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When people do not visit Ellerslie dentist often enough. They may find that they have cavities. Or other dental problems like gingivitis. Therefore, when people do not visit the dentist regularly.
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One of the most common questions they ask. Is how did they prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. While the obvious answer, is through regular dental visits. According to experts, people should visit.

Twice a year, the first visit to get a dental checkup. From the dentist themselves. Where the dentist will look for cavities. Take dental x-rays, and ensure the overall health of their mouth and teeth.

At the same appointment, the dental hygienist will also be involved. They will clean the patient’s teeth. And this is incredibly important says Ellerslie dentist. Because brushing alone cannot get rid of.

All of the tartar buildup. Such as between the teeth. And below the gum line, that cause cavities. And also contributes to the forming of gingivitis. Therefore, even if a person has perfect oral hygiene.

They will eventually get a tartar buildup. That can cause cavities. And cause them to develop gingivitis. Getting this cleaned off their teeth. Twice a year is important preventative maintenance.

However, aside from regular dental visits. The next best way to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Is with a great oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing their teeth, twice a day.

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And when people brush, it is important that they do not brush to hard. And that they brush for two minutes. Anything less than that, and they are not adequately cleaning away. The bacteria that causes cavities.

As well, once they have brushed twice a day. Ellerslie dentist recommends they floss once a day. And use mouthwash, for every time they brush their teeth. Mouthwash is imperative.

Because it gets to all of the different places in the mouth. That the toothbrush cannot get to. As well as disinfects parts of the mouth. That people do not brush with a toothbrush. Such as the roof of their mouth.

Their cheeks, their gums and their tongue. However, the dental hygienist will recommend. As long as they are brushing gently. They should be brushing with the toothbrush, half on their teeth and half on their gums.

This will keep their gums in good condition. And stay very healthy. In fact, many people underestimate the importance. Of using mouthwash. One patient who lived to be ninety. And who did not have a single cavity in her mouth.

Was asked by the tooth doctor what the secret was. To her perfect smile. And she replied that she actually brushed her teeth with mouthwash. Which just goes to show how important it truly is.

When people are choosing a mouthwash. They should pick one that is alcohol free. If people have other questions about their oral routine. For about things like what the best toothpaste to use is.

They can call the tooth doctor in Ellerslie today. And arrange a consultation, or their first appointment. Where they can ask all the questions they need.

Ellerslie Dentist | Normal Dental Concerns

Despite the fact that 75% of Canadians says Ellerslie dentist. Have visited the dentist. Many people still have questions. That they want to know the answer to. That they are too shy to ask their regular dentist.

A common question once people get over their shyness. Is why do they have sensitive teeth. There are many different causes of sensitive teeth says Ellerslie dentist. However, the most common one is gingivitis.

Gingivitis causes inflamed gums. That can begin to recede away from the teeth. As the tooth root becomes more and more exposed. The tooth can become more sensitive. The reason why is simple.

The root of the tooth does not have the protective layer of enamel. Therefore, it is naturally more sensitive. But because it does not have the protective layer. It is more susceptible to bacteria. More susceptible to cavities.

And more susceptible to the ravages of hot and cold food. Therefore, simply having gingivitis alone. Is enough to cause sensitivity in many people. They will often try to manage this themselves.

By using a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. And while Sensodyne is the toothpaste that Ellerslie dentist most recommends. When it is used when someone has gingivitis. It is not enough to eliminate sensitivity.

What people can do to eliminate gingivitis. Is quite simply, getting their teeth cleaned. By the dental hygienist. By eliminating the tartar buildup. Below the gum line that causes sensitivity.

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And a good oral care routine. Can, over time. Eliminate a person’s gingivitis. Once they have eliminated the gingivitis. If they still have sensitive teeth. That is when their dentist will recommend Sensodyne toothpaste.

However, people have other reasons. Why they have sensitive teeth. Such as having a genetic predisposition. Because of sin enamel, or genetically damaged gums.

If getting a dental cleaning. And if using Sensodyne toothpaste. Is not enough to fix the teeth. Then the dentist can apply a desensitizing material. Patients can come in, have it applied.

And then they must avoid brushing their teeth. For twenty-four hours while it hardens and cures. This can eliminate sensitive teeth. However, it is not a permanent solution.

And people must return every few months. In order to get it reapplied. To continue to protect their teeth from being sensitive. However, if it is an exposed root that is causing a problem.

Ellerslie dentist can always simply add a filling. Over the exposed roots. Which will permanently take care of the sensitive tooth. And since many fillings are now completely white.

It will not draw any attention to their mouth. Because nobody will be able to see the filling. If people have any other questions about their teeth. About tooth decay and gingivitis. Or fixing sensitive teeth.

They should reach out to the tooth doctor located in Ellerslie. They can arrange either a free consultation. Or their first appointment. Where they can ask all the questions they need. To feel comfortable about the care of their teeth.