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When a dental patient has a cavity, Ellerslie dentist will fill that cavity. With a hard substance, so that the tooth can continue functioning. With all of the strength that it is designed to have.

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The hard substance that is most commonly used today. Is a white filling, that many people like. Because they will not be able to see the patch. Where the cavity used to be. And help them, feel confident in their smile.

However, dental amalgam, the silver type of dental fillings. Is it still in use today. And many people, are walking around with dental amalgam fillings. That have been put in their mouth, recently, or decades ago.

Many people are concerned about dental amalgam. Because often, what was once considered safe. Is now understood to be dangerous. For example, ten years ago. Many people would not have heard.

The phrase BPA in plastics. But now, many people understand. That this is extremely dangerous. And all plastics with this chemical, are discarded. This is why research is continuing to be done.

On dental amalgam fillings. To determine, if they are safe. Or, if our new technology. Reveals that they should no longer be used. The reason why people are concerned about amalgam in the first place.

Is simply because it contains the toxic, liquid metal mercury. However, as an alloy. By being combined with other metals. It no longer has the traits. That it did on its own. For example, it is no longer liquid.

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And mercury is dangerous in its liquid form. Because it can be ingested. Or otherwise leached into the body. Where it can be absorbed into tissues. Or enter the circulatory, or nervous system.

This is why so many people are concerned about dental amalgam. And why research continues to be done. However, no research has ever found. That dental amalgam is dangerous.

And while some trace amounts of mercury. Have leaked into a person’s body. This is within the accepted safety range. Of mercury in a person’s body. If anyone is concerned about this says Ellerslie dentist.

They should consider the amount of mercury. That exists in a tuna for example. And despite the fact that there is known mercury in this fish. It still continues to be. The most popular fish that people eat.

Around the entire world. People are willing to accept a certain amount of elements. That in large quantities are dangerous. But in smaller quantities, or not. Another good example of this.

Is looking at the liquid chlorine. This is a chemical, that is known to be toxic. And no one would drink a bottle, knowing that it is poisonous. However, people would be more than happy.

To go to a swimming pool, where chlorine is treating the water. And in fact, not only is it safe. The water is safer with chlorine in it. Killing all of the bacteria that could make us sick.

Therefore, people should this into the studies. And listen to the Canadian dental Association. The Alberta dental Association, the food and drug administration. As well as Ellerslie dentist when they say until amalgam is safe.

Ellerslie Dentist | Many Questions Patients Ask About Amalgam

Many people are familiar with the silver fillings that are commonly used says Ellerslie dentist. However, they may not know a lot about them. For example, they have been used for hundred and fifty years to fill cavities.

However, one of the things that people know about amalgam. Is the fact that mercury is one of the metals. That was used to form the alloy. The problem with that, is that people worry about mercury poisoning.

Without realizing, that as an alloy. The new substance. Takes on a new and different characteristics. Such as being extremely strong and durable. Where all of the metals, on its own would not be so stronger durable.

Amalgam is created. By mixing a variety of powdered metals. With liquid mercury. Metals like copper, tin, zinc and iron. As well as silver, platinum and palladium. Together, they combine into a different material.

The reason why mercury is so dangerous according to Ellerslie dentist. Is because it is liquid, which can be ingested. And then absorbed into the body’s tissues. Entering a person’s circulatory system.

Or their nervous system, and their brain. And while this is very dangerous. In a solid form, such as amalgam. It is considerably less dangerous. Because it cannot be absorbed by the body.

And continues to keep its integrity. For more than forty or fifty years and longer. In fact, despite the fact that it has been banned in several countries. Such as Denmark, Sweden and Britain.

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The reason why dental amalgam has been banned in these countries. Is not because it is unsafe as a material. But because those countries do not have proper waste handling.

And the wasted that is created when making this alloy. Is what caused it to be banned in those countries. However, in Canada and the United States. They have adequate storage capabilities.

Of how to store, and dispose of. The waste that is created safely. Which is why it is still approved for use. By the FDA, the food and drug administration. If it was unsafe in any way.

The Canadian dental Association, Alberta dental Association. And Ellerslie dentist themselves. Would not agree to allow it be used. In people’s mouths, to this very day. And while many people still have amalgam fillings.

Ellerslie dentist these days, usually is putting in. A white dental filling material. That is preferred by most patients. Because of its cosmetic advantages. Of being white, and therefore undetectable.

However, patients should also understand. That this white filling. Is more expensive, and not as durable. If people have any questions about dental amalgam, or any other dental concerns.

All they have to do, is pick up the phone and make an appointment. With the tooth doctor, who has three separate locations. For patients convenience. They can get their teeth checked, cleaned. And all of their questions answered.