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When it comes to their teeth, people often have many different questions for their Ellerslie dentist. To help them not only have the healthiest smile possible. But to have the brightest, and happiest as well.

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One of the number one questions that their dentist gets. Is how do I make my teeth whiter. Often, people try whitening toothpaste or white strips that they purchase from their drugstore.

Unsuccessfully, before they talk to their dentist about how to get more brilliant and dazzling smile. And they can save a lot of time and money. Simply by going to their dentist first.

Because not only do they have whitening products that will guarantee people can get a smile five shades whiter. But it will also be customized to their teeth. And will help them get the results they desire, guaranteed and in a safe way.

However, if people have overly sensitive teeth. Their Ellerslie dentist will not recommend using a bleaching solution. Because not only can it hurt. But it can increase their teeth sensitivity.

But there are other options available. Including getting veneers put on. Which can get their teeth as bright as they want. However, it is much more invasive than many people would like.

And that is why many dentists are now using bonding, which adds a very thin whitening layer to their teeth. That can give the appearance of whiter teeth. And while they are less invasive than veneers.

They will need to be refreshed every few years in order to keep people as white as they like. Give them confidence they are expecting from a brighter, whiter smile.

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Another question that their dentist gets from their patients. Is why did they need dental x-rays? Many people simply are unaware of how beneficial they are to the overall dental practice.

However, some people do not want to get any x-rays that are unneeded. Because they are concerned about radiation. However, when this is the case dentists like to share how safe, and low level radiation dental x-rays are.

Not only are dentists in Canada using digital x-rays. Which have a much lower instance of radiation then traditional x-rays. But also, dental x-rays in general are extremely low levels of radiation.

And they always give patients an iron bib to wear, to protect them from any radiation that they may be exposed to. However, people will end up being exposed to more radiation.

On a commercial flight from Vancouver to Edmonton. Then they would by getting one hundred dental x-rays. Hopefully, that puts many patients mind at ease. Since dental x-rays are an important way.

Two minimize problems while they are small and easy to deal with. And to see if there are going to be problems in the future. For example, with wisdom teeth that are starting to shift. And put pressure on other teeth.

Ellerslie dentist welcomes all kinds of questions from their patients. And as long as they book in an appointment for cleaning and checkup. They would love to answer all of their patients most important questions. To help them understand what they need to about oral hygiene.

Ellerslie Dentist | Some Commonly Asked Dental Questions

It is very important for patients to feel comfortable to ask their Ellerslie dentist all of the questions that they need. In order to feel comfortable with the dental practice, and ensure they are engaging in good oral hygiene practices.

However, Ellerslie dentist does it say that they have questions from their patients about a wide variety of topics. And one of the most popular questions they have.

Is how, their teeth are so sensitive, and how patients can eliminate that sensitivity? This is a common one, because it can really impede a person’s enjoyment of hot and cold food and drinks.

However, this is not an easy question to answer. Because there are so many different causes. That typically, dentists will want to have the patient in their office in order to answer that question.

Because it depends significantly on what is going on inside their mouth. For example, the single most common cause of tooth sensitivity in adults in Canada.

Is gingivitis, and since 75% of Canadian adults have this dental disease. Many people have sensitive teeth because of this. And the only thing they can do that will work, is getting rid of gingivitis.

This means regular brushing, flossing and mouthwash use. But also, it means regular appointments to their dentist for cleaning. Their dentist will be able to clean the tartar buildup that there toothbrush cannot reach.

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Especially including the tartar buildup that is below the gum line. Because this is the tartar buildup that is responsible for gingivitis to form. And often, people cannot prevent themselves from developing.

This dental disease without dental cleanings. Therefore, an incredibly important preventative measure is seeing the dentist regularly. And after people have gotten a cleaning, and are brushing their teeth regularly.

They will find that there sensitivity is gone. However, when this is not the cause. Or there sensitivity does not diminish after they get rid of their gingivitis. Their dentist can look at other causes.

Including having a root exposed, grinding their teeth at night, having thin enamel. Or even if they have receding gum lines, or they have brush their teeth too hard and damaged their gums.

And the wide variety of causes, will have a wide variety of fixes. But once the dentist has dealt with the root cause of the problem. They will recommend a desensitizing toothpaste, the best one is Sensodyne.

However if after all of these problems have been fixed. And there toothpaste is not helping them have less sensitive teeth. They can do bonding, or other procedures that will help eliminate sensitivity.

When people want to visit their Ellerslie dentist. They may have a lot of questions about oral health, that will help them do what they need to have the best, as well as cleanest teeth. They just need to ensure that they are seeing their dentist regularly to ask these questions.