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Although many Canadians visit their dentist every year, according to Ellerslie dentist. Many Canadians are also. Not taking proper care of their teeth. They may go every year for a checkup.
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But they also are brushing their teeth once a day. Not getting cleanings every six months. Or are failing to floss their teeth. Going through all of the steps. Of a oral care routine. Is important for overall oral health.

One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist experiences. Are there patients asking them what can they do. To prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. This usually is asked. After they have been diagnosed.

With having a cavity, or they discovered. That they have gingivitis. Ultimately, the answer to this question. Is having a good, regular. And consistent oral care routine.

Ideally, people will brush their teeth. Twice a day, And follow that up. With rinsing their mouth out. With a non-alcoholic. Mouthwash, that will get rid of. All of the rest of the bacteria. That causes tooth decay.

That is living on parts of the teeth. That the toothbrush could not reach. As well as on the roof of a person’s mouth, the sides of their cheeks. Their gums, and of course their tongue.

Rinsing after every time they brush. Is important. But, many Canadians also fail. To floss their teeth as often as they need. Or, they failed to floss their teeth at all. Flossing the teeth is very important.

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Because it represents 40% of the surface area. Of the persons teeth. Which means the more they are able. To floss their teeth every day. The more there going to prevent cavities from forming.

In between their teeth. And they will be less likely. To develop gingivitis. However, if people fail to follow. These oral care steps. They should expect to find. That they have tooth decay, or gingivitis.

At their yearly checkup with Ellerslie dentist. Another thing that patients ask. Is wondering why their teeth are so sensitive. The reason why, almost always is explained. By the patient having gingivitis.

Gingivitis can cause patients teeth to be sensitive. Because as the inflamed gums reseed. It exposes more, and more of the tooth root. Which is not protected anymore. By the gums. Nor is it protected by enamel.

Therefore, people can get rid of their sensitive teeth. By implementing the good oral care routine. That their dentist outlined above. And, coming in for regular cleanings twice a year.

The reason why, is because brushing alone. Does not get rid of all tartar buildup. Particularly the buildup below the gum lines. That actually contributes directly to gingivitis. By brushing twice a day.

And getting cleanings twice a year. Most people can eliminate the problem of sensitive teeth. However if that persists. The recommendation is to use a desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, every time they brush.

By following these rules. Many people can have perfectly healthy teeth and gums. And eliminate the problem of over sensitive teeth. Causing them to not be able to consume their favourite foods.

Ellerslie Dentist | Learn About Dental Care

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist each year. They often have many different questions. That will help them get the kind of care, and service they are looking for. A common question for people to ask.

Is wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. Many times, people associate a brilliantly white smile. With overall health, which is one of the reasons. Why so many people want a bright, shiny smile.

It is also considered most attractive. Despite the fact that there is absolutely no correlation. To the whiteness of a person’s teeth. And how healthy they are, or are not. In fact many people are predisposed.

To having off-white coloured teeth. Made worse by drinking coffee every day. Drinking red wine, and having tea. Like green or black tea. Known for colouring teeth to a dull shade.

Therefore, people may have already purchased. And over-the-counter bleaching kits. Or, have purchased whitening toothpaste. And not had the results they desire. These over-the-counter products are not very strong.

And may only improve the whiteness. Of a person’s tooth by one shade, if that. The whitening kits they can get from their Ellerslie dentist. Our considerably stronger. Whitening their teeth by five shades at a time.

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The whitening kit that Ellerslie dentist uses. Includes bleach that they can only get from a dentist. That Wayne’s their teeth that amount. But also, a custom-made tray. That moulds to the shape of that patients teeth.

That way, they can whiten their teeth. In the comfort of their own home. And enjoy the results that they have always desired. However they do not need to throw away their whitening toothpaste. Ellerslie dentist recommends.

In order to maintain that level of whiteness. People can brush their teeth. With whitening toothpaste. Especially if they plan on drinking coffee, red wine. Or consuming foods like blueberries on a regular basis.

However, dentists caution patients. If they already have sensitive teeth. Whitening can actually cause pain at the time. Therefore, an alternative to bleach. Is using a bonding material. It is a thin, fatty layer.

That is applied to the teeth. And brightens the colour. This is a great option, although it is not permanent. And if people want to maintain that level of whiteness. They can always come back.

Every three or four months. In order to get the bonding material reapplied. If they do not want this bonding material. And would rather have something more permanent. Then the dentist can apply veneers.

The nears are false fronts that are glued to the front of the teeth. Offering a permanent whitening. For people who do not want to have to return. For more bleaching kits, or bonding appointments.

If other patients have burning questions. That they want an answer to. All they have to do is pick up the phone. Or, send an email to the tooth doctor, located in South Edmonton. In a neighbourhood called Ellerslie.