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The reason why Ellerslie dentist recommends most parents use dental sealants. To help protect their children’s teeth from tooth decay. Is because it is very effective, and economical.

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Many parents may think that this is unnecessary. Because they are teaching their child. How to brush their teeth. And are supervising them while they brush. However, Ellerslie dentist says.

That molars, are uniquely susceptible to cavities. Because they are notoriously difficult to brush. Not only are they located at the very back of the patient’s mouth. But the surface of them. Very rough.

With lots of sharp peaks, and pits, make it very difficult. For a toothbrush to get into all areas. To eliminate all traces of the bacteria. That is responsible for causing tooth decay and cavities.

In fact, not only are molars uniquely susceptible to cavities. But even adults, who have been brushing their teeth properly. For decades. Also have problems eliminating this bacteria.

Which means the children, who are just starting to learn. How to brush their teeth. Are often going to have problems. And might end up having tooth decay and cavities. Before learning proper brushing techniques.

Therefore, to protect children. From getting cavities when they should not. And when they are being very diligent about brushing their teeth. Dental sealants are the proactive answer.

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Dental sealants are actually a literal plastic barrier. That is applied onto the tooth. That prevents bacteria from getting to the tooth. Where it can cause problems like tooth decay and cavities.

This literal barrier, is applied very easily. By Ellerslie dentist, at the end of any appointment. It is very fast. Patients will scarcely feel anything during this quick procedure.

The start of the procedure is when their dentist. Uses cotton, to surround the teeth that they are going to be applying the sealant to. This keeps the teeth dry during the process.

The teeth must be kept dry. To avoid contaminants from getting under the sealant. But also, to prevent problems. With the sealant adhering to the tooth. Once the teeth have been surrounded by cotton balls and gauze.

The second step, would be for the dentist to apply a very mild acid. With a cotton ball, to the surface of the teeth. In a process called etching. The etching is designed to remove any bacteria.

As well as any impurities, such as saliva remnants. From the surface of the teeth. So that the dental sealant will adhere properly. After the etching process, the dentist will rinse and dry the teeth.

The teeth are now ready to have the dental sealants applied to them. Which will be a very clear liquid. By using a cotton swab. The dentist will apply it carefully. Ensuring that they cover all areas of the teeth.

The final step is curing the sealant. From a thin liquid to a hard plastic. Which is done with a UV light. By shining this light into the patient’s mouth. They are hardening the sealant. And protecting their teeth from cavities.

Ellerslie Dentist | Preventing Tooth Decay From An Early Age

It is very important for parents to realize when their Ellerslie dentist. Recommend dental sealants, it is very effective at protecting their teeth. Against tooth decay, and cavities that can cause them greater problems.

The sealants, are a literal thin plastic barrier. That will be adhered to the teeth. In a very fast procedure. And can remain on the teeth. For a decade. Or in children, until their adult teeth grow in.

The reason why Ellerslie dentist will recommend this from a very early age. Is because it is important that they get the sealant applied, before the child develops any cavities. As a will no longer be able.

To get dental sealants, once they have cavities on their teeth. Some parents may wonder why it is important. To apply dental sealants to their young child’s teeth. When they are eventually going to lose those teeth.

And grow in adult teeth in their place. However, most dentists say it is important. That children have all of the teeth that they are supposed to. To help them eat properly and thoroughly.

But also, because the teeth are needed. To help the adult teeth grow in properly. When children lose their baby teeth too early. Larger dental problems await them says Ellerslie dentist.

Not only that, but feeling cavities in a child’s baby teeth. Giving them a root canal, or unfortunately extracting them. Can be expensive, invasive. And traumatic on the child.

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On the other hand, dental sealants can actually cost a fraction of the price. Of a single cavity filling. Therefore, not only is it effective. At protecting against cavities.

It is cost effective as well, even if the parent gets the sealant done in their young child. Before they lose their baby teeth. And then again, once the child has grown in all of their permanent teeth.

It can help parents avoid huge dental bill. If they visit their dentist, and discover that their child has two or three cavities for example. What is even more beneficial.

Is that dental sealants, can actually last up to ten years. And while this does not replace good oral hygiene. Or regular visits to their dentist. If the sealants become cracked or chipped.

Regular visits to the dentist. Can fix those chips and cracks. So that people can end up with protected teeth. For many decades. Getting them reapplied. As soon as they need replacing.

Anyone can get dental sealants as well. As long as they have never had cavities before. Which is why people should ask their dentist about getting dental sealants early on. And then continue to take care of them well into their life.

When parents are ready to get there child dental sealants. Or if they are looking for this procedure for themselves. The best place to start looking. Would be to call the tooth doctor.

Conveniently located, in Southwest Edmonton, in the neighbourhood called Ellerslie. They are ready for everyone’s dental concerns.