dental insurance benefits. Which means they probably cannot afford going to the dentist.

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However, having dental insurance. Does not guarantee. That people can pay. For their visit to the dentist. Not all insurance companies. Pay for every single service. And most insurance companies.

Only pays percentage. For companies that only pay a percentage. If it is an extremely expensive service. They may have a hard time paying the bill. Even if they pay a large amount. Like seventy or 80%.

As well, Ellerslie dentist says most insurance companies. Pay for the most basic services. Like cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatments. As well as cavity filling. But for services that are more complex.

Like root canals, getting crowns put on. Dental implants, bridges and dentures. And braces, as well as Invisalign. Are often not covered at all. Or if they are covered. Only by a small percentage.

As well, these are not only more complex. But they are also more expensive. With some people’s braces. Costing several thousand dollars. Even if they pay fifty or 60%. It is out of reach for many Canadians.

A common question that Ellerslie dentist gets from patients. Is wondering why. The Canadian universal healthcare plan. Does not pay for dentist visits. They have spent their entire life. Going to the doctor for free.

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As well as visiting the hospital. And never seeing a bill. However, when it comes to dentists, not only do they have to pay. But it is a rather large bill. Many people want to know why.

The answer is quite simple, even if it is not pleasant. While the Canadian universal healthcare plan. Used to allow free visits not only to the dentist. But free visits to the optometrist as well. People could get an eye exam at no cost.

And then get fitted for glasses for no cost as well. However, because Canada had just finished. Serving in two world wars, the Prime Minister, Wilson decided. That something needed to be done. To eliminate Canada’s rising national debt.

When faced with the difficult decisions. On what to cut spending two. They decided not to cut healthcare, education, transportation or infrastructure. And cuts where they thought it would do the least damage.

While this was a wildly unpopular decision. Wilson promised the country. That when the national debt was paid off. They would reinstate the universal healthcare plan once again.

Unfortunately, that never happened. Which is why people still have to pay. To visit their dentist. They did start adding fluoride to the water. And Ellerslie dentist says fluoride is an important mineral.

To strengthen the teeth. As well as strengthen the enamel. But fluoride alone. Is not a replacement for good dental care. That is why people must visit the dentist. And if they cannot afford it.

Whether they have insurance or not. They should reach out to the tooth doctor. If only to find out what types of plans. They can offer their patients.

Ellerslie Dentist | What Dental Services Are Covered At Your Dentist

Most Canadians have dental insurance says Ellerslie dentist. However, that does not mean. That they can get any services they want for free. In fact, most insurance companies.

Only pays a small percentage. Of a small number of services. They might cover the most basic services. Such as tooth cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatments. Or paying for cavities being filled.

That it is actually a very complex subject. Because while they might cover. For the filling of the cavity. And for the material to make the amalgam. Which is the dental filling. The insurance company.

May not cover the Novocain required. To numb the area. So that the patient feels no pain. As the dentist is filling the cavity. Or, they may cover Novocain. But a patient cannot have it and requires nitrous oxide.

And the Novocain is covered. But the nitrous oxide is not. This is why it can become quite complex. And is a convoluted question to answer. The best thing would be for people to come into the tooth doctor.

In order to that a free consultation. And in estimates. Not only of all of the services that they need. But of all of the prices. That it will cost. To get each of the services. If the patient has insurance coverage.

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Ellerslie dentist will send that estimate. Proactively to the insurance company. So that the patient will know. Exactly what the insurance company will cover. And how much they will be expected to pay at the end of the service.

Another thing that Ellerslie dentist will do for each patient. Is if they still cannot afford. To pay for the entire service. In one lump-sum payment. They will set up payment plans. For their patients.

So that nobody has to do without dental service. It is of utmost importance for people to get regular dental service. To keep their teeth healthy. But also, because if they do not get a dental services on a regular basis.

They will develop problems like tartar buildup which can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease. As well as getting cavities, which can become larger. And more difficult as well as expensive to fill.

One of the most important things for patients to keep in mind. Is that as long as they talk to their dentist. They can reach an agreement. And a plan to ensure that they can get the services they need. And the dentist will get paid.

If anyone is interested. In setting up an appointment with the tooth doctor. There are three convenient locations. For people to visit from Southside at Ellerslie. To a central location, called Capilano.

Even outside of the Edmonton city limits. In a small town called Tofield. They want to service as many people as possible. So to ensure that as many people. Can get the treatment. They should come in for free estimates.