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Even though dental insurance can make affording dental work much easier says Ellerslie dentist. Many Canadians actually do not have dental insurance at all. This can be quite problematic for many.

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According to recent health Canada survey. While 68% of Canadians. Have either private, or public dental insurance. That leaves and overwhelming one third. Of all Canadians without this important insurance.

However, some Canadians do not have dental insurance. Because they cannot afford it. Whereas many Canadians. Do not have dental insurance. As part of their employer health benefits. And are unaware.

That they can get this coverage. Completely on their own. They can contact companies such as Blue Cross. Who will allow them to pay a monthly fee. In order to access certain benefits.

They will have many different tiered packages. With more coverage being afforded. Two people who can pay a bit more money. Each and every month. Still, Ellerslie dentist says this does make.

Affording dental work much easier. However, often people still are not able. To get the dental work they need. For example, many insurance companies. Request that people pay the doctor.

And then submitted a receipt to be reimbursed later. This is unfair for people who are making lower wages. For example, single parents. Or people who are not making above the poverty line wages.

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They do not have the money in their bank account. To pay a bill, that may be several hundred. Or several thousand dollars. As well, Ellerslie dentist says even if they have the money. In their bank to pay the dentist.

Often insurance companies only reimburse. Patients after several weeks. Or after several months. Which means many people would have to do. Without things like groceries. They would not be able.

To pay their rent or utility bills. Which means they simply could not go to the dentist at all. While some people have the luxury. Of true using insurance companies. That will pay the dentist directly.

Unfortunately, especially if people. Have their employer benefits. They cannot choose which insurance company they use. And may simply not be able. To get their dental work done.

This is why Ellerslie dentist put together. A payment plan that they offer. To patients who are unable to pay. For their dental work out of their own pockets. They may have dental insurance.

But they cannot afford the bill. And then get reimbursed later. Therefore, people can ask for free consultation. Where they will get an estimate for free. That the dentist can then submit the insurance company.

To help speed along the process. Within, they can also offer. Payment plans for the patient. So that they do not have to pay a bill that they cannot afford. In order to get the dental work that they need.

Ellerslie dentist says it is of utmost importance. For people to see the dentist regularly. And it is irresponsible. That an insurance system. Would have people going without dental care. Because they cannot afford to pay the bill. Which is why they hope to rectify the situation.

Ellerslie Dentist | Helping Patients Learn About Dental Insurance

Many people may not realize says Ellerslie dentist. But not all insurance companies offer. The same dental plans. They are extremely different. From what types of services they cover.

How they cover them, such as a lump-sum. A percentage, or paying. After people pay a deductible. As well, insurance companies. Have an extremely varied way. Of covering the dental bills of patients.

Some people can simply give the dentist. There healthcare card. For their insurance company, and the insurance company. Will pay the dentist directly. However, many people have to pay first.

And then submit an invoice to their insurance company. And get reimbursed at a later date. This is much more difficult. Especially for people who are making lower wages. But also, there are insurance companies.

That will pay the dentist directly. For part of the coverage. And the patient will pay the rest. Making it much more affordable. For people making less money. Because there are so many different insurance companies.

Ellerslie dentist says patients can often be confused. When they are thinking about going to the dentist. And wondering what things will be covered. As well, not all insurance companies.

Cover the same types of services. Some cover the basics. Such as scaling, polishing and fluoride treatments. As well as things like one x-ray every two years. And cavities being filled.

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However, some companies have more complex coverage. For example, they will pay for the cavity failing. And for the amalgam, to be made. But they will not pay for any Novocain.

Or nitrous oxide that the patient will need. In order to not feel pain. During the process. Or they may pay for the dental scaling. But not for the fluoride treatment. Because insurance companies can pick and choose what they will pay for.

As well as have varying degrees of services. That they will offer coverage for. For example, they may cover. 80% of a dental cleaning. And 50% of cavity failing. Only 25% of x-rays.

And not cover any medication. Which means for one simple visit. There may be several different types of services. That are covered, or are not covered. And covered by different amounts.

While the Alberta government decided. To come up with the Alberta fee guide back in the sixties. After the universal healthcare for dental visits. Was eliminated. They did this to help Albertans.

Try to understand. How much they would have to pay. When they visited their dentist. The fee guide is a list of all dental services. That people in Alberta can get. And a suggested price for each one. The idea behind this.

Is that dentists will price themselves. According to the fee guide. So that patients can have a better idea. What their total cost will be. Before they get into the dentist’s chair.

The problem with this, is that dentists can charge. Whatever they need to. To cover their costs and expenses. But Ellerslie dentist wants to ensure. That all patients can afford their work. Which is why they encourage everyone. To come in for a free consultation.