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A simple, and effective procedure to protect against cavities says Ellerslie dentist. Our dental sealants, which are a barrier. That are applied onto the molars of a patient’s teeth.

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However, many parents. May not of ever heard of dental sealants. And therefore, are not getting their child in for this very important procedure. That is great preventative dental maintenance.

In fact, according to the National health and nutrition examination survey. A small percentage of children ever get this procedure. With 30% of children between the ages of 6 to 11.

Ever getting this procedure. While 38% of adolescents. Between the ages of twelve and nineteen get dental sealants themselves. However, Ellerslie dentist is certain that if parents were more educated.

About what dental sealants are, how they protect their children’s teeth. And how cost-effective they are. More parents would get this important procedure for their children.

For example, what they are, are a literal been plastic barrier. That is adhered to the patients teeth. And then, protect those teeth. Against of the bacteria. That is responsible for tooth decay, and eventually cavities.

Many parents might hear of dental sealants. And think of it as the though it is a fluoride treatment. Being painted on the patient’s teeth. And not actually being a physical barrier.

But this is not true of dental sealants. They are applied as a liquid. And then are cured, hardening onto the patient’s teeth. Where they will last for a length of up to ten years.

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Protecting the teeth from not just the bacteria. That causes tooth decay and cavities. But from where and tear, such as eating acidic food as well says Ellerslie dentist.

However, some parents may wonder. Why it is important to protect their young children’s teeth. When they are eventually going to lose those teeth. And grow in their permanent set.

Ultimately, dentists say this is important. Because the children will need to those teeth. To be able to eat healthy. But also, so that their adult teeth can grow into the right location.

Larger dental problems await children. Who lose their baby teeth early. And have to go many months, or years. Without certain teeth helping their adult teeth grow in. This can be more expensive in the long run for the parents.

But also, if the children and up with cavities. That need to be filled, or a root canal needs to be performed. Or even a tooth extraction. It will be more expensive. And more invasive for the child as well.

That is why they recommend young children get this procedure done. And then when they lose their baby teeth. And have a full set of their permanent teeth. Get the procedure done once more.

Parents are concerned about cost, they can breathe easy. That this procedure. Is a literal quarter percent of the cost of getting one cavity fill. Therefore, to applications of the dental sealants.

Can be less expensive in the long run. If I had better protection for their children’s teeth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Protecting Your Teeth Against Cavities

Many parents have not heard about dental sealants says Ellerslie dentist. Despite the fact that it can be an extremely effective procedure. To help their child guard against cavities, and tooth decay.

In fact, they recommend that parents get this procedure done on their child. As early as possible. When they receive all of their first set of teeth. Because it can prevent larger problems from developing.

Many parents are worried about an unnecessary invasive procedure. And Ellerslie dentist can put their minds at ease. Telling parents that this is a very simple, and fast procedure.

That their child will not even feel, because it is very gentle. The first step, will have Ellerslie dentist packing cotton rolls around the molars that they are going to treat but the dental sealants.

This will keep the teeth dry, as that is important to ensuring that the sealants adhere properly. The next step is called etching, where the dentist will take very mild acid formula.

And paint that on the patient’s teeth. To get rid of any bacteria, or contaminants. That will impact the sealants ability to adhere to the teeth as well. Once the etching is complete. A quick rinse of the teeth.

And a quick wipe up a cotton ball, to ensure that they are dry. And the teeth are ready for the next step. By applying a thin layer of the sealant. Which at this point, is a thin liquid.

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Using a cotton swab, to apply it to all of the areas of the molars. Ensuring that every area is covered. The teeth are now ready for the final step. Curing is that the last step needed.

And requires exposure to a UV light. For just a minute or two. And at the end of this procedure. The dental sealant procedure is done. And the patient can get back to their regular life.

Going back to school, speaking. And eating whatever they desire. In fact, with how easy this is. As well as economical, it is very easy for most people to be able to do. So that they can avoid larger dental bills in the future.

Once children have had this procedure. That only will they be protected. But they will be able to get this procedure done. Once they lose all of their baby teeth, and have their full set of adult teeth grown in.

Is preventing anyone from continuing to get dental sealants. Will into adulthood. As an effective and economical means. To protect against cavities from forming.

The only caveat that Ellerslie dentist has patients. Is once they have their dental sealants. It is not a substitute for good oral care. They still must brush their teeth twice a day. And floss their teeth.

As well as come back to the office for regular appointments. So that not only can they get their teeth cleaned and examined. But if the sealants have cracked or chipped. They can get it fixed, before their molars are at risk. Of developing cavities in the future.