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The reason why Ellerslie dentist will recommend. Parents get their child dental sealants. Is because it is great preventative maintenance. On their children’s teeth, to ensure they are less likely to get cavities.

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Many parents wonder if this is necessary. Especially if they are very good. I getting their children to brush their teeth every night. However, dentists will want parents to understand.

That even adults have a hard time. Adequately brushing their molars. Because of the rough surface of the teeth. The rough surface includes jagged points. And low valleys, that dentists call pits and features.

And while this rough surface makes it very easy. For people to chew their food effectively. It makes it difficult to clean. Not only are molars located on the very back of the mouth, where they are hard to reach.

But even a great toothbrush, is difficult. To get into all of the next and crannies of the molars. Making them especially susceptible. To tooth decay, and cavities. That is caused by bacteria from food.

Therefore, if this is something that adults struggle with. Children who are learning how to brush their teeth. No matter how diligent their parents are. At getting them to brush and floss.

They still, are more susceptible to cavities. Then if they had dental sealants put into place. However, many parents often wonder. If this is absolutely necessary in their children. Who only have their baby teeth.

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However, Ellerslie dentist would make the argument. That a child’s teeth are important. Even if they are just baby teeth. Because they need those teeth to eat their food. To stay healthy, but also

Because even in baby teeth. If they get cavities, they will need fillings, root canals. Or to be pulled. All which are expensive, invasive and traumatic experiences. That can have the child fearful of the dentist.

Therefore, the recommendation. Is to get the dental sealants. And then never need fillings, root canals or tooth extractions. Something else that parents should also keep in mind. Is that the cost.

Of dental sealants, is literally loan quarter of the price. Of getting a single cavity filled. Therefore, even if they get the dental sealant procedure done. Once for their young child. And again when they become a teenager.

That is still half the cost that they would pay. If they ended up with a single cavity. Making this a much more preferred procedure. But in addition to that says Ellerslie dentist. It is a much less invasive procedure as well.

In fact it can be done in less than five minutes. And does not need the child to have their teeth frozen. And also does not require them to feel any pain. There are virtually no side effects to dental sealants.

Therefore, parents who want to help keep their child healthy. Happy and unafraid of the dentist. And save money. Should get dental sealants. They can start, but calling the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton.

Ellerslie Dentist | Protecting Your Teeth By Getting Sealants

There are several reasons why Ellerslie dentist will recommend. That parents protect their child’s teeth with dental sealants. While this is not a necessary procedure. It is a very good idea for many reasons.

The dental sealants, are a Thin layer of plastic. Protecting the molars. That can help prevent cavities. By acting as a protective barrier. Between the tooth itself. And the bacteria that cause cavities.

The most important things to remember about dental sealants. Is that they first of all, cannot be placed over top of cavities. Therefore, it is important that a child gets this done. Early enough in their life.

That no cavities will have informed to that point. And that after the dental sealants are applied. That the parent still impresses upon how important. It is for the child to brush their teeth.

Because even though the molars will be protected. The sides, and the remaining teeth. Still need good oral hygiene habits. To keep them protected against tooth decay and cavities.

But also, because dental sealants. Can end up with cracks, or chips. It is important that they brush their teeth regularly. As well as floss, in case they have a chip or a crack. And there tooth is susceptible to bacterial damage.

It is also important that the parents bring their child back. To Ellerslie dentist on a regular basis. So that they can get a routine examination. And a cleaning of their teeth. As well as a visual inspection.

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Of the sealant that is in place. Because if they do have chips or cracks. The dentist can then fix it. So that they are protected completely once again. Many parents, before they agree to letting their Ellerslie dentist apply sealants.

Often want to know how it is applied. Because they do not want their child to endure. A traumatic, or long dental procedure. The good news for these parents, is that it is extremely quick.

And can be applied, within five minutes. At the end of any dental visit. The procedure is quite easy. They will first pack roles of cotton. Around the teeth that will be treated to keep them dry.

Then, they will use a cotton swab. To apply in acid directly to the teeth. Designed to remove any bacteria. That might impede the sealants ability. To adhere to the child’s teeth.

After the etching is over. Ellerslie dentist will then rinse, and dry the teeth once more. Before painting the liquid plastic over the surface of the molars. The final step is curing the plastic.

So that it dries into an extremely hard surface. This curing is done with UV light. And takes just one or two minutes. And then the entire procedure is done. It takes less than five minutes. To protect the child from cavities.

If parents are ready to get this procedure done. All they have to do, is contact the tooth doctor, located in Ellerslie, Edmonton. Quick appointment, can get them a dental checkup. In the sealants that can help them stay cavity free.