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When people are sitting their Ellerslie dentist for their regular checkup or cleaning. They may have thought of questions throughout the year that they would like their dentist to answer.

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And one question that they ask above all other questions. Is how can people prevent tooth decay and gingivitis at home? This is an extremely important question, because while many people know the answer.

Fewer people do this, at least two the level that it needs to be done. To help people have the healthiest mouth possible. Ultimately, people can avoid tooth decay and gingivitis.

By brushing their teeth after every time they eat. For at least two minutes, with a soft bristled brush. Then, they should follow it up with dental floss, and then mouthwash.

While some people have heard that they need to brush at least twice a day. If they want to do as much as they possibly can. To eliminate gingivitis and tooth decay. They will do the entire routine after every time they eat.

However, because many people are also genetically predisposed to either tooth decay or gingivitis. Or how often they brush, they might be battling gingivitis or tooth decay anyway.

Which is why the best oral care routine. Involves visiting their dentist twice a year. So that they can get a checkup, and their teeth cleaned. To minimize problems early on such as cavities.

As well as get the cleaning that they need to eliminate tartar buildup that can help them steer clear of gingivitis. Because even though 75% of Canadians went to the dentist in the last year.

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75% of all Canadian adults also have gingivitis. Which shows how prevail in, and stubborn this dental disease is. And the right oral care routine. But also visiting their dentist. Important to eliminating problems.

Another question that people often have for their Ellerslie dentist. Is why are their teeth so sensitive? While there are many possible reasons, from grinding their teeth, having receding gums that expose their tooth root.

And even having their enamel to thin, ultimately, the most common causes of sensitive teeth. Is gingivitis. And through a regular oral care routine, and visiting their Ellerslie dentist twice a year.

People can eliminate having gingivitis, which will eliminate their sensitive teeth. Or at least make their sensitive teeth are less sensitive.

And at which point, the most dentist recommended to desensitizing toothpaste is Sensodyne. And once people get rid of gingivitis successfully, they should use this toothpaste to continue to protect their teeth.

However, if people have sensitive teeth for any of the other reasons. There are many different things that their dentist can do that will help keep their teeth from feeling the pain.

Including addressing the issue, or putting desensitizing material or bonding on their teeth. This will help people not only avoid the pain of sensitive teeth. But be able to enjoy their favourite foods, hot or cold.

There are many questions that people want to ask their dentist. And making an appointment can help them see their dentist. To ask them questions directly. That can help them have the healthiest smile.

Ellerslie Dentist | Popular Questions People Ask Their Dentist

One of the most important things that people should keep in mind, is that if they want to ask their Ellerslie dentist questions. They can make an appointment, and have a checkup and cleaning at the same time.

One of the most common questions that dentists will have from their patients. Is how often should they come in for an appointment?

While many people have often heard that they only need to go to a dentist once a year. Ellerslie dentist says they typically only need checkup once a year. But people should come to the dentist twice each year.

Because while the checkup will help them eliminate problems that they might be having. Such as cavities that are forming. And catch them before they become a larger problem. That puts the tooth at risk.

But they will get a cleaning at the same time. That can help get rid of tartar buildup. Especially below the gum line, that can cause gingivitis for example. And if they wait a whole year before getting another cleaning.

They might still have a problem up developing gingivitis, because they will be able to keep the tartar buildup off their teeth long enough. To not have this dental disease.

Therefore, by going to the dentist twice a year. They can get the cleaning that they need, to avoid developing dental diseases. That could cause them to have pain and discomfort.

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However, their dentist says that if people are coming back to their annual checkup. With multiple cavities or other problems. They will recommend coming to the dentist for a checkup more often.

So that they can stop these problems sooner. Which is especially important and helpful. If people tend to have a genetic predisposition to gingivitis or tooth decay.

Another question that their dentist has from patients. Is what is the best way to practice good dental hygiene home? The bare minimum is to brush twice a day, plus once and use mouthwash.

As well as not eating food directly for bed, as well as avoiding eating food that can cause problems such as drinking pop or citrus foods. As well as avoiding candy, since cavities are caused most often by sugar.

But aside from the bare minimum. Dentists actually recommend brushing for two minutes after every time they eat. As well as flossing, and using mouthwash to the same degree of regularity.

Because that will help them truly keep all of the bacteria that causes tooth decay away. And can work a lot more proactively in helping people avoid getting tartar buildup on their teeth that causes gingivitis.

By knowing what to do, as well as what to avoid. Can help people have the brightest, and healthiest smile. But it is also important that they visit their Ellerslie dentist regularly. Such as every six months. To ensure that the dentist is doing what they need to keep their smile healthy as well.