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Dental amalgam is an alloy according to Ellerslie dentist. That is made, to fill cavities in a tooth. Many people are familiar with this. Because they either have a silver filling. Or they know someone who has.

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And while this filling, has been used for over a century and a half. People continue to worry about its continued use. The dental industry. The reason why people are concerned about this alloy.

Is because it is created, using the toxic heavy metal, mercury. Mercury in its original form. Is liquid. It is very dangerous. Mostly because it is able to be ingested. Where it can be absorbed into a body’s tissues.

Or, enter the circulatory system, the nervous system. Or, even go to a patient’s brain. There are many problems that a person can get. If they have mercury poisoning. Which is why people are concerned.

About dental amalgam being used. In people’s mouths, as a cavity fill her. However, Ellerslie dentist says this worry. Is the reason why. Studies continue to be done on the subject. Not just repeating experiments.

But using new technology, to discover. If mercury leaks out of amalgam fillings. Or, if the filling degrades over time. Leaking mercury into a person’s body. And now studies have conclusively shown.

That there is any danger to people. Caused by the mercury. In an amalgam filling. The reason why it is not as dangerous. As mercury alone. Is because when the alloy is created. The new metal that is created.

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Takes on a new set of characteristics. Such as being durable, and strong. Alloys have been created for centuries. For creating metal, that will have the characteristics. That people need.

For example, stainless steel is an alloy. That was made to be incredibly strong. To also resist rust. So that it could be used as a building material, worry free. When making amalgam. Dentists will take.

Liquid mercury. And add different types of metal. That have been ground into a powder. Combined with the liquid mercury. It creates a solid. With new characteristics. That were not common in the original metals.

The metals that are used. To create amalgam include things like copper, zinc, and tin. As well as iron, platinum and silver just to name a few. When combined, is can be pliable enough to put into a tooth.

And once it sets, it will be strong enough. For teeth to come together and chew food. As well as a bite down on hard substances, fruits and vegetables.

While many people might be concerned about dental amalgam. Ellerslie dentist says there is no cause for concern. Because if any studies showed. That it was not safe.

It would not be approved for use by the Canadian dental Association, nor the Alberta dental Association. And eventually, Ellerslie dentist themselves. If people still have questions about this subject.

All they have to do, is reach out to the tooth doctor. Located in three convenient locations. And get their teeth checked out, and questions answered as well.

Ellerslie Dentist | Learning About The Metal Amalgam

Dental amalgam is an alloy used in dentistry says Ellerslie dentist. And many people, are concerned about its use. Because it contains mercury, a toxic liquid metal.

However, this is no cause for concern. Because mercury in its original form. Is toxic, but as an alloy. Takes on different characteristics. As well, because they are concerned with people’s safety.

The FDA, the food and drug administration. Continues to conduct studies. To determine if amalgam is dangerous. Using new technology. And also looking at amalgam. That has been in people’s mouths for decades.

In particular, some people, with mercury fillings may be nervous. Because they have heard. That some trace amounts of mercury. May be leaked into their body. And when they have many fillings.

They worry that it spells disaster, because of more mercury. That leaks into their body. However, Ellerslie dentist says. No study has ever shown conclusively. That dangerous amounts of mercury.

Leak into a person’s body. From there amalgam fillings. Another reason why people are so concerned about it. Is because they have experienced a twinge of pain. If they accidentally bite down on tinfoil.

Or, they accidentally bite their fork for example. And that twinge of pain to them. Is proof that amalgam is a dangerous material. To have in their mouth. However, what people have experienced is not evidence.

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Of the danger of amalgam fillings. But rather, a bit of a chemical reaction. The two different metals. One from the amalgam, the other from tinfoil, or from their utensil. Create what is called a galvanic action.

This action is always present. When two metals are touched to each other. However, in a mouth. That is a wet environment. As well as slightly sailing, because of the salt content. Of a person’s saliva.

The two metals, plus the saliva. Creates a battery. That is why people often get a bizarre metallic taste in their mouth. As well as why people might feel a twinge of pain in their tooth. As the slight bolt of electricity.

Surges into their tooth root. However, this is not problem per se. Just a sensation, that people may want to avoid. If they do not like accidental zaps by a battery in their mouth.

Another question that Ellerslie dentist gets. Is it from people wondering if they should replace their amalgam fillings. And get white fillings instead. While this is something that the tooth doctor will do upon request.

This is not something that they recommend. Unless the patient is having problems. With their dental fillings to begin with. By removing perfectly fine fillings. May cause trauma to the tooth.

That may end up in a root canal, or needing to remove the tooth. And replace it with a dental implant. Unless there is a problem. The dentist simply does not recommend. Changing the fillings. If people have any more questions for their dentist. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor today.