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Amalgam is the name of the alloy that is used to fill cavities says Ellerslie dentist. And while it has been used for well over a century and a half. People are continuing to be nervous about its use.

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The most common reason why people are nervous about it. Is because they are aware, that it contains mercury. Which is known to be a toxic heavy metal. In its liquid form.

However, in an alloy. Which is what it is called, when several metals are combined. All of the metals take on new characteristics. And for mercury, that means it is no longer liquid. Or toxic to be ingested.

People have created alloys for centuries. Combining different metals together. In order to come up with metal, that has the qualities. That people are looking for. Such as extreme strength.

Or, the ability to resist rust. A great example of this, is stainless steel. An alloy that was created. To be strong, and rust resistant. So that it could be used in buildings. Without worrying that it will degrade over time.

The alloy amalgam, is created. By combining several different powdered metals. That have been ground into dust. With liquid mercury. When combined, it forms a solid. That is extremely strong and durable.

Also, in this format. Mercury does not leak into the body. And numerous studies have been done. Showing this to be the case. Even in amalgam fillings. That have been in a person’s body for decades.

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Studies have found that if any mercury has leaked out. It has been only a trace amount. That is well within the agreed upon safety limits. If people are concerned about any amount of mercury being leached into their body.

They should understand, that even by eating tuna. They are exposing their body to mercury. But it is not going to cause problems. Because mercury in such small amounts. Is not a danger to people.

However, because of the danger of mercury poisoning. Studies continue to be run. Using new technologies. To determine if it is a problem. Or, if the fillings degrade over time.

To this day, amalgam fillings are approved. Not only by the food and drug administration. But also by the Canadian dental Association. The Alberta dental Association, and Ellerslie dentist as well.

And while dental amalgam is still being used today. Most dentists default to a white filling material. That is preferred, because of its colour. Making it easy to blend in with the rest of the tooth.

So that it does not look like a patient has had any cavities. However, patients should still understand. That this type of dental filling is less durable. And is also more expensive to put in.

If people have any more questions. About dental amalgam. Or if they simply want a cleaning, and a dental checkup. All they have to do, is go up the phone. And call Ellerslie dentist. Not only who has three convenient locations, for their patients.

Ellerslie Dentist | What People Can Learn About Amalgam

Dental amalgam has been used for over a century says Ellerslie dentist. And people continue to be worried about it. Because it contains mercury. And while that is a reasonable concern.

Numerous studies have been done. And continue to be done. That proof that it is completely safe. People are most concerned about the mercury leaking out of the fillings.

Where it can be absorbed into a person’s body. And while this is a reasonable concern. The numerous studies have shown that this simply is not the case. There may be trace amounts that leak.

But nothing that is outside the agreed upon acceptable limits. Like most things that have the ability to be toxic. There are accepted amounts. That people can be exposed to safely. A great example of this.

Is looking at chlorine. This is an extremely dangerous chemical. That can cause injury or death. So people would not normally expose themselves. To this chemical on purpose. Except, when it is in the swimming pool.

It is used, to keep the water bacteria free. And therefore, safe for all the swimmers. So people understand that chlorine is dangerous. But in a swimming pool, it is necessary to keep people safe.

The same is true for dental amalgam according to dentists. Normally, mercury is dangerous. But in alloy. And to fill cavities, it is one of the best materials. To ensure that they are able to keep their teeth.

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Many patients often have questions. Especially when they visit their Ellerslie dentist. Such as wondering if they still use amalgam fillings. And while a new material has been discovered.

A white substance, that was actually invented by NASA. This material, is popular as a cavity filler. Because it is white. And therefore undetectable. However, in teeth, it is not as durable.

And more expensive than amalgam. But this is the material. That a dentist will typically use. However, it also comes with some problems when using it. Such as it must be applied to the tooth.

After the tooth is completely dry. Some teeth, this is not a problem. But other teeth, such as ones that are close to the cheek. Or, are at an awkward angle. May be difficult or impossible.

To keep it dry, and the Ellerslie dentist may talk to their patient. About using dental amalgam instead. They will also talk to the patient. About all of their options. Such as if they do not want dental amalgam.

Then, the next option would be a root canal. And putting on a dental crown. As well as removing the tooth entirely. And replacing it with the dental implant. All of those options would be more expensive.

Therefore, patients who are nervous about dental amalgam. May simply learn the facts. And be more comfortable. About getting this metal put into their teeth.

Not only is it more durable. But it is stronger. And will last a long time. And is going to be the most inexpensive option. To fix their cavity.