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Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians says Ellerslie dentist. Visited their dentist last year. Regular visits to the dentist. Mean going at least once a year. And doing so every single year.
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While many Canadians visit the dentist. They only go when they perceive that there is a problem. And do not go for regular, preventative maintenance. This is a huge problem, that leads to huge problems.

The reason why people should visit their Ellerslie dentist. Every year for a checkup. Is because the dentist will be able to tell. If there are any problems that are starting. Particularly if they can use x-rays.

So that they can fix problems when they are small. And before they cause large problems. Like cavities that need a root canal. Or, problems that cause tooth. To need to be pulled.

And now, their dentist is talking to them about dental implants. Instead of filling a tiny cavity. That would have taken five minutes, two years ago. That is why visiting the dentist regularly.

It is of utmost importance. However, they do understand why. Often, many Canadians cannot afford dental care. Because without employer benefits. Many people cannot afford the dentist.

Despite the fact that dental benefits used to be covered. By Canadian universal healthcare. This is no longer the case, leaving many patients. Scrambling when they have a dental problem.

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However, the tooth doctor wants to work. With every patient, so that nobody. Has to go without dental care. Which means if anyone has any questions. Or if they would like more information.

They should contact the tooth doctor today. And arrange a consultation. To discuss what options they have. Another question that people have for their dentist. Is wondering why dental x-rays are so important.

Like anything says Ellerslie dentist. The best medicine is preventative medicine. And x-rays falling into that category. The reason why they use x-rays, is that problems. Like overcrowding, teeth that are tilting.

And cavities, can be seen very clearly. And very easily on an x-ray. Often, even before a dentist. Can visually spot the problem. Means a problem can be fixed incredibly fast. Before it becomes a larger problem.

Many people are concerned about getting x-rays. Because they are concerned about the radiation. People should not worry about this says most dentists. Not only did they use digital x-ray machines.

Which put out a fraction of the radiation. That traditional x-ray machines emit. But also, the amount of radiation. In the dental x-rays that people receive. Is much smaller than the amount of radiation they would get.

On a commercial air flight. Or, from using their phone just once. If people want to equal the same amount of radiation. That they would get exposed to on a flight from Edmonton to Vancouver.

They would have to get more than a hundred dental x-rays in a row. Therefore, people should understand that dental x-rays. Are not only necessary, but incredibly safe for everybody, including children.

Ellerslie Dentist | Patients Ought To Know

Despite the fact that many people are nervous to see their Ellerslie dentist. Almost ¾ of all Canadians. Have been to the dentist within the last year. However, it is not just seeing the dentist.

Every single year that is important. Good oral hygiene practices at home. Is of paramount importance to having healthy mouth and happy smile. However many people do not know everything they need to do.

In order to have a healthy happy smile. One of the first things that Ellerslie dentist recommends. Is it getting a good quality toothbrush. The bristles must not be too hard. Because they could damage their gums.

And erode the important enamel on the surface of their teeth. By not brushing too hard. They ensure that they remove the plaque, and tartar buildup. That cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

While ensuring, that they are not doing damage that would need a skin graft to fix. People should also get into the habit. Of brushing their teeth twice a day. While the recommendation used to be.

That people should brush their teeth. After every meal. Experts are no longer agreeing with that. First of all, because over brushing. Is such a problem. And when people aggressively brush their teeth three times a day.

The cause more damage to their mouth than is necessary. As well, the reason why experts no longer agree. That people should brush their teeth. Immediately after finishing a meal.

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Is because many foods actually weaken the enamel. And if people brush their teeth too soon after eating that food. They could brush away this enamel. Leading their teeth susceptible to sensitivity.

And susceptible to tooth decay, and cavities. Foods that typically cause problems. Such as softened enamel include citrus fruits. Like oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. And especially juice made from those fruits.

Acidic food like anything with vinegar in it. Including salad dressings. Will cause the enamel to be temporarily weekend. Therefore, people should brush their teeth. About half an hour after eating.

Rinsing their mouth out with water directly after the meal. Ellerslie dentist always recommends. That people rinse their mouth out with mouthwash. After brushing every time as well. Mouthwash gets rid of.

The bacteria that causes tooth decay and plaque buildup. That live on the different surfaces of the mouth. That did not get brushed. The hard and soft palate, the cheeks, tongue and gums for example.

Finally, people need to floss their teeth every day. In order to ensure that they are cleaning 40% of the surface of their teeth. By ignoring to floss, they are ignoring. Almost half of the surfaces of their teeth.

If people do not like flossing. There are many products that make it simple and easy. And finally, routine visits with the tooth doctor. Our an integral part of a good oral hygiene plan.

If people have not been in a while. They can come in for free consultation. The dentist will have a look. And that them know what they can expect. During their first checkup in a while.