Ellerslie Dentist | Learning About Dental Sealants

While Ellerslie dentist commonly recommends parents. Put dental sealants on their children’s teeth. Many parents often have never heard about this procedure before. And want more information.

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The first question they want to know, is what is a dental sealant. And why would they be applied to children’s teeth. Dental sealants are thin layers of plastic. That are applied to the surface of molars.

The plastic is applied as a liquid. And is then cured to a hard finish. Providing a thin, protective barrier. Between the teeth, and the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

The reason why it is very important to apply dental sealants. Particularly in children, Is because children. Are learning how to push their own teeth. And the molars, not only are far back the child’s mouth.

Where the molars are very hard to reach, even with the correct toothbrush. As well, the shape of the molars. With their very rough surface. Are extremely effective at eating, chewing. And a crushing food.

But those very features that make them great at chewing. Make them very difficult to clean properly. Even adults, with a great toothbrush. Often miss areas of their molars. While children, who are learning.

Need additional help, to protect against tooth decay and cavities. Which is why dental sealants are used. One of the benefits of dental sealants according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that they last a long time.

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On average, they can last up to ten years according to the dental textbooks. However, they can end up cracking or chipping. Especially if children play rough sports, like football where they would get tackled.

Or eat hard foods, such as meat on the bone. Therefore, it is very important. That even if sealants are used. That they continue going to their Ellerslie dentist. Every six months for a dental checkup.

Where they will also be able to check how the dental sealants are holding up. If they need to be fixed, or filled. They will be able to do that quickly. Before tooth decay starts to settle in. Where the chip has occurred.

Another thing that dentists want to point out. Is that it is important for the child to get the dental sealant. Before they have their first cavity. Which is why they recommend getting the sealant.

While the child is quite young. As soon as they have all of their baby teeth. Starting at the age of six, they can get this procedure done. And while they can get the procedure done any time.

The earlier, the better. Once they lose all of their baby teeth however. They should get the sealants replaced. On their adult teeth. So twice, between childhood and adulthood.

To protect their teeth against most tooth decay and cavities. If people would like more information. Or to make an appointment to get dental sealants on their, or their children’s teeth. They should contact the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Understanding Dental Sealants

The recommendation for parents to put dental sealants on their children’s teeth, by their Ellerslie dentist. Often has them asking many questions. To find out more information about this procedure.

One of the first questions they want to know the answer to. Is what is involved in applying them. Not wanting to supply their child to a lengthy, or traumatic dental experience.

The good news for parents who are wondering. Is that it is very fast, and noninvasive procedure. In fact, from start to finish. Parents can look forward to less than five additional minutes. To their child’s dental appointment.

As soon as the checkup is done. The dentist will be able to start putting cotton balls. Around the teeth that are getting treated. In order to prevent them from getting wet. From the cheeks, and the patient’s tongue.

Once the teeth are dry. The dentist will apply very weak acid. The cotton swab, in a process called etching. This etching is designed to remove any bacteria or saliva remnants that would be left on their teeth.

So that nothing gets trapped between the teeth and the dental sealants. But also, will remove anything. That will interfere with the sealants ability to adhere to the teeth.

Once the etching is complete. The dentist will then rinse, and dry the teeth again. And then they are ready to apply the sealant. While the sealant is plastic. It comes out as liquid, and is applied with a cotton swab.

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Once the teeth have been covered with the sealant. The next step is curing the liquid. So that it hardens quickly. This curing happens with a UV light. In just a couple of minutes under the UV light. Will harden the plastic.

The benefit of this, is that it will last for about ten years. Or, until the baby teeth fall out. In older patients, they can keep the dental sealant. For a decade or more. And then decide if they want to reapply it.

One of the best benefits that parents should keep in mind. About getting dental sealants according to Ellerslie dentist. Is that it is a fraction of the price of getting a cavity filled. About 25% of the price.

Of filling a cavity, therefore if they prevent one cavity from being filled. By getting a dental sealant, the procedure will more than paid for itself. Even if they get a sealant on their child’s teeth when they are young.

And then get the dental sealant again as a teenager. They will still pay less. Then filling a cavity once. Therefore, it will help parents manage their dental bills more effectively. By protecting against expensive procedures.

The dental sealants of their child needs. All they will have to do, is visit Ellerslie dentist. The tooth doctor, in Edmonton. They will be able to make an appointment. At their child’s teeth checked out.

And then apply the dental sealants, to help ensure that they are protected. Against tooth decay for their lifetime.