Ellerslie Dentist | Patients Want These Answers

Despite the fact that is often stressful visiting Ellerslie dentist. Many people often have questions. That they want answered. To help ensure that they are taking care of their teeth in between visits.
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A common question that they get. Is when they are doing a checkup. Where they want to take an x-ray of a person’s mouth. People want to know if a dental x-ray is absolutely necessary. To their oral hygiene.

The answer is that an x-ray is vital. Because not only will it help the dentist see. Parts of the mouth, that they cannot visually look at easily. Such as behind the molars for an example.

But because they can see things. That are not showing up visually. Such as cavities. The earlier a dentist can fix cavity. The easier, faster and more inexpensively. They can take care of the problem.

If a person waits until the dentist can see the cavity. Or they only come into their Ellerslie dentist. When they start to feel that something is wrong. Often, the problem is extremely large at this point.

And requires a long time, and invasive procedure. Or is very expensive to fix. Such as needing to pull the tooth. And replace it with a dental implant for example. Therefore, dental x-rays are very important.

As well, the x-rays will show. The health of the root of the teeth. And if there are any problems. Such as a tooth that is leaning. Or wisdom teeth, that are causing overcrowding. But from the underside.

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This is why everyone should get dental x-rays. However, Ellerslie dentist says. That children getting x-rays is as important. If not even more important than adults.

The reason why, is because dentists will be able to see. If there adult teeth are growing in properly. While most children will get there adult teeth. Between the ages of six and twelve.

Sometimes the teeth come in early. And sometimes they come in late. Both scenarios, requires intervention from the dentist. And knowing this ahead of time. Can ensure that proper action is taken in time.

As well, dentists will be able to use this information. In order to determine if the child. Is likely going to have overcrowding. And will need braces, or Invisalign. To correct the solution later in life.

Therefore, getting a dental x-ray. Whether a patient is young or old. Is an important part of their overall oral health. Another question that people have about dental x-rays. Is wondering if it is safe to get one.

Many people are aware that dental x-rays. Give off radiation. However it is not something for people to worry about. There is more radiation in a cell phone. Or in a commercial airplane flight. Then there is in hundred dental x-rays.

People also will get an iron bib. So that they are exposed to the fewest amount of raise as possible. And that dentists also use. A digital x-ray machine. Which emits the lowest amount of radiation possible.

Ellerslie Dentist | Patients Need These Answers

When patients have dental questions, they ask Ellerslie dentist. During their appointment, and they should know. That there is no such thing as a stupid question. The dentist has a list.

Of the most frequently asked questions. From patients during their cleanings. And during their yearly checkup. One of the most frequent questions. Out of them all, is from people wondering. How they can make their teeth whiter?

While there are a lot of products on the market. That people can buy from their drugstore. Such as whitening toothpaste. Whitening strips. And bleaching kits. These kits are great for maintenance.

But they are only designed to lift the shade. About one from the original shade of white. That people already have. Therefore, a toothpaste. That is only designed to lighten by one shade.

Is only going to offer maintenance, so that people will end up having. The same brightness of teeth, throughout the course of the year. The reason why, because as people are using a whitening toothpaste.

They are eating and drinking food that cause their teeth. To get died, or darken again. For example coffee, red wine, green tea and black tea. Or all culprits of dying people’s teeth a darker colour.

As well, fruits like blueberries and cherries. Have been known to stain a person’s teeth as they eat. Therefore, if people want a noticeably whiter smile. The over-the-counter products are not going to get that results.

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Therefore, Ellerslie dentist says they offer three different solutions. The most popular, and effective. Is there at home bleaching kit. This bleach is safe for people to use on their teeth.

And the difference between a whitening kit from the drugstore. Or a whitening kit from the dentist. Is that the bleach used by the dentist. Is considerably stronger than over the counter products. And the tray they use.

Will be taken from an impression of a person’s own teeth. So that the tray will be more comfortable. And they will get better results at the end. Of the use of the bleach whitening solution they use.

Again, the bleach used by the dentist. Will get them to have five shades whiter of their teeth. And if they continue to use their whitening products. They can usually keep that level of brilliance indefinitely.

However, Ellerslie dentist says bleach kits. Are not good for people who have sensitive teeth. So for these patients, they either recommend. Getting veneers, which is placing a false front.

Glued onto the front surface of a person’s teeth. So that it changes the look of the tooth. And they can get any shade of white they want. While veneers are great, they often are more invasive than people are looking for.

The last solution that people can get. Is called bonding. This is a slightly fatty solution. That is slightly translucent. And white. Adding a layer to the teeth. And letting it cure will brighten the smile for those patients.