Ellerslie Dentist | Protecting Children’s Teeth With Sealants

The one thing that parents can do to help protect their child’s teeth says Ellerslie dentist. Is to get the dentist to apply dental sealants on their teeth. Even if parents are teaching their child.

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Good brushing habits. And watch them as they brush their teeth every day. Brushing alone, is not necessarily enough. To protect children. From the ravages of tooth decay, and cavities.

People should consider what molars look like. Having a very rough surface. With lots of pie jagged areas. And low valleys. Dentists call this type of surface, full of pits and features.

What makes the molars great at chewing and crashing food. Makes them hard to clean unfortunately. And adults, with great toothbrushes. And great oral hygiene habits. Often struggle trying to clean these teeth.

Therefore, children. You are just learning how to brush their teeth. And are learning their fine motor skills. Are definitely going to struggle. And will more often than not. Leave behind bacteria unintentionally.

This bacteria can cause tooth decay, as well as cavities. Which is why Ellerslie dentist recommends applying the dental sealants. However, one of the most common questions that they get from parents.

Is wondering why they should protect their children’s baby teeth. When they are eventually going to fall out. Ultimately, the answer to this question. Is because they do not want the child to lose their teeth prematurely.

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Because they need those teeth, as long as they are designed to have them. They need their teeth to eat and chew. So that they can be nourished. But also, because the teeth will help their adult teeth grow in properly.

Therefore, any teeth that children have. That have tooth decay. Or develop cavities. Will need to be fixed. Either through feeling cavities, a root canal. Or pulling the tooth. All of these are very invasive.

As well as stressful for the child to go through. And in addition to that, parents need to know that they are very expensive. Dental sealants can help prevent all of those things. By becoming a protective barrier.

Protecting the tooth against the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Not only that, but parents should also know says Ellerslie dentist. That applying dental sealants is much less expensive.

Around a quarter of the cost as filling a tooth. Therefore, as parent can save significant amounts of money. On the future dental bills. By getting the dental sealants. And then being likely to avoid.

Their child cavities, that will require more expensive dental procedures. Not to mention these procedures will most likely be stressful for a child to go through.

When parents are ready to talk to their dentist about dental sealants. Or they are ready to get it done. The best place to contact, is the tooth doctor. Located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

They can make an appointment for a checkup, for cleaning. And then make the request. That at the end of the appointment, that they apply dental sealants. To their children’s teeth, and help them avoid cavities for many years.

Ellerslie Dentist | Protecting Your Child’s Teeth With Sealants

There are many things that Ellerslie dentist can recommend. To patients, and parents for healthier teeth and mouths. When of those things, is getting dental sealants applied in the patient’s mouth.

However, dental sealants cannot be placed over cavities. Therefore, it is very important. That people start getting dental sealants. Before they get their first cavity. Which is why the dentist will recommend.

Getting dental sealants from a very early age. In fact, no ages to young. Because not only is this a noninvasive procedure. It is not harmful at all. No side effects. In fact, it can be over in less than five minutes.

How the Ellerslie dentist will do this procedure. Is first, by packing cotton in the patient’s mouth. Around the teeth that are getting treated. So that they can become dry. Once this has happened.

The dentist will then take a very mild acid. And paint the tooth with it. That will be treated with the dental sealants. This removes any bacteria. And other impurities that can cause problems.

Ensuring that the dental sealants, will not adhere properly to the tooth itself. Applying the acid is called etching. And when the etching is over. The next step, is rinsing and drying the teeth.

Once the teeth are rinsed and dried. Interest will then apply the dental sealants. Which this point, is a clear liquid. That they can apply using a brush, or cotton swab. Once all areas of the teeth have been covered.

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The final step, is curing the liquid. So that it dries into a very hard solid. By shining a UV light into the patient’s mouth. Ellerslie dentist will ensure that the sealant adheres to the teeth.

Where it will stay, for approximately ten years. However, there can be cracks or chips that happen. If the child is involved in rough sports, grinds their teeth at night. Or eats a lot of hard, crunchy food.

This is why continuing to visit their dentist. For regular checkups and cleanings is important. They will also be able to check the integrity of the sealant. And if they need to be paired.

It can be prepared, or reapplied. Once the child ages, and loses their baby teeth. The recommendation is to get the dental sealant again. So that all of their adult teeth can be protected.

Before they get cavities, or any tooth decay in their permanent teeth. Parents will be very pleased to find out. That the cost of dental sealants. Is a mere fraction of what it would cost. To fill a cavity.

Or, pay for a root canal. And even a dental extraction, if the cavity was too bad. Therefore, they can protect against high dental bills as well. While protecting their children against tooth decay.

When parents are ready, all they have to do. Is pick up the phone and call the tooth doctor. In order to get an appointment, to help their children have healthy teeth for a lifetime.