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Patients who visit Ellerslie dentist for the first time. Often ask questions, about their silver fillings. That they may have had in their head. For many years. This is continuing to be a common question.

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Because many people are aware. That their silver dental fillings. Contain trace amounts of mercury. And they want reassurance, that it is not going to cause. Significant health problems later on in their life.

Mercury is known to be quite toxic. In its original, and liquid format. However, while it is toxic. The format that the mercury is in. In a dental amalgam is different. And much more safe.

And while there Ellerslie dentist can reassure patients. Over and over, that it is absolutely safe. Many patients have other questions about it. To help them feel as reassured as the dentist is.

One of the first questions that they have. Is if it is completely safe. Why does there tooth hurt. When they accidentally bite down on a piece of foil. Whether people have actually been down on foil.

Or, been down on their fork. Anyone who has silver fillings. And have done this, our familiar with the very bizarre sensation. Some people says it feels painful. While others say it feels like an electric shock.

What is happening, is something called galvanic action. When two different types of metals. Get close to each other, there is a reaction. And on its own, it might not feel like much.

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However, in a wet, and slightly salty environment. Such as the inside of a person’s mouth. The two different metals, and the saliva. Creates a battery. This is the jolt of a sensation that many people feel.

And why, there is more often a metallic taste. In people’s mouths. After they have accidentally been down on foil or their fork. However, this does not indicate that an amalgam filling is dangerous.

Another question that Ellerslie dentist gets. Is should people replace their amalgam fillings. With white fillings instead? And again, while this is a common question. Dentists typically say this is not a recommendation.

First of all, because the amalgam fillings do not pose a threat. But secondly, because if the teeth not have a problem. A dentist should not remove the fillings. Because they could create one.

By removing the old fillings. And putting new ones in. The dentist can inadvertently cause trauma to the tooth. And a patient can end up needing a root canal. Or, having the entire tooth pulled. And put dental implant instead.

And while some people dislike the cosmetic look. Of a silver filling in their tooth. They also would prefer, keeping all of their teeth in their mouth. Then having problems and needing to replace a tooth.

For other questions. As well as dental cleanings, Invisalign and dental implants. Patients can make an appointment with the tooth doctor. In any of their three, convenient locations. In order to have a happy, healthy mouth.

Ellerslie Dentist | Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Amalgam

Despite the fact that there are many studies proving them safe says Ellerslie dentist. Many people are still concerned about dental amalgam. This is because it is known to contain mercury.

This is why when people visit Ellerslie dentist for the first time. They ask many questions. Starting with, is mercury a toxic substance? Many people seem to remember that mercury is toxic, and even deadly.

And while dentists cannot deny the fact. That liquid mercury. In its original format. It is dangerous, in dental amalgam. It is in a completely different format. And therefore, less deadly.

Another question that people have for their dentist. Is wondering, exactly what dental amalgam is. Dental amalgam is an alloy. Which means it is a mixture of several metals together.

In order to come up with a new substance. With all of the desired characteristics. For example, stainless steel is an alloy. That was created, in order to combine characteristics. Such as strong, and rustproof.

Dental amalgam, was created. To be extremely strong, durable and inexpensive. Dentists created it, by mixing liquid mercury. With powdered metals, to make up the alloy. There are several metals that could be included.

Such as copper, tin, or silver. But also a could include zinc, platinum, palladium and iron just for an example. Blended together, this alloy, is extremely durable. And does not have any of the toxicity of mercury.

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Another question that Ellerslie dentist has. Is by patients wondering. Is amalgam deemed safe by the Canadian dental Association? This is a great question, and the answer is yes. But also, so does another organization.

The Alberta dental Association, as well as the tooth doctor, located right in Edmonton. It is also deemed safe, by Canada’s FDA. Which stands for food and drug administration. They all have done extensive research.

As well as read a lot of papers. About how safe dental amalgam is. And it is not just that they are relying on years old research. Using new technology, they are continuing to study it.

To ensure that it is still safe for use. In patient’s mouth. And while amalgam, is not the default anymore. There are many reasons why the dentist. Would want to put this instead of white fillings.

Such as the location of the filling. Is in a spot that is hard to reach. Or more specifically. It is hard to dry. The tooth must be both dry. In order to put in the white filling. And in some areas of the mouth.

This is difficult, if not impossible to achieve. Which is why there Ellerslie dentist. Will make the recommendation. That they put in dental amalgam. In order to protect their teeth more adequately.

When people have any questions. About dental amalgam. Or their own teeth. The first call they should make should be to the tooth doctor. They have several convenient locations.

And by coming in and getting their teeth checked. Patients can also ask whatever questions they want. To feel comfortable about the care that they are getting.