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When people are getting ready to visit their Ellerslie dentist. They may have many questions that they want to ask. However, for one reason or another. They are nervous to ask these questions.
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Sometimes they think that a question. Will make them appear stupid. Especially if they assume. That they should have learned this by now. Or, they are nervous to ask a question.

And find out that they need to change their habits. Or change the way that they have been doing things. However, the dentist usually believes. That it is far better to ask the question. And change their habits now.

Then deal with a larger problem some point in the future. Especially because many Canadians. Do not have dental benefits. Which means they have to pay out-of-pocket. For a lot of their dental issues.

If they pay for regular dental cleanings. And dental checkups. Then they probably will not have to pay. Down the road for something expensive like a root canal. Or, now they need to remove tooth.

And get a dental implant instead. However, most dentists also understand. That the inside of a person’s mouth is very sensitive. And people are very nervous to let other people. Look at this part of their body.

That is why they always take the utmost care and respect. When either doing a cleaning. Or doing a checkup. They also want to ensure. That any questions that people have about oral care.

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Is answered, so that people can have. Not only the best, and most beautiful smile. But the healthiest one as well. One of the most common questions that Ellerslie dentist gets from their patients.

Is wondering what the best oral care routine home should be. While there is many different schools of thought on this. Ultimately, this is the routine that they recommend most people use.

They should first brush their teeth. A minimum of twice a day. At least once in the morning, after breakfast. And then after eating dinner. They should ensure they brush with a soft bristled brush.

A very firm bristled brush. Can actually damage their gums. And this damage ends up being permanent. As well as brushing away. The enamel on their teeth. The enamel is the protective layer.

And failure to do this, will cause people. To end up being more susceptible to cavities. And having even more sensitive teeth. Therefore, they should brush with a soft bristled toothbrush.

And avoid pushing too hard. Then, Ellerslie dentist says that patients need to floss every day. And use mouthwash, ideally after every time they brush. While this is what they can do at home.

Part of a good oral hygiene plan. Is to see the dentist on a regular basis. Ideally, every six months. They should get a dental cleaning. And during one of those cleanings. They should the seen by the dentist.

Who will do a checkup, to ensure. That their teeth and gums. Are as healthy as they should be.

Ellerslie Dentist | Patients Ask Some Questions

Even though many patients are nervous to ask their Ellerslie dentist questions. They try to ensure that they are welcoming enough. That people can find out. The answers to important oral care questions.

They also want patients to know that it is important. To ask these questions, as the only stupid question. Is the one that is unasked and therefore unanswered. Also, since they have many people ask the same questions.

People should be reassured by the fact. That so many of the same questions get asked by patients. And if they find out the answer. And will help them take better care of their teeth.

Ellerslie dentist says one of the most common questions they get from patients. Is how can people prevent tooth decay and gingivitis? Preventative maintenance is best says any dentist.

However, brushing their teeth twice a day. Using mouthwash, and flossing. Is not always enough. To prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Particularly as some people. Are simply genetically predisposed to having poor tooth health.

However, an important piece of the dental care puzzle. Is that people need to visit. Your dentist on a regular basis. So that they can get regular dental cleanings. The reason why cleanings are an important part of oral hygiene.

Is because no matter how good a person’s oral hygiene routine at home is. There will be parts of their teeth. That they cannot reach with a toothbrush. Such as below the gum line. And in the very far back of their mouth.

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Behind their molars for example. Therefore, a regular cleaning is necessary. To clean any tartar buildup. That actually can cause cavities. Before it actually does cause problems in a person’s mouth.

As well, Ellerslie dentist says if people are simply predisposed. To having poor quality teeth. Or, they have problematic gums. And are susceptible to gingivitis. Then regular dental visits.

Will help ensure that any problems that happen. Not because of a lack of oral care. But because of genetics. Our dealt with quickly. And while the problem is still small. Instead of when the problem is large.

And very difficult to manage. And finally, if people want to prevent tooth decay. And prevent gingivitis. The food that they eat actually plays. A very large part of their overall oral care.

Sugar and other processed foods. Because a lot of tooth decay. Because of the sugar content in it. Therefore, having a diet. In little refined sugar. And no processed food, is best for the teeth.

Ellerslie dentist recommends. Raw fruit and vegetables. Regularly, but also a balanced diet. With milk products, proteins. And grains, and minimal processed foods.

If patients still have questions. About tooth decay and gingivitis. As well as how to prevent that from happening. All they need to do is contact the tooth doctor, located on the south side of Edmonton.

They can arrange either a free consultation. Or a tooth cleaning, and checkup. And at either appointment, ask the burning questions they have. About their teeth, and oral care.