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Despite the fact that everybody should be visiting Ellerslie dentist twice a year. There still a lot of questions. That people have about oral care. And having great hygiene with their teeth.
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As well, many people ask questions. That are not necessarily about oral hygiene. But are about helping people. Feel good about their smile. One of the most common questions Ellerslie dentist gets from their patients.

Is wondering how they can get a writer, writer smile. While some people have naturally bright and white teeth. Not everyone has the genetics. To allow them to have a brilliant white smile.

And, many people consume foods and drinks. That and up dulling the teeth. And dulling their smile as well. Drinks like green tea, coffee, black tea. And even things like red wine can cause permanent staining of the teeth.

And while many people and up. Using whitening toothpaste. And tooth whitening strips and kits from the drugstore. These are not a great option. If people are looking for great change in their smile quickly.

The reason why, is because the over-the-counter products. Only are designed to whiten teeth. By approximately one shade, with prolonged use. People who use these products.

Our helping avoid or minimize. Staining from consuming food and drink that will delve smile. However, if people are looking for a large change. Very quickly, Ellerslie dentist will be the place they want to visit.

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They have many options to brighten a person smile. However, there most popular option. Is a personalized tooth whitening kit. What this is, is a tray that they will make.

From taking an impression of a person’s teeth. And then, they will find out what shade of white. Their teeth are currently at. And how white people want to get their teeth. They will then get some bleach.

That they can put into the tray. And whiten their smile. In the comfort, and privacy of their home. With use of this kit, people can very easily go. Five shades whiter in a short amount of time.

Then, they can continue using their whitening toothpaste. To maintain that level of brilliant shine. So that they can put their best smile forward. When meeting friends and family.

However, bleach is not a good option. For anyone who has sensitive teeth. No matter what the reason for their sensitive teeth is. For these people, there are two options. Including veneers.

Which adds a false front to the teeth. Allowing dentists to get the teeth as white as people desire. However, this is considerably more invasive. And most people want. And then, bonding is an option.

The bonding material is a gel, that is thin. And adds a layer of white to the teeth. However, over time the bonding will wear off. As people eat and brush their teeth. To maintain this level of white.

It is recommended that people come in twice a year. To reapply the bonding material. And help people feel more confident about their brilliant white smiles.

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Whether people are visiting their Ellerslie dentist regularly. Or occasionally, they tend to have questions. An extremely common question that many people have. Particularly when they are supposed to get x-rays.

Is wondering if it absolutely necessary. To get a dental x-ray. And the answer to that question is a resounding yes. X-rays are perfect for seeing problems. Before they start to truly affect a person.

Things like cavities between teeth. That a dentist cannot visually see that. Can be fixed very quickly. And before it starts causing a problem for the patient. Also, the sooner problems can be caught.

The easier, faster. And more inexpensively it can be fixed. Which is also good for the patient in the long run. And x-ray will also show. Anything that is happening underneath the gums.

And inside the jaw line. For example, if teeth are starting to migrate. Or if wisdom teeth are starting to cause problems. Good dentists say that in children, it is even more imperative to get x-rays.

Simply because the dentist will want to know. When their adult teeth start to grow in. Especially if they are going to grow in particularly early. Or especially late for a child. So that they can ensure everything comes in properly.

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They will also see if there are any missing teeth. Particularly wisdom teeth. While most people are born with a full set, of four wisdom teeth. Some people are born with only two, or one.

And knowing this ahead of time. Can help your dentist figure out. If future plans are going to be needed. To minimize problems with wisdom teeth. As well, if there is overcrowding.

The dentist will be able to figure that out from the x-rays. And the sooner they can fix overcrowding. The easier it is to do. In the last time it will take. Therefore, yes x-rays are necessary.

However, some people are asking. Not because they do not want an x-ray. But because they are concerned about radiation. Ellerslie dentist said there is literally no need to be worried.

Not only do dental x-ray machines use digital technology. Which means they emit an even lower amount of radiation. Then their nondigital counterparts. But also, the x-ray machines that they use.

Emits less radiation than a cell phone. And someone would need to have one hundred dental x-rays. In a row, in order to equal the amount of radiation. On a two hour commercial airplane flights.

As well, Ellerslie dentist uses a Dawson metre. Which is a tool that measures radiation. And, they will ensure that a patient has an iron bid on. So that they do not get any of the minute amounts of radiation.

Emitted by their dental x-ray machine. If people have any more questions about x-rays. They should contact the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie today. For a consultation, or an appointment to clean their teeth.