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Many people think that just by going to their Ellerslie dentist. For regular checkups, and teaching their children how to brush and floss. Is enough to protect their children from tooth decay and cavities.

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Unfortunately, this is not quite true. Because molars, often provide a tricky situation. For many people, children as well as adults. This is because of the shape, and texture of these teeth.

Ellerslie dentist calls these textures pits and features. That make the surface uneven. And while it makes teeth amazing for grinding our food to swallow. It makes it very difficult to clean properly.

There are high, sharp peaks. And very low areas. That make it very difficult. For a typical toothbrush. To reach not just the back of the mouth. But to get into all of the next and crannies of a molar.

And if adults, who had a lifetime of practice. Brushing their teeth properly. Have a hard time cleaning their teeth properly. Children, who are just learning. And are still working on their fine motor control.

May not be able to properly protect their teeth enough. And can end up with tooth decay, and cavities. This is the exact reason why Ellerslie dentist recommends. Parents protecting their children’s teeth.

By applying dental sealants on them. This is a noninvasive procedure. That will help to the teeth. By becoming a barrier between the tooth itself. And the bacteria that causes tooth decay, as well as cavities.

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This sealant is made up of a very thin layer of plastic. That is here to and then cured onto the patient’s tooth. However, one question that many parents have for their dentist.

Is why they should protect their child’s baby teeth. Because they are eventually going to lose them anyway. There are many answers to this question. Even though they will lose them eventually.

Until the child loses this first set of teeth. They play a very important function in the child’s mouth. First of all, they help the child eat the food that they need. To have nourishment in their body.

And also, if they end up getting cavities. Not only will those cavities hurt. But the process to fill the cavities. Give the child root canal. Or pull the tooth. Not only is expensive, also invasive.

And typically, quite traumatic for the child. To spare their child from all of these problems. All they need to do. Is to get their child dental sealants. Before they have their first cavity in their mouth.

As well, if the child ends up without a tooth in that location. It makes growing in their adult teeth even more difficult. And they might end up needing to straighten their teeth later in life.

This is why the recommendation. Is that parents of children get dental sealants put onto their children’s teeth. And earlier in life. So that they can avoid having the cavities that threaten the health of their teeth, and oral hygiene.

Ellerslie Dentist | Protecting Children’s Teeth With Dental Sealants

Protecting children’s teeth is something that Ellerslie dentist takes seriously. Which is why they recommend to parents. That they get their child protected. By applying this thin layer of plastic on their teeth.

However, many parents want to know. What is involved in applying dental sealants. Because they do not want to subject their child. To an invasive, or stressful procedure.

Most parents will be very delighted no. That not only is this a non-invasive procedure. But it is also very quick as well. The first step, is ensuring that the teeth are dry. Which is done with cotton.

Being put into the mouth, surrounding the teeth that are being treated. Once they are dry, the dentist will apply a very mild acid. Designed to clean bacteria. And all other substances like saliva off teeth.

Other substances, can interfere with the sealants ability. To adhere properly to the teeth. And may main fact, trap bacteria to the tooth. Where problems could happen quite easily.

Once the acid application is done, called etching. The next step. Would be for Ellerslie dentist to rinse, and then dry the teeth once more. At this point, they are free to apply the dental sealants.

Which will be a clear liquid at this point. By applying it with a cotton swab. To the surface of the molar. Once the dentist is satisfied with the coverage. The last step, is curing it with a UV light.

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By exposing the sealant to this light. In a matter of just a couple of minutes. The sealant will harden. To a very hard material, that is adhered to the teeth. And unless it is chipped off, will last for about ten years.

Or, until the child loses their baby teeth. And then have it reapplied, to all of their adult teeth when they are older. One of the biggest benefits of the dental sealants. Aside from protecting the teeth against tooth decay.

Is that it is very inexpensive. It will take approximately a quarter of the cost that filling a cavity would be. So that parents can not only protect their child’s teeth. From tooth decay. But they will also be able to protect themselves.

Against high dental bills. Encased their child has one or more cavities, at a dental appointment in the future. Even if they get the dental sealants applied. To their child’s mobile they are young.

And then again, when they are older. That will still be half the cost. Of getting a single cavity filled. So while it protects the child’s teeth. It will also help the parents avoid costly dental bills.

When parents are convinced that they should get dental sealants applied to their children’s teeth. Their next step would simply be calling Ellerslie dentist, the tooth doctor. Located in Edmonton.

They can make their regular dental appointment. And then add the dental sealant application. To the end of the appointment. To continue to protect their teeth. For healthy teeth and gums.