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Whether people visit Ellerslie dentist regularly. Or they only come in when they have a problem. People often have many questions. If more people knew the answer to these questions. Perhaps, fewer problems would arise.
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One of the most common questions that Ellerslie dentist does get. Is from people wondering if they truly need that dental x-ray. For many people, they do not want to undergo an x-ray.

Whether it is because they do not have insurance. And they do not want to pay for the expense of it. Or, they are nervous being at the dentist. And they do not want the appointment to be any longer than it needs to be.

For these people, the answer to the question. Is that the x-ray is necessary for the dentist to detect. Potential problems that may be happening. The best time to catch a dental problem, is early on.

And ideally, before the dentist even sees that it is a problem. By the time the dentist can see it. The problem is significant enough. And if people are only coming in to the dentist. When they feel a problem.

The issue could be very large. And take a long time to fix. Therefore, dental x-rays are vital. For catching cavities when they are small. And often in hard to locate places of the mouth. So that they can be fixed.

Before they become large, and a worse problem to fix. Once the cavities become so large. Not only is it expensive. But it is painful and time-consuming to correct.

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However, when people are concerned about dental x-rays. Because they are nervous about the radiation. Ellerslie dentist lets people know. That they use a digital x-ray machine.

At their tooth doctor, Ellerslie location. Which has significantly less radiation. Then at standard x-ray machine. In fact, the machine puts off such a low amount of radiation. That when used in conjunction with the dossimeter.

Which measures the amount of radiation. That a device puts off, the x-ray machine. Does not have a reading on the metre. Because of how little amount of radiation is emitted by the machine.

In fact, people could get one hundred dental x-rays. And still get less radiation than they would get. On a commercial airline flight. From Edmonton to Vancouver, one way. Therefore people who are concerned about radiation.

Should not be concerned about dental x-rays. And instead, the more concerned about the radiation. In everyday household items. Such as cell phones, and microwaves instead.

While x-rays are a very important part of oral hygiene. When people get the answers to their questions. And are no longer fearful of the machine. They can use this as a tool. To help them have a healthy mouth.

Whether people are adults. Or if it is a child that is getting a dental x-ray. In order to see if they potentially will have an overcrowded mouth. Or to gauge when their adult teeth will grow in.

Dental x-rays are an important, and complete part. Of having healthy mouth. And a complete oral checkup.

Ellerslie Dentist | Prevalent To Oral Care Questions

The sooner people visit Ellerslie dentist each year. The healthier mouth they will have. However, despite the Canadian health measures survey. That states 74% of Canadians. Have visited the dentist in the last year.

This survey does not show if they are regular visitors. To the dentist’s office. Because while many Canadians will visit the dentist. They need to go not just every year. But get cleanings midpoint through the year.

In order to have the healthiest smile they can. One question that Ellerslie dentist gets’s often. Is from people wondering why they need to get. To dental cleanings a year. They often only have one cleaning pay for.

From their employers dental benefits. And they are wondering about. How necessary it is to have two. The reason why to dental cleanings are so important. Is because the dental hygienist uses special tools.

To eliminate tartar buildup. That causes cavities and gingivitis. In places of the mouth, that a toothbrush cannot reach. Places like the far back corners of their mouth. In between teeth. And below the gum line.

As well, people should understand. That even if they have a perfect oral care routine. That alone is not going to be able to eliminate. All of the tartar buildup. It will eventually coat the entire tooth’s surface.

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Until people are unable to brush it away. When they visit the dental hygienist regularly. They will be able to clean their teeth. So that people can have a reduced chance. Of developing cavities. As well as lessening their chance of gingivitis.

As well, people visiting the dentist twice a year. Will be able to catch problems sooner. By the time the dentist sees someone, if they are going year. A cavity that may just have started six months ago.

Will be extremely large at their once a year checkup. But if they see a dentist sooner. That smaller cavity could be caught sooner. And fixed, before it becomes a larger problem.

As well, when people visit the dentist twice a year. It will allow people to ask the important questions. That can help them have healthier mouth. For example, many people wonder what type of diet they should have.

To have a healthy, clean mouth. Ideally says Ellerslie dentist. People should eliminate sugar from their diet. As sugar is the number one cause of cavities. Crunchy vegetables help clean off their teeth.

And keep their gums healthy. By causing the vibrations in the bone. That stimulate blood flow. And help keep the gums and jaw healthy. If people are only eating soft, mushy foods. There oral hygiene can suffer.

If people have any other questions. Or, simply want to know. If they have problems in their mouth. They can contact the tooth doctor at their Ellerslie location. For a free consultation.

The dentist will open their mouth. And look to see if they have any obvious problems. And what plan they can use. To minimize or eliminate those problems.