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Many people may be aware that fluoride is important to protect their teeth says Ellerslie dentist. But they are not exactly sure how this happens. Or how to get the fluoride they need to protect their teeth.

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They often see, an important ingredient on their toothpaste when they are purchasing it. Being fluoride, and know that it is beneficial. But they are not sure exactly how their body, or their teeth benefits from using it.

When people brush their teeth with a toothpaste with fluoride. What happens, is that the body uses a process called remineralization. To take the fluoride in the toothpaste. And put it onto the surface of the teeth.

This fluoride then creates a protective barrier between the teeth, and environmental damage. Damage such as acids, that can wear down and soften the enamel. It is commonly found in food.

Food such as citrus fruits, oranges, lemons and limes for example. As well as tomatoes, vinegar. And even soft drinks. Contain acids, that can wear down the enamel. And cause tooth decay.

Fluoride however, creates a protective barrier. That the acid wears down the fluoride. And not their teeth. This is why it is so important to have this protective barrier. Unfortunately, brushing their teeth alone.

Does not protect the teeth adequately. There are several reasons for this. People often are not brushing their teeth often enough. Or if they are, they are not brushing their teeth long enough. To protect them with fluoride.

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Or, they may simply not to be reaching every single area of their mouth. With a toothbrush, leaving some of the spots of their teeth unprotected and vulnerable. This is why it is so important.

For people to go to their Ellerslie dentist every six months. They can apply a concentrated paste, or varnish of fluoride. Directly to their teeth. And it will help coat every single surface. To protect it.

In fact, it is important for everyone, man, woman and child. To get regular fluoride treatments every six months. As they brush, and consume acidic food. Fluoride will be worn away.

Which is why going to the dentist every six months will be beneficial. As children, going for this treatment at least every six months. Will ensure that their teeth can get as healthy a start in life as possible.

And when they become adults. Ellerslie dentist says it is just as important to continue this routine. Because they can face problems, that will make their teeth more susceptible to toothed decay and gum disease.

For example, as people age. They can develop dry mouth syndrome. Or have dry mouth be a side effect of their medication. Dry mouth sufferers, are more susceptible to cavities.

Because they lack the saliva, that protects their teeth. Therefore, adults who get regular fluoride treatments. Protect their teeth whether they have dry mouth, exposed roots. Or have crowns, bridges and braces.

If people want more information about how to protect to their teeth. They should contact the tooth doctor today for an appointment. And for all of the answers to their questions.

Ellerslie Dentist | Protect Your Teeth With Fluoride Treatments

People often do not know what fluoride does says Ellerslie dentist. But they are do not ask their dentist. Often making assumptions about this mineral. Leaving their teeth vulnerable and unprotected.

People often wonder if it is safe to use fluoride. Because while there toothpaste will have warnings. Against swallowing the toothpaste with fluoride. People are often aware that fluoride is put into the water supply.

If it is unsafe to consume in toothpaste. How can it be safe to drink? The answer is all in quantity says Ellerslie dentist. Toothpaste contains an extremely high concentration of fluoride.

And the reason is, there needs to be enough fluoride. For the body to be able to use through process called remineralization to add to the surface of the teeth.

When fluoride is consumed, in foods and drinks. The body can use every single bit of fluoride that is consumed. And internally uses it in the process every mineralization. To add a protective layer onto the teeth.

The difference in how the body uses the mineral. But important role in the quantity of it. As well, the amount of fluoride in the drinking water. Is so small. That people could not drink enough water.

To create problems by swallowing too much of it. And while it is definitely possible to have too much fluoride. It does not creates a life-threatening problem. It just fails to protect the teeth properly.

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When people have accidentally swallowed toothpaste to often. They can end up with something called dental fluorosis. Which causes the fluoride to buildup in excess on their teeth.

At that point, there is too much fluoride to adequately protect the teeth. Which is why it is not beneficial for people to consume large quantities of this mineral. If a person has accidentally done this.

All they have to do is visit Ellerslie dentist. And they will apply very carefully and acid to the teeth. That will erode the excess fluoride. Eliminating the buildup, and any discolouration that was caused by it.

Therefore, people should not even be concerned. About what will happen if they consume too much fluoride. Since it is a very easily treated problem. Therefore, it is safe to consume water with fluoride in it.

It is safe to use toothpaste with fluoride in it. As long as they do not swallow it. And despite the fact that it is in their toothpaste and water. People should still visit their dentist for regular treatments. It will be a safeguard, ensuring all of the teeth are protected.

As well, if people end up having braces, or other hard to brush implements in their mouth. The fluoride treatment as applied by their dentist. Will get in all of the hard-to-reach areas. Protecting every aspect of their teeth for healthy smile.

When people are ready to protect their teeth. All they have to do is call the tooth doctor for an appointment at one of their three convenient locations. They can get a checkup, fluoride treatments. And answers to all their questions.