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When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. And are told that they should consider straightening their teeth. The reason is not purely a cosmetic one. While dentists want their patients to be happy with the way their smile looks.

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That reason why they would recommend getting their teeth straightened. Is so that they can have better overall oral health. Often, parents will hear this when their children go to the dentist.

And may not understand how important this is. To their overall oral health. For the rest of their life. The reason why dentists make this recommendation. Is because crooked teeth. Can cause areas of the teeth.

To be inaccessible, by a toothbrush, or dental floss. Therefore, it can be very impossible. No matter how good a patient’s oral hygiene habits are. To eliminate all food particles from their teeth.

The end result, is that the stuck on food. Can cause tooth decay. Which will cause cavities in a short amount of time. As well as tartar buildup, that can lead to gingivitis and gum disease.

Therefore, it is not cosmetic at all. Why Ellerslie dentist would want their patients to straighten their teeth. When they can do this as a child. They can avoid these problems from forming in the first place.

That over time, can result in so many cavities. Happening in the same spot. That the tooth itself would be at risk. And more than likely, be necessary to extract. While many people think that if that becomes a requirement.

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They can simply get a dental implant. To replace the tooth they lost. However, dentists will say. That if the teeth are crooked enough. It will be impossible for them to put in a dental implant.

This is why they recommend people fixing their teeth as early as possible. Ideally, in childhood. But if people reach adulthood. With the same problem. Then they should definitely look at getting their teeth straightened sooner rather than later.

And avoid dental problems. As well as large dental bills later on in their life. The second reason why Ellerslie dentist would make this recommendation. Is simply this. People will have a healthier diet.

When they can eat the fruits and vegetables that they want. Without causing pain to themselves. Crooked teeth, and teeth that are not aligned. Will create pain for patients. When they bite down on crunchy foods.

Such as taking a bite out of a juicy apple. Or quenching down on a hard carrot. This pain, can cause them to avoid healthy food. And have a less ideal diet. Impacting their overall health.

Therefore, if they hear from their dentist. That they should get their teeth straightened. This is something they should definitely take to heart. When people are ready to get started, they can hear all about the Invisalign system.

As well as get a free 3D scan of their smile. So that two weeks later, their first set of Invisalign liners can show up. And start people on their road to straight teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Oral Health Through Straightening Teeth

When people visit their Ellerslie dentist. One thing that they often bring up themselves. Is that they want straighter teeth. But they are not willing to get metal braces. The reason why they want straight teeth.

Is to make them look the way they want. And feel more confident about themselves. And are not willing to cause themselves more mental anguish. By putting what they consider ugly braces on their teeth.

Especially because metal braces will need to be worn. For a period of two or three years. Which is a long time for people to feel self-conscious about themselves. The good news, is that there is an alternative to metal braces.

That is suitable for patients of all ages. And for most dental concerns, including extremely crooked teeth. This system is an Invisalign liner. Which is a plastic shield, that people wear over there teeth.

That gently move their teeth into the desired position. Each liner is worn for approximately three weeks. And then they will receive another set by mail. With the next position that their teeth will be moved into.

The benefit of Invisalign, is first of all that they are invisible. They are clear, and people can wear them. Without anyone else knowing that they are straightening their teeth. People can talk normally.

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When they have a job where they talk a lot. Such as on the phone. Or going to be seeing clients in person. A secondary benefit to Invisalign according to their dentist. Is that Invisalign takes less time than traditional metal braces.

The reason, is because they make smaller, incremental changes. But they make those changes more often. Traditional metal braces on the other hand make larger moves. Less often. Which takes a longer time.

For the end result to happen. But also, the larger movements of the teeth are more risky to the teeth themselves. It is not an easy thing says Ellerslie dentist. Moving teeth through bone.

But that is exactly what straightening the teeth requires. With traditional metal braces. If the orthodontist is not careful. They might move the teeth too much. Which is moving the teeth too much too quickly.

And the end result, is the root of the tooth can start to erode. In order to move through the bone more efficiently. This can cause teeth to become loosened. Especially as people age, and their gum line recedes.

Another reason why people prefer Invisalign, because it is less painful. Simply because they are moving the teeth less often. People can say goodbye to tooth pain, job pain and headaches with Invisalign.

If people are interested in getting started with Invisalign today. All they have to do is make an appointment with the tooth doctor in Ellerslie. There able to get a complementary 3D smile scan. And receive their first liners, in the mail within two weeks. When people are ready, so as Ellerslie dentist.